My 2013 Theme Word: Collaboration

The last three years, I have chosen a theme word to explore during the new year.

I vision the feel I would like for the year, then choose a word that inspires me to gently stretch into new territory.

I love the idea of expansion in all realms; choosing a theme word is my way of signaling to Universe I am ready to expand.  What has happened, though, is that expansion has been to a depth and range far beyond what I could have asked for or fathomed possible for me.

Because Facets is an expression of my heart space, my experience of last year is that I far surpassed my original goals for Facets within the first three months of creating this space.

Perhaps my original goals were too small?  but I truly don’t think so.  When I analyze it, I think what happened is that my heart space expanded–in my personal life I was embracing practices that cultivated a centered-ness within alignment and resonance.  I stopped pushing myself physically and energetically and allowed for this beautiful (sometimes painful) process of becoming my heart truth. That manifested change in every area of my life.

As those offline changes occurred, I kept creating through Facets.  Where I once might have felt fear–because I didn’t have skill, knowledge, or resources for something I wanted to create (for instance offline retreats)–I simply researched and created.

What I did in one year: host meetups, publish three collaborative ebooks, publish a weekly transformational magic subscription letter, create the Gift of Presence affirmations ecourse, continue to enhance my personal sessions programs, host energetic distance movement and intention circles, create the Love Letters from my Soul to Yours program, create and write “A Daily Whisper”, maintain and continue to update my website pages, astounds me.

I did that without my own laptop or internet service, while working with clients, raising my children as a single mom, sometimes working a part-time job offline to generate income.  I did that while regaining my physical health after having been ill and on bed rest through the end of last year and while releasing relationships that mattered tremendously to me but were no longer in resonance.  I did that while sometimes literally one step away from homelessness, after I lost my boat and consistent income, and not having a family to “catch me” in the moments I truly needed one.

(A dear friend and peer, Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo opened her home to the children and I.  This space became a temporary sacred container from which I am healing, growing, creating, walking at water’s edge at sunset, and simply becoming *joy*.  I wish to acknowledge that generosity and graciousness here, because it matters, tremendously, in more ways than words can express).

I didn’t know what I wanted to create through this space, but I did know I wanted more than anything to honor my heart whispers.  I couldn’t close my heart because it hurt, I had to keep it open to embrace my dream.  And, for projects like “A Daily Whisper” I needed at least one new photograph a day, which meant that even when my heart hurt, I was outside looking for beauty, often finding it in unlikely places, then taking the time to appreciate it before sharing it along with a message of faith and hope.

I share that because “how” I chose to explore the idea of collaboration is this past year I created pretty much solo.  It was at once fulfilling, yet exhausting.  And, yes, I had an overflow of energetic support, so thank you for that!  What I didn’t have was physical, tangible hands-on help.  I hadn’t learned to ask for it in life.  And, I hadn’t considered learning, until now.

So, I chose collaboration for my 2013 word.  In my life I learned to be (and to prize) independent/ce and that along with my faith is what has carried me through now. I recognize that is going to take a few miracles to finish this transformation begun last year.  So, my original intent for “collaboration” was myself and Universe, as in okay Universe, I am here, I am ready, let’s do it.  But, I’ve done that my entire life.  Time for something more expansive.

Already in a few weeks, the meaning has evolved to my new motto, as shared in the affirmation photo above: “Life is a collaboration with love”. This means I will readily share and graciously receive, with love.  Aligned with love.  Resonating with love.  Connected through love.  Creating with love.

And, I thought, what better way to show my sincerity, to back up my words with action, then to collaborate with this community, my Facets community.

So, I present to you our complimentary gift to begin the new year…a collaborative eBook, with messages solely from readers within this Facets community:

A Power Prism: Reflections From Source“.  Please click the title to visit the book page and sign-up to receive your complimentary copy. 

Two things:

  1. My next article is a discussion of intentions, affirmations, and theme words.  For now, though, I would love to know, as you consider moving into the energy of 2013, what is one thing you vision/are drawing to you/would like more of?  Please leave your answer in the comments below.
  2. Thank you for your presence within this community. Yes, Facets is my heart space, so you each have a place within that space.  I explore and experiment, the site evolves as I evolve, and through your comments and personal emails many of you have said how much your heart has opened to gentle practices and movements of presence. That is the gift.  And, again, it matters, tremendously, far beyond what words can express. Thank you!

