An Affirmation of Brilliance

“The Universe and the light of the stars come through me”. -Rumi

This is purely my opinion.

For perspective, I was born and raised in NY…the majority of my family live in NY and many of my loved ones live in the upper East Coast.  I understand the severity of the energetic and physical damage.  My heart aches for those directly involved and those peripherally involved.

Before the storm made landfall, I unplugged from the coverage.   I found myself caught up in the what-if’s, worry would set in, doubt would rise, and fear was prevalent.  I couldn’t concentrate, and I couldn’t center in the present moment.

So, I unplugged.

It felt surreal to be walking at water’s edge in the radiant sunshine, basking in warmth, breathing in calm…when a coast away ocean was surging, wind was gusting.  The same elements that I love so very much, that are part of my essence, were wreaking havoc somewhere else.

(My goodness, that sometimes happens with people in my life as well…those who are closest to my family and enrich my life in myriad ways, sometimes “wreak havoc” when they are out and around in World).

It felt selfish to remove my mind from “there” to center my being into the moment, “here”.

I made the conscious choice to plug into Source and to celebrate what was being presented to me.

I feel this thread of #sixwords from my Twitter account this week, shows the range of my practice of presence.  To allow the magic of the moonbeams to “kiss my being” was to affirm that my heart was open to receiving “even in the storm”.

a beautiful invitation to amplify love

my creations are expressions of gratitude

be the strength in the storm

steps of gratitude / experience of joy

a moonlit kiss ignites heart whispers

Please remember, we are divine beings in human bodies.  The use of love and gratitude in every moment is not “denial of reality” as some might say, it is a conscious choice of change. If what we focus on grows, when we choose to focus on the positive, we are choosing to amplify enriching. 

I don’t wish to analyze the storm as others do; I wish to be available for the “clean-up”.  That is my role in the world.  It is not for me to ask “why” did it happen (lots of others do that), it is for me to say “it happened, how might I help as you move through it“. It is also not for me to rail against the elements that I love, it is for me to appreciate the natural cycle and turn that inwards to see how might I best apply all that is reflected to me.

My way might differ from yours, and I find that thrills me.

Differing opinions offer opportunity for connection through exploration, together.

(If you have been affected by the storm, and I may assist you energetically in any way, please let me know).

Photo credit and Rumi quote by Chakradance.  I chose to share it today because I felt we could all use an affirmation of *brilliance*.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment.  Explore.  Experience.

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  1. Beautiful post. Yes, I’ve found that affirmations are wonderful tools for self growth and inspired living. Well done.

    • Thank you for your kind words, and for taking the time to share them!

      “Affirmations are wonderful tools for self growth and inspired living”–yes!!! It has been my experience that consistent use of affirmations amplifies my feeling of abundance each moment which invites full presence to connection and creation!

  2. Absolutely! I can thoroughly understand the need to unplug. I have done so many times myself. When we cut ourselves from the noise, we can see so much more. As you have correctly pointed out, the question to ask is: what can I do from here?

    • Thank you for your presence, Evelyn…I love when you visit!

      I find this such a wonderful affirmation: “When we cut ourselves from the noise, we can see so much more”. When we use this practice as we move through World, it is that clarity that allows us to serve in a way that our energy is most effective in that moment. Instead of a surface reaction to external, which might offer a temporary band-aid, when we serve from a centered internal source we are able to connect through vulnerability to offer permanent solutions. (Band-aids are wonderful tools, yet as a society we tend to stop there instead of also serving to empower movement forward).

      Asking “what can I do from here” is creating the change in the moment, inviting energetic flow within collaboration–powerful and empowering!

  3. I did exactly the same thing, Joy. We’ve been feeling the effects of our own cyclone from a state away and the damage is crazy with gusts of wind, heavy rain and trees falling. I too chose to unplug, so that I may relax and use the time to do the things I enjoy, rather than grumble about the lack of electricity. We used the time to go meet friends and eat out together, read at home, go for walks and come back and appreciate all that we have. Oh yes, we also had candlelight dinners and sang songs.

    I agree – I would go forth and try to make things better instead of ponder on the whys.

