Gratitude Amplifies Abundance

My heart asked me to share this simple message with you as an affirmation that we may use as we create and connect.

The application of gratitude will transform the feel of any situation or connection.  If you wish to amplify that, pour on some love and observe how fear and doubt dissolve,  resulting in ample peace and joy.

In the US, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, followed by diverse religious and cultural celebrations in December and January.

While some people experience overflowing abundance within connection and celebration, others experience the feel of minimal and dread these months.

Some people are truly glad to be present to the celebration, some vest their presence out of habit or obligation, some withdraw their presence completely.

We choose to focus on and celebrate all that we do haveor to focus on and feel the “lack of” all that we do not have.

We choose to vest our presence in that which enriches our being, enlivens our spirit and is in alignment with our heart whispers, or to vest our presence in ways that do not resonate– thus, drain our spirit and deplete our energy.

We make those choices.

Sometimes we stand strong in faith, sometimes we move between full and empty. 

Whatever choice we make, may we gently, lovingly appreciate who we are as we make that choice. May we not judge ourselves, or others. May we remember that each moment offers an opportunity to choose again.

When we allow the feel of the experience to be dependent upon external circumstances (for example: the amount of money we have and the number of connections in our life–two factors people tend to look at during this season), we are limiting the potential depth to surface level.  We are, in essence, surrendering our power.

When we allow the feel of the experience to emerge from our heart–our centered space of love and gratitude–external has no bearing on the quality and depth that we experience (even if we have minimal money and  connections). We are in essence, choosing to create with empowerment. 

Please remember, the past has no bearing on this moment of now.  You are more than labels and age and physical health and material possessions and external connections suggest. You are infinite possibility; overflowing abundance manifested in physical form. 

And, so I am.  That is what I choose to bring to the table. Will you join me?

What do you choose to bring to the table? (Please share in the comments below–join in the *conscious conversation*).

And, here are my Twitter #sixwords phrases for the last week and a half :

sunsets radiance, gently coaxing heart whispers

presence through love lightens, gratitude brightens

slow stretch / sweet surrender / savory silence

love invites energetic and physical unlayering

his heart whispers invited my collaboration

tear- and raindrops falling in unison

drowning in a sea of words

savoring silence, I feel overflowing abundance

sharing gratitude enriches and enlivens *everything*

the sun rises in my heart 

May we celebrate each day with love and gratitude!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.

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  1. You are so radical in such a beautiful way! You mean the past has no bearing on this present moment now? Really, really, really? What we’ve been created who we are. Who we are now, creates who we become. We have choices just as you say! Beautiful.

    • Sandra, *grin* I don’t feel “radical”, I feel quite ordinary. I wrote this article as an affirmation for myself and chose to share it with others.

      If I review the past with my mind, or based upon others opinions, it becomes “charged”. Yet, when I live in this moment, my heart feels the resonance of the collaboration between past, present, and future; that resonance invites creation and connection. When I feel resonance, I feel options (infinite possibility)–regardless of external circumstances.

      Thank you for your affirmations!

  2. Joy,
    What a beautiful post for Thanksgiving! I have really begun to feel gratitude lately for everything in life and it is indeed transforming. I choose to bring to the table gratitude and unconditional love!

    I will link your post up to my gratitude post this morning. Yours is certainly worth sending my readers over to read!!


    • Thank you, Betsy, for amplifying gratitude and unconditional love, with your presence at the table!

      I love how social media focuses on gratitude this one week of the year–my heart says yes! to sharing gratitude and speaking of it in mainstream. May we also extend that practice of gratitude beyond this season into each and every day, speaking of it and sharing it as openly as we all do now :) I am so glad that you feel the transformative power of gratitude…if you would like to share a recent example, I would love to receive it!

  3. I love this message, Joy. I tend to struggle every year with exactly what you describe on the side of *lack* and remove myself. Over the last few years I have worked hard on taking away the negative from the beautiful season and be in it and enjoy the positive parts instead of the lack and withdrawal I allowed myself to slip into every year, Thank year. Thank you for yet another beautiful, gentle reminder. It came most timely. Xoxo with peace and gratitude. G

    • Thank you for sharing, Gina.

      As you mention, if we feel not enough, either personally or in the external of the moment, we are hesitant to engage our presence; thus, amplifying the feel of “not enough”. That is a reaction that many have, perfectly understandable. If we choose to add awareness to that, we can focus on the nugget of beauty or joy (the nugget exists in everything), and accept the invitation to engage and share, creating the experience instead of reacting to external.

      I think for me, it is important to remember that everything is energy, so if I don’t have a material present to share, I do have warmth and a smile (still energy, just a different form)….it is about *presence*, not necessarily “presents”. (And, it has been my experience that when I vest presence as I am, that invites others to show up transparently as well—dissolving the myth of perfection, we connect through our “imperfections”…brightens my heart smile when it happens!).