I choose to collaborate with Love because it is unlimited, unconditional, and ever-present; I wish for you to know and trust Love as I do.  With gratitude….Happy 2013, may your heart whispers become your reality!

Okay…if you may leave your comment below…and then go to the book page…I’m excited for you to receive this beautiful message!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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Comments on: "My 2013 Theme Word: Collaboration" (21)

  1. Joy, what an amazing year you have had, although much of it was not easy, thanks for sharing it here. I love ‘collaboration’ as a theme word for 2013. I had not thought of it before, but partnering with others, coming together for mutual support, is really the heart of what it feels like we all need now – a recognition of ourselves within community, both giving and receiving. I think mine is close – ‘integration’. This means many things to me, including a greater integration of love into my daily actions, thoughts, parenting, and work. That would be my ‘vision’ too for what I wish to attract in 2013 – a greater level of integration. Happy New year to you!

    • Lisa,

      *Integration* is such a beautiful word. I love your vision and meaning….and the synchronicity that you are integrating love, and I am collaborating with it!

      I did have an amazing year–one in which I centered into my heart truth and a lot of external that was not in resonance sloughed away. What I learned was when I release expectations, there is peace in everything, and true gratitude for the gift of the moment.

      I am also learning to integrate each experience as I move through it, not “rushing” but allowing for complete unfolding. I use the words ‘release and embrace’ for others to understand, but really this movement is one of ease, peace, and flow…a consistent expression of love…of becoming…nothing and everything.

      Your word, vision, and meaning hold so much…may 2013 present you with all that you wish! Happy New year :-)

  2. What do I vision for 2013? Relaxation into Beingness, and effortlessly/thoughtlessly moving from that. You state the same: “I stopped pushing myself physically and energetically and allowed for this beautiful (sometimes painful) process of becoming my heart truth. That manifested change in every area of my life”. I came upon the self-same realization and “push” is the word that rose to me as well. I realized especially in relationships with others (which is a bulk of my ‘work’), that I cannot “push” a relationship with another. If it is to happen, it will without “pushing”. Yet, precisely as you write, “allowing” DOES “manifest change” and I have found, attracts relationships as others sense this freedom of Being and relaxation which releases the energy of Love which radiates about us and is seen by the same in others. Abundant blessings to you and the offspring in 2013!

    • Oh my goodness, Ricky, I have no words to respond with except this resounding “Yes!” to your reflection.

      There is a depth of wisdom and grace in your message that I couldn’t have received last year even, because my heart hadn’t opened yet to the complete trust that when one *allows for unfolding* that is a strength of empowerment far more effective than attempting to manipulate external to fit an expectation. (Wow, I leaned into this vulnerable space and founds words! Thank you!).

      I’m going to print and re-read your reflection daily, until the meaning settles and is integrated. Thank you!

  3. jean sampson said:

    Well, I wasn’t sure if it was a “one-time join” or if I needed to join again each month :) so I went ahead and joined again! Didn’t want to miss anything! :)
    What I realized this year, along with a lot of other things, is that I need to give up that desperate desire to sell my paintings and just keep on painting without any agenda. That is SO hard for me and it will truly be a spiritual practice to keep on reminding myself to let go of everything except engagement in the joy of painting. It also just occurred to me to use the times when people ask me if my paintings are selling now, to share with them that I am letting that desperation go and am just painting for the love of painting. I was having a hard time with how to answer people who, because they were wishing me well, were asking about the sales. Wow, what a great New Years Day intention!
    Love that you help me figure these things out!
    Happy New Year, Joy. Love and hugs!

    • Thank you for sharing, Jean! I know that other readers will benefit from reading your words and turning them inward to reflect upon what areas in their life might expectations be restricting enjoyment?

      I also understand, because when I created Facets, it was a wonderful resource from which to explore and connect within this message of love, gratitude, joy. As I shared in the article above, I created through times of financial “need”…yet I did not create programs to sell and generate income (although I “could have” and everyone might have understood). I breathed into my fear of “not enough” and honored the integrity of presence to organic growth, which meant I continued to offer complimentary services and eBooks, and to generate income elsewhere…was I scared? well, sometimes, looking at homelessness, but I learned trust…utter trust in and joy of the process.

