Sharing Our Vision Amplifies Our Focus

Living what is natural and organic to the soul

is what unfolds a life that both sings and serves.Julie Daley

I took this photo from the car while waiting during drop-off at my daughter’s school.

You cannot tell from this photo that the road is full of cars rushing by, children are screaming and laughing as they greet each other, teachers are busy patrolling the grounds.

What you see is the radiant sun streaming through the branches, the crisp leaves showing their brilliant colors, the reflection of love and light, posing graciously for the photo.

What you see is the beauty, love, and gratitude in the moment; because this is what I choose to share.

What we focus on grows.  When we share our vision, we amplify that focus.  May you vest in, and share, all that is enriching and enlivening. 

My Twitter #sixwords for the week:

life is a collaboration with love

life is a celebration of  love

a sensory explosion in my mouth

gratitude is an expression of love

love respects boundaries while dissolving barriers

the last spark quietly flickered out

May you share with us, what do you choose to focus on as we continue to move through this powerful month of December? 

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment.  Explore.  Experience. 

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  1. Nemo’s Last Words

    My mouth flickered an explosion of love…

    “While boundaries is a collaboration with life.
    Love is a sensory expression dissolving out barriers.
    The spark is gratitude.
    Quietly life respects love in a celebration of love last.”

    Thank you for the sunshine of life…and…36 words :)

    • Thank you, Rand, for your reflection :)

      Each sixword phrase I share is my personal heart whisper…sent to the moon and beyond…I share them with the intent of reflecting to our community the process of creating and sharing from Source. If you feel the sunshine of life in them, that is wonderful…the invitation is what shall you create in your own life, your own way, with that energy?

      • Thank you Joy,

        I apologize for the re-construction of your personal six word phrases…to be honest with you I had sooooo much fun with all three! It was hard to set the pen down until I was satisfied that what I did (as an exercise) made some sense. Believe me it is not easy to do…even more so with less words.

        I do view the life as an *University*

        Thank you once again for the sunshine. I do completely understand the moment and all the remarkable places that it can come to us…

        • I am glad that my words and heart whispers inspired you to have fun while creating , Rand :)

          To reconstruct *your words* *grin*: Sunshine is remarkable! It is a pleasure to celebrate and share it with World :)

  2. “What we focus on grows.” So true! If we focus on the negative things in life, then that is all we will see and experience. Focus on love, beauty, joy and truth and it will grow. Thanks for the great message, and beautiful photo.

    • Thank you Victoria, for your presence in this conversation..and thank you for the kind words :)

      What a beautiful affirmation: “Focus on love, beauty, joy, and truth and it will grow.” For me the fun is in cultivating that spirit and then creating with it!

  3. This is great! You are exactly right. Your focus is on something beautiful and serene here rather than the hectic busy surroundings. And what a lesson you drew from it. I’m going to practice this for the rest of the day.

    • Thank you, Galen, for your presence to the conversation :)

      Presence is a practice of releasing labels, but to ease into that, the practice of cultivating and sharing positive works very well. My mind doesn’t think “positive”/”negative” it naturally gravitates toward that which enriches/enlivens and that is what I hope to share through these reflections. When we feel nourished, we create and celebrate…and that is my wish for everyone :)

  4. Lynn Fang said:

    Beautiful message! December certainly feels powerful. While school has been much more busy and stressful this past week and will continue to be so in the upcoming week and a half as the semester ends, I feel my gratitude and inner peace and joy amplifying. I find this to be true for my time here so far. It has been stressful to settle into a new home on the opposite coast, yet I continually try to focus on all that is positive, and my sense of inner peace and well-being has only grown stronger. I’ll continue to focus on the positive this month. I’m currently working on a grant proposal due next Tuesday, which I so rightly chose to start on this week. Despite the seemingly frantic timeline, I choose to feel good and confident about it as I work on it. I choose to trust that it will be a magnificent, winning proposal. I continually bring myself back to trust and presence. The more I do, the more I enjoy my life. I fell into a little bout of insecurity and “grumpiness” this evening, immediately blaming it on the fact that I’ve been working more than usual. Fortunately, I recognized I was dwelling on my own negativity and was trying to analyze it more and more. I decided to stop questioning it, and simply pulled away and focused on embodying positivity. And like magic, I felt better. There was no problem anymore. I simply had to take my energy to a more positive realm. Amazing, because it has always been really really challenging for me to “bounce back” from analyzing things, especially things that seem “wrong” or “negative”.

    Also, I feel like the plants and trees are trying to speak to me, but I can’t yet comprehend their language. It feels like a magnetic pull, or a strong vibration. I simply offer my appreciation.

