A Message of Gratitude and Love

delicate heart whispers inspire bold steps

Love is the most beautiful gift we can share, the most effective healing modality, the most nourishing element of growth.  Love is the answer. When we wish it wasn’t (because it requires a vulnerability we don’t wish to vest) we create drama and illness and all sorts of things.  Let it go and love.  May we then celebrate that love with every ounce of our being. 

This moment is a miracle, love is a miracle; the ability we have to enjoy and celebrate this moment with love is a miracle. 

You are a miracle.  When you share the gift of your presence, you are sharing the miracle of you. 

Please remember this as you move through the energy of winter solstice, holiday celebrations, and year-end wrap up.  Each step you chose to take (and not take), each creation you vested in (and didn’t), each connection you embraced (and released), mattered.  

Every single moment is integrated within, so you hadn’t “won” or “lost”, you had experienced the living of life. You may cultivate quality, depth, and range of each experience as you continue to move forward, exploring, growing, healing.  

My gift to you is this collage of sunsets, taken from my evening walks. The article link above is to one I wrote, then triple-dog-dared myself to live. Living that message ultimately changed my entire life. Pivotal was exactly the right word. Except I didn’t realize then (and do now) each moment of life is pivotal. 

Love unites, gratitude amplifies, joy nourishes, peace enriches, beauty enlivens.  May you feel an overflowing abundance of love, gratitude, joy, peace, and beauty today and every day.

Thank you for your presence.  I love you. 

Much peace and abundant love,


(If you would like the extended version of this message, please click here: Walking at Water’s Edge).

Reminder: Experiment.  Explore. Experience.

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  1. Joy, of the *Three Graces* you are ‘Aglaia’ the ‘Goddess of Splendor’…or…’Beauty’.

    You fill all void with *love* and *light*

    I also offer you this sonnet being that you inspired me to create and *bind* upon myself *love* to heal…

    Sonnet to Creation

    Lightning speed.
    Molecule flow.
    Bolt coming from seed.
    Stellar beams into slow
    Entrancing dreams bind.
    Wonder by design, light impedes
    Gravity with kisses that blow.
    Creation swirling in kind
    Awakens a radiant birth of dawn.
    Asunder to rhyme all blend.
    Existence to time laughs our mind.
    Breathe of fire each tear is drawn.
    Beauty by design Universe defends:
    Thundering Stars, Gracious Moon, Earthly Life align…

  2. jean sampson said:

    Joy, those photographs are so lovely! What a beautiful place you have to walk!! I think all of us who are in this community have grown this year and are being “present” a lot more than they would have been without “Facets of Joy”
    I know I am more aware of how I am being and who I am being and that is certainly a present time awareness. And I am worrying less! I think:)
    Love and hugs!

    • Thank you, Jean for the kind words :)

      The beach is usually quite empty when I walk; I notice how the homes line the beach, yet so few even know this splendor is in their backyard! And, how that applies to most natural beauty–present daily, waiting patiently for us to receive the wonderful (*free*) gift.

      A resounding Yes! to worrying less, and “being” more.

      Love to you :)

  3. Lynn Fang said:

    Your sunsets are always beautiful! Something I like to ask myself these days is, “What would Love do?” It is fascinating how difficult it can be to practice when we are feeling vulnerable or offended in some way.

    • Thank you, Lynn, for the kind words and the wonderful affirmation: “What would love do?”.

      When we are feeling vulnerable or offended, and we choose to practice love, that is “unconditional love”…a gift of presence that few experience because it requires vulnerability. This is one reason I enjoy real-life “love stories”…examples of people who opened through these challenging spaces, inspire and encourage me to do the same!

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