      May I also share, it is “okay” to wish for income…it is “okay” to feel disappointment. The challenge sometimes is to continue to trust in, and enjoy, the process when these feelings rise. Especially when others are asking about monetary value. Please remember, in general, they ask *because they care* and don’t know how to express “are you enjoying the process”? It requires courage to be the light of love and joy in the room…and I know you are the natural light, and am excited to observe as this process continues to unfold for you. You are a natural teacher, and I thank you for all that you share!

  4. thank you for all you have shared with me in these past months…i feel so connected to you and your energy when i read the gifts given so freely through your emails. there have been many days when i wanted to connect and leave a comment but was too drained by the events in my life but you still showed up for me, everyday, giving your gifts. i love the theme of collaboration…my intention for 2013 is to allow financial abundance to come to me through the sales
    of my creations available through my website. i have been a massage therapist for 25 years but am also a self taught artist who loves creating. i am collaborating with a friend of mine after years of us talking about it and together we are mixing our artistic mediums and setting out on a journey to offer them to the world. i am not sure how it will look but i know that there is so much joy behind our creative process and that’s the real juice for me….MORE JOY!!! our initial baby steps are very exciting and i am looking forward to the release of our expressions and hoping they resonate with folks as much as they resonate with us. much love, light and blessings. jul

    • Wow, Julie, thank you for sharing your heart is full of gratitude that you chose to add your voice to this conversation!

      Yes! to abundance in all realms! As you feel the experience of abundance, may you continue to draw to you/manifest various opportunities of expansion :)

      May you continue to ride this initial wave of excitement, and allow the process to unfold, as you mention.

      I love the feel of enthusiasm in your words…and I love that your enthusiasm invited you to take steps into new territory and you are…from adding your voice here to sharing your creations with world…may you celebrate each wonderful step!

      I know your reflection is a wonderful inspiration to others who might be considering honoring creative expression as they move forward in their lives!

  5. Hi Joy – What an inspirational year you have had!! :) The word I chose for this year is Love. I’ve thought for many years it’s the most important aspect of living but am not very open when it comes to giving love or receiving love so decided that would be my focus for 2013. Following your theme of collaboration though, I’ve enlisted a friend to join me on the journey. Last year she and I both chose ‘living’ and helped to support each other in achieving that goal. I feel like we were able to keep our energy high and focused because we could feed off each other. It was a great experience to have someone to share that with during the year. Happy New Year!

    • Hi Katy,

      You are *collaborating with Love* fun (and affirming for me in my own exploration of this theme in 2013!).

      My “takeaway” from your reflection is this: “we were able to keep our energy high and focused because we were able to feed off each other…it was a great experience”. Only recently (within the past few months) have I had the experience of connecting with like-energy people, so I hadn’t known connection as enriching and nourishing and wouldn’t have been able to understand your experience. I see how important it is to be surrounded by such energy, which inspires and encourages, naturally, and is a practice of flow. From such a space, receiving is as joyful as giving!

      I celebrate your connection with your friend, and your presence here…Thank you for all that you share!

  6. Wow, what you accomplished last year is truly mind-blowing. Bravo! I love your word for 2013! In 2013, I would like less (not more!) self-clinging and self-cherishing. :)

    • Thank you, Sandra!

      Yes! to less, in general…I am excited to observe the unfolding of your intention in the new year!

      Thank you for the kind words! I am grateful for your presence in my life, and within this community!

  7. Hi Joy, I am so impressed with everything you’ve done – truly. I’m bringing in more laughter, fun, and friendship, as well as a few other much overdue other items :) Blessings to you in this new year, may it be simply wonderful and beyond your wildest expectations.

    • Thank you, Julie for sharing your intentions!

      Laughter, fun, friendship feel wonderful and abundant…if I turn your reflection inward, I recognize I could use “more” as well! I wonder, what is your method for “cultivating more” in these areas? (Because I know others reading this, including myself, are open to learning!).

      Thank you for the blessings!I receive them, and also return them to you with love and gratitude!