    • Thank you for this beautiful reflection, Lynn!

      You physically moved your being to a new location…meaning that all of the external in your life (except for your boyfriend) is new and unfamiliar. Energetically your being might celebrate the freshness of it all, and enjoy the process of exploration…or it might be resistant to *all* of this newness and looking for something familiar. The overall feel of your experience will depend upon the time, space, and whole-body nourishment you choose to give your being as it settles into this newness.

      I *love* this: “I continually bring myself back to trust and presence. The more I do, the more I enjoy my life.” When we trust, we aren’t ‘forcing results’, we are creating experiences. Your adjectives are powerful and exciting: feel good, confident, trust, magnificent, winning, enjoy, embody, magic, magnetic pull, strong vibration, appreciation. I hope you continue to share as your journey unfolds!

      And, everything has a voice…in my experience, we don’t “need” to understand the language, we can feel it through love and gratitude…as you are discovering now. As we center into presence (as you are doing), we feel a depth previously unknown to us. So excited for you…what a wonderful move you have made…may you celebrate all of the steps you have taken :)

  5. ‘The last spark finally flickered out’ really hit home for me. Thank you for the phrase so that I may explore more sparks flickering away more deeply. I love you much.

    • “The last spark” was a poignant moment for me…very direct and clear. The feel within those words seems to have touched quite a few people. Thank you, Gina, for choosing to accept the invitation to explore the meaning within your own life :)

      For me, choosing to allow that spark to die, instead of frantically adding something more to try to force it to remain alive, has energetically opened doors…focusing on love and gratitude allows the experience to be one of joy rather than sorrow.

  6. jean sampson said:

    This is such a truth! And the photograph really illustrates it beautifully! I am in a place in my life where it is SO important for me to respond rather than react, and that takes focusing BEYOND the apparent and being grateful for an opportunity to help bring some order out of chaos and some peace and love to an inflammatory situation. I am actually focused on being glad to be able to do this, although my first reaction was fear. Then I worked through that and began to focus on what a good thing this is. And I REALLY do feel that way, thank you, Joy! The fear really is gone!

    • “The fear is really gone!”..oh, Jean so much to celebrate, thank you for sharing!

      I love this: “focusing beyond the apparent and being grateful”…potent combination for creation; yet sometimes how resistant we can be to allow our vision to expand…because our hearts expand with thank you for inviting us to explore and reminding us how empowering and fun it can be when we do! In this example, your willingness to open beyond what you know, allowed you to *be the change*. my heart celebrates that…thank you!

  7. How amazing! The photo looks like you are in the center of nature and in stillness and quiet.

    What is coming up for me as an unfolding focus in compassion as the most powerful antidote to self-grasping!

    • Yes, Sandra, the fun part about this photo is that it is in the midst of busyness, so I know parents and students took at least a few seconds to wonder what I was looking at and turn around and look…perhaps they noticed the beauty, perhaps not, but *they looked* :)

      I love to share these examples, because people look at my photos and think how I must live in an extremely peaceful place, yet the truth is, I find the peace in the midst of a busy life and that is what I choose to share.

      I *love* the feel of this phrase: “an unfolding focus on compassion”, something for me to explore as I share readily with others and am just now beginning to apply to self. Thank you for the invitation!

  8. Hi Joy,
    Beautiful photo btw. I’ve been shopping around for a good camera recently so I take awesome photos and use them on my blog.

    What we focus on grows is so true. How many of us spend more time focusing on what does not work instead of what is beautiful and real in life. Great reminder with your quotes too.

    • Hi Justin,

      I love photography and I know the external quality of the photos is dependent upon a good camera. However, I currently only have my phone camera which is simply a Droid and doesn’t have the capability of an iPhone as far as crispness, color, or depth. Not to use labels, but when I compare with my peers (yep, the key word is “compare”) my photos look substandard…so when I get one like this, I celebrate :) For me now, it is about releasing my feel of “not enough” and experimenting with technique…kind of how I practice life:) To use my photos on my site and in my classes requires I release “perfectionism” while I enjoy the sharing.

      When we focus on what is beautiful and real, the feel of life is inviting.

      Thank you for your kinds words…I love when you stop in!

  9. Hi Joy, love this pic and insight. Truly many people can be in the same space and living in different worlds. We choose with our focus. And I love your Twitter #sixwords that is new to me! This one is my favorite: “love respects boundaries while dissolving barriers”

    • It would be wonderful if you would join in with #sixwords, Lisa…you have such a beautiful way of arranging them! You chose one of my favorites, I am glad it speaks to you!

      We do choose our focus…it is a joy to create and share with others (like you and this community!) who focus on similar internal practices and external ways of moving through World :)

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