Presence to Play as an Essential Nutrient

“Look for a new perspective when your life feels like its closing in on you. There is wisdom in wounds, perspective in pain and growth in grief. Thorns have roses, tears have heart and trauma has strength. Tune into the pain, at least for a time. It is preparing you for a life of depth and compassion.

Say to yourself: My heart is open. My will is strong. My spirit is unbreakable.”  from Your Complimentary Seed: Seed of Perspective by Soulseeds

As I honor transparency in my connections and creations, I find I am often in the ‘land of vulnerability’.  As I cultivate infinite possibility as my reality, I find I am often in a place far beyond “what I know”…comfortable, yet foreign.

Because I believe that I draw to me that which resonates, to allow consistent vulnerability from a foreign place, I align my energy with enriching/enlivening.  I do so through play; as essential to my life as any other nutrient I ingest.

In other words, if my intent is to experience abundance in all realms, I cultivate abundance of spirit through play.  From a state of pure joy, gratitude, ease, love, laughter, I draw to me more joy, gratitude, ease, love, laughter. 

I counsel to “plant the seeds and allow them to grow”.  I understand that it requires trust in the process as well as courage to “detach” from that which we are emotionally vested in (whether “that” is the latest worry, a relationship, a specific project).  I also understand that constant hovering stresses my entire being, lowering my energy level.

As I play, that which I have vested in grows.  As it is meant to.  Unfolding at its best.

After I play, when I return to *it*, I am full of joy, renewed vigor, and insight.  And *it* has grown into something wonderful, beyond what I could fathom, more than what would have been possible had I fretted over it.

(Again, *it* could be anything: a specific project, a connection, a dream, an unpaid bill, an analytical something to be explored).

How do I play?

The activity varies per moment. I do not plan the activity.  I vest full presence into the embodiment of playful.  This includes lots of laughter, varied creative expression, time in nature.

I spend so much time honoring commitment; seriously considering each thought, word, action; gently stretching through here to there.  Play gives my entire being the experience of joy.

While sleep refreshes my body, play rejuvenates my spirit.

A “bonus”: I consistently receive clarity about questions I might have been asking– one might say while at play I receive the clearest answers.

Perhaps this is because laughter dissolves any residual barriers I might have.  Perhaps this is because when I play I am not “afraid to fall” or “fail” so I try almost everything.  I experiment with joy. (Lots to reflect upon in that paragraph).

I have sometimes been criticized by those in my life who do not understand why in the midst of  what some might deem “less than external” I make lots of time to play (irresponsible is a word that some use).

I used to allow this to curtail my play; I would feel consistently “stuck” and wonder why.

Then, I chose to surround myself with like-energy people who not only encourage unconventional ways of creating, but inspire them.

And, then I learned to approach each day in this way: to engage my mind, body, spirit, being in play; to allow my life to be playful.

I have an abundance of love, light, laughter, half-handstands that morph into full handstands after enough tries, “goals”, delight, surprise, joy.  From this abundance of spirit, everything truly is possible!

As Tara says about business ...that you have faith in your ability to step back from the work far enough to see how the business could succeed without your constant interference” , I practice in life.

The above photos are from one day of play this weekend.  From cloud watching, to barefoot walking, to attempted handstands on the beach, to air hockey (I forgot how much I *love* air hockey!) I engaged my being in various forms of play.

From all of that, this article was created, a new book idea rose (in the works right now), and I came home to the experience of new connections that inspire me to thrive. I took the photos because I love to play on Instagram..I am learning so much about resonance there!…and I chose to share them with you so that you might experience a few ‘facets’ of me.  (Word is that I am ultra-serious…I’m not!).

How does this concept of play feel to you?  Do you play, or are you open to incorporating play into your life, and if so, what activity do you enjoy? 

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.

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  1. jean sampson said:

    I DO play! In fact, I describe myself as a “funologist!” Oh, Spell Check does NOT like that word! I love to laugh, no matter what causes the laughter, a movie, a TV show, a book or some of the silly on-line stuff people send me. I mostly love what my mind does with words—-I call it my “playground in my head.” My brain entertains me better than anything I know. I draw little cartoons —-I still laugh at them! Imagine that! She laughs at her own cartoons! Well. yeah! Why do you think I do them!?
    I used to give women’s playshops in which we did all sorts of stream of consciousness writing with music going, did little mind-reading exercises to get to know one-another, made masks and drew mandalas, did visualizations, Shamanic Journeys, howled at the moon, skinny-dipped! Drummed! Fun! Yep, I play and I have fun. I even try to make my work fun for everyone involved. The older I get, the more I value fun and laughter. It makes the world a much better place! Love and FUN to you, Joy!

    • A “funologist” Jean..yes you are, and I *love* that about you!

      (Perhaps this is a new career path for me..funologist?) What I find as I continue the study, and practice of, vesting full presence in this moment, is inner peace, abundance, joy…an invitation to revel in the experience of each moment (fun!). Learning to allow World to delight me–to allow the surprise within wonder, joy, and awe to thrill my being, brings lots of spontaneous laughter and connection!

      I love the “playground” in your head (I was going to type heart…I love that, too!). Your playshops sound wonderful…a safe space to explore myriad ways of expression…we seem to create in similar *heart-wide open, celebrate life kind of ways*!

      *Love and fun* to you, too!

  2. I love to play with taking photos ie. last night for an hiur in the rain, by doodling, trying new recipes and being in nature. This brings me clarity and takes me out of hover, over invest, overthink mode. Thanks for leading me to be more playful xxoo

    • I am so glad you love to play with photos – I love them!!! What we focus on grows, so focusing on play, grows joy and that is a wonderful space to create and connect from! Thank you for sharing your playful ideas!

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