  8. Thank you Joy,

    This evening I paddled my kayak out the Mission Bay Channel. This was the first time on the kayak since the August 14th accident that severed tendons and nerves to my fingers. I far exceeded what I had planed to do. The sky was completely clear with not one cloud. My *vision* was complete *good* and I was being *drawn* by the *light* of the glorious sun, whose grace lay upon the water’s surface. A pair of dolphin occasionally created their arch within this grace. On my return I entered into even more quieted and settled scenery as I slowly hugged and glided along the rock shoreline. I then rounded a bend and was amazed to find before me a riot of activity…to this I proceeded, and drifted into. Feeding in a frenzy before the sun settled were about 75 Least Terns. They would dive like dynamic missiles from above. Once on the water they swam and dove with haste to feed. A few Cormorants competed beneath the depths. About 10 Brown Pelicans dive bombed into the water. They splashed an eruption at times merely 10 yards away from me! One lone Great Blue Heron stood erect on a rock, but would stretch his long neck out over the ripples at times in search of a morsel.

    When God gifts such beauty I am truly humbled and awed by his love.

    I dare not ask for more…

    • Thank you, Rand, for sharing your beautiful experience. You set out in faith, unsure of what you were physically capable of, yet open to possibility, and what you received was abundance. If others reading this turn that inward, where might we step in faith and open to possibility?

      Your last line..”I dare not ask for more”…I understand…However, in my life I am learning to say “thank you…more please”…for truly the experience of infinite possibility is *unlimited*…when we open our hearts, we have *energetically increased* the space available for abundance.

      (If you practice symbolism, you might want to research the symbolic meaning of the animals you saw…and anyone reading your reflection might want to research the meaning of the animal that stands out to them as they read…for instance, my being says: oh dolphins and a Great Blue Heron…wow–grace and truth!).

      • :) :)

        …two smiles because we are both *good* in thought of intent.

        As I typed out “I dare not ask for more” I also knew that there would be a probable response.

        Here are two quotes that may bring more clarity:

        “We should not take one step, even in the direction of what is good, beyond that to which we are irresistibly impelled by God, and this applies to action, word and thought. But we should be willing to go anywhere under his impulsion, even to the farthest limit (the cross)…To be willing to go as far as possible is to pray to be impelled, but without knowing whither.”

        “Pure love of creatures is not love in God, but love which has passed through God as through fire. Love which detaches itself completely from creatures to ascend to God and comes down again associated with the creative love of God.
        Thus the two opposites which rend human love are united: to love the beloved being just as he is, and to want to recreate him.”

        ~ Simone Weil ‘Gravity and Grace’


        Wow Joy this is you!

        The Christian symbolism of the pelican is:

        “as a caring and self-sacrificing parent”

        • Thank you for sharing your reflection, Rand. As you move through World, may you allow your sense of clarity and love of life to guide you to gently stretch beyond that which you are currently creating, and perhaps have outgrown, in your life.

  9. Hello Joy and everyone joining this wonderful conversation,

    I found something in each comment to integrate and bring me to this place of recognizing and settling on my own word for 2103…

    Jean, I can so relate to this experience and thank you for sharing, for I find something of a reflection for myself in these words, and a spark to understanding what direction I may take next. Thank you for sharing from a deep place of vulnerability. We speak of money so freely in some ways in our culture, but not so much of the soul aspects of money and how it intertwines with our own growth and realization of our own personal power and strength. I have certainly not *figured it all out* yet, nor may I ever, though I do hope 2013 to be a year that each of us can connect to a deeper level of relationship with money as “collaborative friend” rather than “holy guide or guru” or “sole source of power.” For, in reality, as each of you here have shown me in some way through your presence and sharing, WE are truly our greatest source of power- together.

    I’m not sure how that will translate into my own development this year, but I feel I’ve finally found my word of the year, after meditating on it for several days now…And that is EASE. I wish for 2013 to be a year of EASE for me, in all ways…to open myself to flowing more freely through life, indeed, not “pushing” so hard, as Ricky mentioned…and I find it inspiring and motivational (and a testament to the actualization of your intention Joy) that each person here has interwoven words and intentions that have been swirling around in my head the past few days, and as I read each one, felt the truth of each focus, I chose to add this feeling to the mix- EASE.

