Playing With Passion

I know with certainty, doubt only rises when my mind places labels and words upon the experience; my heart knows the way, absolutely.

While I much prefer moving through World barefoot, these shoes felt like “glass slippers” to me.  I loved the feel of trying them on.  I loved that wearing them brought visions of *magic*…exquisite food, laughter and love, music and dancing, kissing and hand-holding, moonlight and sunrise…

As you can see in the photo, they didn’t really “fit” well…neither could my mind wrap around the possibilities presented by them….but my heart said “Yes, please” to the feel and the vision.

They sure do not “fit” but I might go back and buy them.  It’s not about the shoes, it is about the energetic feeling, the confidence required to wear them, the impracticality of them–and all that they symbolize–in my life as it currently is (I tend to love impractical).

What in your life speaks to you in such a way? Please share in the comment section. 


And, something new and different this week on Facets (reflecting all of this new and different in my life).

I love to play with words.  I love simplicity.  I love the power of the meaning.  I love passion.  I combine all of that into my wordplay on Twitter in #sixwords.  

This site is called Facets because there are many facets to me (to you, too).  And, I think if you follow me here, you would have no idea that this side of me exists.  I love to play, with passion. (see, six words!).

Sharing this side of me allows you to see me not as a clarity and energy facilitator who writes about esoteric concepts such as presence and abundance, but also as a writer who practices esoteric concepts.  

When I post on Twitter, it is a reflection of something in my life.  For the #sixwords category, sometimes the phrase just flows; sometimes I play with the words, whittling down long phrases until I get to six words;  sometimes I use the thesaurus to add flavor.  (And in my life, playing with words also means that energetically I am playing with the concept, so by day’s end something that might have felt painful is now dissolved because I have played with it in a “fun way” all day).

The frequency of my posting in this category varies…sometimes I post often in a day, sometimes I skip a few days.  When the words rise, I play with them, then post.  When the feeling resonates strongly, I match them energetically to a photo and create an affirmation.  This is an example of “how” I honor organic growth in my work.

I often do not add punctuation, because leaving inflection open to interpretation also leaves the meaning open to interpretation.  I think poetry is about what we feel and allowing that feeling to change each time we read it.  For me it’s not about the reaction to the words, it’s about creating from the feeling the words give me.

The biggest thrill for me currently is that many of the posts from others in this category are heart-wrenching, full of pain…so to inject some positive, uplifting thoughts and still remain on the “main board” and receive re-tweets is wonderful.

This week’s #sixwords: 

leaves falling gently reflect organic growth.

tears enliven heart whispers with hope. 

Curious and open…potent, empowering, combination.

my desire to see you, dissipated.

often “no” becomes a wonderful affirmation.

pivotal: the moment you choose forgiveness.

Which speaks most strongly to you? 

(See how I combined magic and play together…first I opened your heart to new and different, then I shared new and different with you...eased myself into vulnerability by sharing what I am comfortable with first, then the part I felt vulnerable about …wonderful technique to use as you create and connect!).

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. “I know with certainty, doubt only rises when my mind places labels and words upon the experience; my heart knows the way, absolutely.” Amen, Sri Joy – one of the most powerful instructions this one received as awakening accelerated to almost light speed was “DON’T DOUBT”. And as this one was connected to you was connected to this one, you are a cherished teacher guiding with light of heart source: to “move” from the heart, versus the cerebral. Ha, just smiled in recall of unfamiliarity of your “style” when the connection happened – and offer most deep gratitude for your “style” – of what use or purpose can teaching of a manner of familiarity and settlement be? The people sleep and dream regular dreams – who will awaken them, and lift the veil that they may see? Know of one such :0) :0) :0)

    • I do not know why reading your comment brought tears, Ricky, but it did. Thank you for your presence, here in this space and energetically in life. I spent my life resisting my “calling” yet as I *surrender* to living it, each moment, my heart opens with joy and gratitude, to this newness–I know “how” to live it, yet I didn’t know how to share it with people in a way that could be understood and accepted.

      I understand it is not about “external affirmation” but that is the timing of your reflection…external affirmation that is well-placed and appreciated!

      Thank you for trusting my style and for walking these steps with me!

  2. jean sampson said:

    Well, Joy, one of my favorite things to do is to play with words. I have some magnetic words on my fridge (a haiku magnetic poetry set) that I love to move around and fiddle with. I had a lot of haiku “written” on the fridge and one of my husband’s friends fiddled with them to see if I knew he had done it—-well, YEAH! So, for motives different than mine, he was playing with words! :)
    Poetry opens up a small space into a space that you could fit the entire universe into—and beyond. It tightens up a larger space so that the universe shrinks down to the size of an atom. I resist the formality of “poetry” and prefer to think of words and vehicles or monkey bars or clothing and always a wonderfully nourishing food. I always think of my mind as a playground and of words as the things I play with. Pure joy!
    Love and hugs!

    • Thank you, Jean, for sharing your love of word play! If I had a magnetic haiku set on the fridge, I bet I would be so into the ‘play’ that food preparation would be a day-long activity (where’s mom? by the fridge..again/still *grin*).

      I love the visual of your mind as a playground, with words as playthings! In this age of high-tech everything, my children and I play word games together–perhaps a remnant of our time spent living on the boat, where we had minimal electronics on board so explored and experimented World through creativity and play. The “bonus” to word play, is if we wait in line, we engage in word play, and time is a gift, not an obstacle.

      Poetry thrills me! I love the variance within styles and tone and you say: *pure joy*! That you paint and play with words is really a potent combination!

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