  4. Hi Joy,

    This line resonates with me as well – “…the past has no bearing on this moment of now.” So true and something to remember. Your post is so refreshing, I really loved it. Love does conquer all and feeling gratitude everyday will fill us up. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    • Thank you for your presence and kind words, Cathy!

      I *love* this affirmation: “Love does conquer all and feeling gratitude everyday will fill us up”….and I would add (regardless of what we have experienced in the past, or may experience in the future–or even *because* of those experiences!).

      Happy season of gratitude to you as well!

  5. jean sampson said:

    How beautiful and how timely, Joy!
    As you know, an opportunity to sell my paintings in a big market did not pan out (yet!), and, at the time, I felt that I was fine with it. And, in my mind, I was. But on an energetic level, I realized later, that I had shrunk my energy way down, was not excited about painting and especially was not excited about painting BIG canvases, but just little oil pastels that I could do on my lap or at the table. I realized, also that the things I had planned to do with whatever money I made would not happen, at least not at this time. The lesson I learned or am trying to learn, is that security does not come from money and that the Universe does not allow us to settle for security from the material world, and withholds it until that is not really an issue for us anymore. Then, when it doesn’t even matter to us anymore, THEN the Universe gives us the material stuff because our security is within and not without. A least that is what it seems like to me right now. So, I have always painted for myself and no one else—I even painted these huge paintings for myself alone. If this opportunity had not come along, I would have NEVER painted huge because that creates a major storage problem. So right now, I am doing my spiritual work and seeing where that will lead. Meanwhile, I am grateful for never having had to do without, always having enough, just when I need it, and having a life that is full of beautiful and loving people to love and to receive love from, and all of the beauty of the natural world which is completely free and always there to enjoy and be nourished by.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Joy, and to all of the wonderful people who contribute to this blog!

    • Thank you, Jean, for sharing your current experience. I love when we choose to share transparently with each other in this space…it adds depth to the conversation, and I learn so much from each reflection!

      When we work with energy, I think we “forget” we are divine beings in human bodies (or however one might choose to look at the concept). So, it is wonderful and “okay” to have expectations…you truly wanted the paintings to sell, and they didn’t so your being responded to that. That is all “natural” and when we allow for space around the event, the answers rise naturally…I think so often we move to fill the space instead of allow it to be. (I used to do that quite often).

      For me, it is about resonance. When I read your words, I feel that the journey was in recognizing the way in which your energy responded to and stretched (and shrunk) in relation to your trust in the process. You went on an energetic journey…how awesome! Now, what will resonate in the physical realm will be different than what resonated before *because* you stretched…I am so excited to see where this will lead for you.

      Remember, the form might look different than what we “think” but will be perfectly placed…when we step, as you have done, Universe meets us. So, perhaps it is not in dollars (or maybe it is in dollars, just not at this moment)…and this is what I have come to learn last year through Facets. I stepped in faith, expecting (and needing) dollars for grocery money and housing and was met with a whole bunch of abundance in different forms (still received groceries and housing, just in delightfully unexpected ways).

      I love the feel of the depth of your gratitude…a poignant reminder especially at this time!

      Happy week of gratitude to you and much love!

  6. Joy, thank you for this beautiful reminder of bringing consciousness into the Holidays. When I read your post, the key lesson from a Course in Miracles comes to mind, that love and fear cannot co-exist. So, if we ground ourselves in the presence of love, fear has no place. I also love this line from your post:

    You are infinite possibility; overflowing abundance manifested in physical form.

    And so it is!

    Sending Love,

    • Thank you, Alice, for your presence and the depth of love that you reflect in your response.

      “A Course in Miracles” is such a powerful resource! When we remember that love and fear cannot co-exist, we can better understand others and ourselves and choose to create instead of react.

      And, so it is!

      Love and gratitude to you!

  7. Your 60 words + title:

    Falling Whispers

    Coaxing through silence falling whispers.

    A sea of words in unison I surrender.

    Feel tear and raindrops… my collaboration.

    Whispers drowning gently

    My invited heart…

    Un-layering silence enlivens overflowing gratitude

    Brightens love…

    Sunsets in abundance invites sharing radiance

    and enriches physical presence.

    Savory sweet heart…

    Love slow and stretch gratitude.

    Energetic savoring…

    Everything lightens…

    The sun rises in his heart.

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all!

    • Thank you Rand, for sharing our poem.

      You technically took my words and twisted them into your poem*grin*….but the gift is that you chose to honor your creative expression!

      I love this line: “Everything lightens”…what a powerful affirmation to use throughout the holiday season and year-end reviews.

      Happy week of gratitude to you!

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