    For me, while considering integration and love, as mentioned by Lisa and Katy, to be two supremely necessary ingredients; while recognizing, as Rand has, that just what is, is all the beauty we could ask for to celebrate; while being awed by how directly Julie and Julie :) echoed exact sentiments of mine (appreciation and gratefulness for your ever-steady presence, even when I felt too drained or tired to comment or respond directly and desire to bring more laughter, fun, friendship into my life- which I’d also be interested in hearing “how to” ideas on…); and while thinking to myself as I read Sandra’s comment…I’d like less self-clinging too, but I’m still working on adding more self-cherishing; I realized it’s only because each of us are here, adding the pieces that we as individuals want or need to focus on for ourselves, that we as a whole, can fulfill our full potential.

    We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, and as I see it, a collaboration, a community, any relationship for that matter, is about each person bringing not only their individual strengths, their places where life is “easy” for them to the table, to complement and serve as an example and guide for those who struggle in those areas of life; it’s also about bringing and openly sharing our weaknesses, our “less than” traits and moments and experiences, for we can learn just as much and help each other even more so by sharing these things…and these are things so many choose not to share, are afraid of sharing.

    Oh, but this is the *magical* ingredient here Joy. Indeed, what you share, and HOW you share, through and with vulnerability and fear and from an “imperfectly perfect” place, that is HOW we learn best. It’s easy to see a strength in another and ask, “how can I be more like that?” at least for me it is…I have a well developed sense of envy that serves me to become a better, more well-rounded person. I use the feeling of envy to recognize that in others which I have ignored and/or want to develop or recognize more in myself. But the “bad stuff”, the “less than”, the imperfect…we spend our lives defending against the notion that these qualities exist in us, we spend our lives attempting to hide them, to not let anyone see us as we truly are, and then we wonder, in our deepest states of loneliness, why does no one *see* me and love me as I truly am? It’s because we (I) don’t let people see and certainly don’t give them the opportunity to love us as we truly are. No, we hide behind excuses and masks.

    I personally hide behind ideas of “working hard”, being “serious”, and “deserving” what I get…and all these fit tidily under the title, “perfectionist” or “procrastinator” (interchangeable really). This is just a combination of my conditioning, a bit my personality, and my fear, always working to “hide” my true self from the world. Yet, I find I want all these things spoken of above. I want to be integrated, to experience love freely, to feel abundance in both financial and friendship realms. I want to experience meaningful relationships, joy, laughter, to have fun, to be more creative, I want the freedom to simply be, to feel awe and wonder as I really see, soak in, the beauty that is all around me. I’ve had moments of all of these experiences in the past year (it’s been quite a year!), so I have in essence, *had* all these things I *want*. I still have them, accessible to me, though I find it difficult and hard at times to access, to see, to experience, to feel these things. So, I’d like 2013 to be the year I EASILY, effortlessly, access and experience abundance and health and beauty and joy and friendship and fun and awe and wonder and laughter and all the riches of being human. And I think it is possible, through COLLABORATION, through sharing, our strengths AND weaknesses, our truths AND our illusions, our LOVE and our fears, our ABUNDANCE and our lack, our FUN and LAUGHTER and our sorrows and tears…

    I fear I’ve gotten a bit wordy here, but I hope you can feel the essence within this imperfect expression. :)

    Much love to you all and thank you for being *here* and Joy, thank YOU for creating *here* for us all…

    • Wow, Molly…thank you for sharing this reflection…your words are beautiful and I breathed into the ability to receive them graciously (meaning, the message touched me greatly, so much so, that I had to expand my heart space to take them in…thank you for that beautiful gift!).

      Ease is a beautiful intention. As I honor presence to unfolding within organic growth, I am learning to enjoy ease, to re-train my mind and my body to move and flourish within ease…my desire is to learn aerial silks–and the requires an ease within strength, which somehow feels like grace to me. I equate ease with grace. I am excited to observe how the meaning of the word unfolds for you, and what you choose to manifest and create as *you become one with ease*. And, what may we all learn when we turn that reflection inward?

      Yes! to sharing transparently, through vulnerability. It is my hope that we openly and joyfully share our celebrations of abundance, amplifying the experience of infinite possibility, inspiring us all in the varying stages of becoming, we are currently in.

  10. I second that “Wow”!

    …yep…this is turning into an enriching classroom :)

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