    You touched my heart, as always, with your words. I loved these two affirmations best:

    “be the strength in the storm”

    “steps of gratitude / experience of joy”

    Here’s one from me:

    “Always cherish the gift of life”

    Love you. Hugs, Vidya

    • Thank you, Vidya, for your presence! I can feel your candlelight dinners and songs; how you used the external you were presented with to amplify the love and gratitude you already felt. What a beautiful example of choosing to unplug from what you cannot control (external conditions) while celebrating what you can control (togetherness, love, gratitude, whatever “it is” for a person)!

      While walking at ocean’s edge, deep in prayer sending love and light to my loved ones and the coast in general, I felt each step was one of gratitude. I am who I am *because* I have experienced physical and energetic storms…each has offered the opportunity for healing and growth..thus, the affirmation of encouragement with words :)

      And, I *love* this: “Always cherish the gift of life”. Yes! May we choose to celebrate that gift as we connect and create :)

      Love and hugs to you, too :)

  4. Hi Joy,

    I love this post, the picture, the clear way you describe unplugging as a conscious choice to focus on love, gratitude and the moment. I do it to see what is stirring inside me instead of paying so much attention to externals.

    To brilliance!

    • Thank you for your presence, Brad, here is to *brilliance*!

      As you share, when we choose to unplug, we are offered the opportunity to experience greater clarity (which is often the reason many remain plugged in, so that clarity is not known or felt).

      It is a wonderfully expansive practice to be aware of external and create with it, instead of ignore or react to it. One of the benefits of this centered approach is the consistent experience of inner peace while vesting full presence :)

  5. Helen Perala said:

    One can feel totally helpless in situations like HURRICANE SANDY…the measure of the disruption is barely fathomable to those NOT there. But, we are ALL affected by it. There seems like there will be more to come, and so we are all being brought to a time where our thoughts and actions are being physically shown to us in terms of severe PHYSICAL planetary disruptions. As tiny cells reflecting the WHOLE, we need to do the internal changes that then benefit the world outside and Joys words go deep to help us all know HOW. My own husband is thinking about going with the Red Cross to help in NYC but his own body needs healing right now, and I have asked him to consider his own well being first at this time. He is having a hard time deciding what is the ‘right’ thing to do. We judge ourselves for not being able to help sometimes, but we need to look at ourselves first if we, too, are already in PAIN. It can be so hard to know the right thing to do…again thanks to Joy for reminding us to be compassionate with ourselves. – Helen Perala. x

    • Thank you for your presence, Helen and for sharing your heart’s reflections.

      When we release panic and judgment (two variables that you mention) as we choose to center into presence, what we then share is enriching because it is from an empowered place.

      Having worked in the medical profession and being surrounded by those in the “rescue” world of police and fire and medics, my heart is full of gratitude for those who choose to train in such fields and serve in these capacities. When we then share energetically and physically we amplify those resources…a beautiful example of harmonious collaboration.

      When we move in such a way, we are the transformational wave of change even as we “clean up”; ushering in healing in all realms as we rebuild. We are creating from and with the external we have been handed, as we vest full presence in the moment.

      I fully understand your husband’s desire to serve, and I know that his heart has the answer as to where his energy will best be placed. As you mention, it is this understanding of how our energy fits into the whole, that enables us to make the conscious decision of where to best share it in this moment.

  6. *Brilliance*

    I grasp the helm in a raged sea

    Wind swept

    I stand free.

    One gasp death’s realm ravaged we be

    Mind wept

    you land free.

    What elapse the Elm’s aged leaves?

    God kept

    his hands free.

    • Thank you for sharing, Rand. I know that you have experienced your own “storm” with your recent injury, and hope that you are healing well physically and energetically :)

      • You are a sweet heart for having thoughtful concern and remembrance.

        I have been * energetically* in the *grasp* of using yellow silicone clay via therapy…@ 44 lbs on the squeeze gauge…I am told “remarkable” being I completely severed the tendon.

        Funny how the mind works…was not consciously thinking of my hand when I wrote this poem?? Certain words in your post set me off to do the 36 words (one yard) in about 36 minutes. Hope there is a bit of solace in it when “one” finds themselves “in” (not on) a raged sea.

