Centered in Gratitude, Wrapped in Love

Centered in Gratitude, Wrapped in Love. 

There is much discussion about 12-12-12 and 12-21-2012.

As we move into these dates, there are many points of view, questions, practices, rituals.

I believe that where we are similar, we amplify spirit; where we are different, we offer opportunities for exploration and expansion, which amplifies spirit.

Ultimately, when we choose to vest presence, we amplify spirit. 

May we approach this season with unity, curiosity, wonder, awe.

There isn’t one answer, one way….there are myriad answers, myriad ways.

Courtesy and respect invite peace into the moment, regardless of external circumstances.

I don’t want you to worry about making lists of things to release, rituals of movement, rites of passage.

I do want you to enjoy the moment, allow your heart and mind to open to possibility, celebrate the gifts that are presented to you, receive and share graciously and generously. 

I do want you to vest in whole-body nourishment, not just on 12-12 and 12-21 but each and every day.

Because I practice energetics, I find this a fascinating time.  As I honor presence to unfolding within organic growth, I have loosely planned some meditation, attendance within group gatherings, and personal rituals regarding resonance with release and embrace.  But, I know deep within if I choose to sleep well, eat something delicious, and watch the sunset that is just as powerful and effective as anything else I can do.  

I truly do not feel it is about the doing or the day…I feel it is about the being in every moment. 

As per usual, I will unplug from the hype while I plug into Source.

Centered in Gratitude, Wrapped in Love. 

If this was an energetic intention circle, you can see how I opened and closed with gratitude and love.  I shared a visual reflection so that you can feel the rootedness of the tree, the delicate draping of the vine, smell the fragrance and see the blossoms of the flowers, experience the beauty and strength in the midst of chaos. I invited you into the experience of gratitude and love, because that is what I wish for you to feel–appreciated and loved, as you are, this moment; external has no bearing on the power within that feeling.  I kept it simple, so you can re-read it, quickly, when you need to, and allow the message within to infuse whatever it is you wish.

My wish: there is *lots of talk*…wonderful, great!…may we allow that conversation to open the door to being the change, instead of merely speaking, and sharing opinions, about it. 

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment.  Explore.  Experience.

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Comments on: "Centered in Gratitude, Wrapped in Love" (6)

  1. Thanks Joy,

    Wise words to guide us in holding love and gratitude in the moment to feed ourselves and the planet as we move forward. I like the circle of starting and ending with the quality you wish to express. To gratitude and love!

    • Thank you, Brad, for your presence to this piece and conversation!

      As we move forward, I vision Facets as an energetic circle, for all of us to experiment and explore within; representative of the community’s heart space.

      Yes!!! **To gratitude and love!!** Thank you for amplifying and sharing it :)

  2. Joy, I love your message in this piece, especially this core line: “I do want you to vest in whole-body nourishment, not just on 12-12 and 12-21 but each and every day.” 12/12/12 will come and ago, but what remains is every moment!

    • Thank you, Sandra, for your reflection!

      I love this: “what remains is every moment”…a wonderful affirmation for full presence as we continue to move forward, creating and connecting *now* :)

  3. jean sampson said:

    I love how the picture really feels like it is centered in gratitude, anchored in love! I will think of this picture and remember what it means and feels like. You KNOW how much I love visuals! :) I can feel how that tree feels! Thanks, Joy!

    • Jean,

      I was walking down the road, when I saw this tree, and I thought how lovely. Truly. I tried to capture what my heart felt; so if this image speaks to you, *that* delights me!

      What I feel now, is that tree hasn’t lost strength in allowing itself to be wrapped in love, it has *gained beauty*. Thank you for that insight!

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