The Feel of Resonance is Sublime

Welcome to the month of December 2012.

Typically known for celebrations and year-end review, this specific month and year has been featured in various mediums discussing the symbolism within a possible energetic shift.

Facets is quite a diverse community of varying beliefs and perspectives, yet we seem to be united in our quest to explore and experiment.  As this month unfolds, I look forward to connecting through individual reflections on how you are feeling, what you are creating, and how we may best encourage and inspire each other as we move through this energetic season.

My personal strategy is to continue to vest presence to unfolding through organic growth. This means that I will continue with the practices that nourish my being as I release those that do not.  My overall focus is on resonance. 

This week I have received quite a few messages about the strength of emotions…it seems there is a current of change, which you find yourselves responding to, leaving little time or energy for creating.

Empowerment naturally flows from a centered space. So I want to remind you of the ease and power of a deep, cleansing breath.  There is a plethora of programs, resources, and materials available to assist us in centering; lots of wonderful tools and techniques that serve us in different ways.

But, please remember, while external serves to strengthen and affirm, inner peace is accessible the moment we choose it. 

I find a deep, cleansing breath invites my being fully into the present moment; from there I can choose to create with what I have instead of reacting to what is being presented.   

May I ask, what practices do you use to center?  When you share, we learn!

And, I have a simple gift to share with you.

Right before this week of rain, I was walking at ocean’s edge (as I do almost daily), and I felt the nudge to take a short video of the after glow of the sunset to share with you. I chose not to speak, so that you might enjoy the silence and hear ocean lapping at the shore.  As you can see when you watch, the area is quite secluded. When I speak of walking at ocean’s edge, this is my view.

If you are unable to view the video here, you may click this link to view it: Facets of Joy– Hollywood Beach Sunset.

To go along with the video, here are my Twitter #sixwords phrases for this past week–each was written at different times while walking at water’s edge:

gently unfolding into a bold blossom

expectations limit the power of possibility

love and gratitude / potent, powerful elixirs

the feel of resonance is sublime

folded into love / amplifying heart whispers

walking with spirit at ocean’s edge

moonbeams invite heart whispers to soar

And, if this newly formed energetic intention circle resonates with you, please join in; it is wonderful to experience your presence.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience. 

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  1. Every day I feel fortunate to live where we do. Deserted beaches and majestic beauty just seconds from our homes. What a delight. Thank you for sharing this.
    My daily practice with homeschooled kids and a revolving door of foster kids-I take a chunk of time, whatever the day allows, and lay down and let a meditation flow. It’s very rejuvenating, restful and healing. Some days it’s an hour, other days, 15 min. But it’s time I treasure and everyone respects this. Many times, the exact video you filmed is in that time. (Then, of course, I have to take the children to the shore!)
    Thank you for sharing a vision we are fortunate to be so close to it!! It satisfies many levels of my being. Love to you, ‘friendly friend’. -g

    • Your meditation ritual sounds absolutely refreshing and restorative, Gina…thank you for sharing :) What a wonderful example you are modeling for your children–the importance of self-care and relaxation.

      I understand the benefit of meditating “alone”, and I also wonder, do the children meditate with you as well…or have you tried it as a family separate from your own time?

      As you have experienced on this stretch of beach, it is lined with homes, yet very few people choose to walk at ocean’s edge…I find it an incredible blessing to experience this “backyard treasure”!

  2. So beautiful! Yes, I would love to walk with you here!

  3. Your 42 words + title:

    Moon and Waves

    Walking the limit at ocean’s edge.
    Expectations gently amplifying a resonance.
    Whispers of love into sublime.
    Whispers of gratitude folded into elixirs.
    Feel love powerful and potent!
    Power with unfolding possibility is
    the bold blossom.
    Invite moonbeams to soar!

  4. jean sampson said:

    Well, I can see how the world outside supports the peace you create within! The ocean really does breathe, doesn’t it?
    I create peace and find my center by seeing, in my mind, where I am at any moment, in relation to my center, the inner place of peace for me. I see a center place of calm and balance and at the same time, I see how far away I am from that center, almost on a line extending from it. I focus on the center and how it feels. I see myself gradually moving toward the center, feeling more and more peace, more and more balance. I just have to notice when I am NOT on that center. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get back, but, if I remember to focus on the feelings at center, I can usually get there. I guess, because I am such a visual person, I have to create an image. Love and peace to you!

    • Jean, I love the way that you visualize center…thank you for sharing! You not only visualize, but you feel it, then become it…how empowering! No wonder your paintings have such depth :)

      As I read your words, this is what I have learned about myself this year: I love the ocean very much–living near her has allowed me to experience depth that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I also love the hills, forest, rural areas, farmland, and city just as much and look forward to exploring each in depth as I continue to center into presence. I have integrated the lessons, so I know ocean’s beauty and blessings are interwoven throughout my life’s tapestry. Thank you for prompting that insight! Yes, the feel of resonance is indeed sublime :)

  5. What joy to be able to go to the beach and experience the vastness of the ocean! Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the beautiful sunset view. Maybe one day, we can send messages of love and peace to each other from coast to coast.

    With love,

    • Thank you, Evelyn, for stopping in…I love when you visit this space :)

      Yes, please…let’s send messages of *love and peace* from coast to coast–how *fun*!

      Love to you :)

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