        Peace dear one…

        • Thank you for sharing! The mind/body connection is hugely symbolic and significant–often while we tend to physically healing a body part, we are invited to energetically heal and grow as well. A wonderful example is that a poem streamed effortlessly from your heart, momentarily allowing you to “forget” your wound. How might we apply that reflection as we move through World connecting and creating?

          Sometimes we focus on what we have “lost”; yet, when we share what we *have*, we amplify abundance. Thank you for the timely reminder!

  7. Dear Joy

    You so beautifully captured the essence of accepting what is, and then moving into an empowered state of being part of the solution.

    This said it all for me: “The use of love and gratitude in every moment is not “denial of reality” as some might say, it is a conscious choice of change. ”

    Yes! My heart and soul were saying. Yes!

    • Thank you for your presence, Evita :)

      As I mentioned in my reply to Helen, when we work towards harmonious collaboration, we are amplifying our resources; bringing abundance into a moment that might otherwise have felt scarcity. This *is* the conscious change that many seek. Thank you for the beautiful affirmation from your heart and soul!

  8. jean sampson said:

    Although I did not unplug, I did spend time (and still do) in “being with” the people I saw on TV who were in nearly unimaginable situations. I wanted to make sure I at least imagined how they were feeling (no one can really know how it feels to lose everything and to be walking around in the cold without shoes (in some cases!!!). It just seemed important that I try to imagine how they feel in their situations so that I could pray for they with empathy. I don’t think that interfered with my being able to abide in gratitude, but for me, it seems important to remember that some people are truly suffering while I am safe and warm
    in my house and to feel with them. I think we all will respond in various ways to this unthinkable event. This is my way. Love and hugs!

    • Thank you for your presence, Jean, and for your beautiful reflection! I am positive that your prayers, and the space that you held, were felt by many; a wonderful example of sharing from a centered space :)

      I would like to clarify that my choice to unplug from the “what-if’s”, allowed me to center and *plug directly* into immediate service as I was asked. While I could not change external because I am a coast away (for example, offering shelter or supplies) I could dissolve the impact of external for the individuals who asked (and collectively through prayer…isn’t that wonderful we were connected in prayer?).

      I think you are able to offer what you do, as graciously and generously as you do, *because* you are centered into gratitude, and I am so appreciative for all that you model and reflect as you connect and create!

  9. Values put into practical application. That’s where it counts. I was moved by your article and also the wonderful comments.

    • Thank you, Galen, for sharing such kind words!

      I love the feel of this “values put into practical action”; when we serve from a centered place of alignment, what we share is enriching, and what we receive back as we share is enlivening…a beautiful cycle of flow :)

  10. My relationship with my family is similar to many others’–strange. Where I want to talk about the positive movements of mankind and the reasons to feel joyous every day my father is faithful to negative talks about the U.S. government.

    It used to crush me quite a bit. I felt I was reaching out to him and opening up myself and showing him the positive man I have turned out to be. In return my positive aspiring thoughts were shot down by a cloud of negativity that likened my optimism to pushing a weight up an ice covered hill with ice-skates on.

    I wasn’t always this way. My life embodied negativity and pessimism and I was filled with anger too. Thankfully I didn’t allow myself to settle as ‘that person’ and I continued to chisel away at myself until I became the positive force I am today (admittedly still a work in progress).

    Thankfully, my father has come around over the last six months. I live in New Zealand now but I grew up in Florida and lived in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. The hurricanes will come and nobody likes when they do, but if we have reached a place internally where we can remain emboldened by the love and optimism for this universe and about our role in it–then maybe we can find peace even on those “bad days”.

    • Welcome, Todd–thank you for your presence and for sharing your reflection :)

      What you touch upon is the distance that potentially exists between generations–you focus on positive, your father focuses on negative. It takes presence and awareness to transform conditioning, which it seems that you have done. I would love to know, what was the catalyst for your decision to honor your own growth, even when it wasn’t supported by your family. I am thrilled that your father has “come around”..may I ask do you communicate openly together?

      Your last line contains so much wisdom and really sums up my life’s work: “if we have reached a place internally where we can remain emboldened by the love and optimism for this universe […] maybe we can find peace, even on those bad days”. Absolutely!

      • Hi Joy,

        Thank you for your reply.

        My growth has blossomed by being stubbornly open-minded. Growing up I had the characteristic of any boy who wants to explore and try new things. I sought adventure mainly, but as I grew older that developed along with my mind and body. At first there were new questions. My father did not believe in God and my mother did believe in God, so naturally some of my first questions were about religion (I’m not taking this in that direction—disclaimer; smile).

        After a roller-coaster of questions and believing and non-believing and tearing myself this way and that the stubborn part of me kicked in. I had enough! It was too much! So, I started listening to myself. Years went by and there was silence inside of me. I like to think of it as a lake. The lake was not turbulent and it was not calm. There were ripples on my internal lake, but there was silence and I did not beat myself up with questions that I did not know the answers; I did not create more ripples.

        My approach was, “No one can tell me. I will find out on my own. I will listen to myself”. I don’t tell myself that I know anything or that I have anything figured out. It’s quite the opposite. I have tons of ideas though! I have remained stubbornly open-minded.

        The single-most eye opening was when I moved to Australia. It wasn’t being in Australia that was the catalyst, but the GOING. It took a lot of guts/courage/silencing fear/conversations with people telling them I wasn’t crazy, but I did it. It was scary but afterwards I realized that I had a battle inside of me that I wasn’t even aware of. My mind had been confusing me. At times it had drowned out the sound of my heart talking to me.

        There is a continuous battle within us: Mind vs Heart.

        As soon as I started listening to my heart, and using my mind as a tool to accomplish what my heart knew was my ‘Way’ then things became wonderfully clear.

        – Todd

        • Thank you, Todd, for your response!

          I love your description of going to Australia…you took steps that many think of yet don’t do, and I think while many of us don’t make such a drastic physical move, we can identify with the symbolism in it and apply that to our own decisions as we create and connect and move through World.

          Your last line affirms my entire journey, my way of life…and is perfectly placed as I continue to gently stretch into expansion because I follow my heart whispers wherever they may lead. “As soon as I started listening to my heart, and using my mind as a tool to accomplish what my heart know was my “way” then things became wonderfully clear”. I used to think it was mind or heart, but when I began to honor whole-body wellness and integration, a new world opened up, so I hear you, and I feel gratitude beyond what I can express!

  11. Helen Perala said:

    I also, liked what Todd had to say. I moved to the US this year from the UK as I, too, was following my ‘Heart Whispers’. I knew I had to change my outlook on what was possible and what was not and from the age of about 45, things began getting clearer internally so that I was applying a different ‘outlook’ to my life. I am not saying it’s all ‘roses’ yet as I still have much inner work to do (ie: it never ends), but I have found by being somewhere so different, I can no longer hold on to the ‘old’, which wasn’t working anyway….and in fact, I very much have to embrace the new as that is all there is now. I know many people find it hard to think things CAN change but they truly can when you begin to LIVE from a place of ‘openness’ rather than coming from a place that is familiar yet not that comfy any longer due to refusal to change and experience new pastures. The Universe also appears to HELP when you actually MOVE your energy into different areas of thought and action (AND, in this case, environment). I still get moments of reflection about ‘being back home’ (UK) but as I place my energy more IN THE PRESENT, (US), those memories fade and my life in the NOW becomes far clearer and more accessible to me. I somehow am becoming a new version of myself. It’s an interesting process at times, and even if you cannot physically alter anything yet, allow yourself to feel the GRACE of life flow through you each day regardless; unwinding the rigid coils of limited belief systems, so that you may in fact HEAR your own Heart Whispers to begin with! There has to be a certain calmness in order to ‘hear the call’. Once you hear it, there will be no doubt and you WILL follow your own Life Stream where it truly wishes you to go.

    • Thank you, Helen, for sharing this part of your journey!

      Following heart whispers is a way of centering into alignment, which often brings much change. When we look at “change” as resonance, we can embrace and celebrate it. Which is what this example you have shared reflects.

      Your physical move prompted a surge of energetic alignment, which will then inspire physical movement in other ways, a beautiful cycle of flow :)

      Each sentence has such wisdom in it; what stands out to me is the idea of presence and grace…and I love your enthusiasm and empowerment that shines through…You live infinite possibility, and I thank you for sharing that with us and look forward to more examples as you continue to connect within this community. A lovely inspiration…Thank you :)

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