I Trust You to Love Me

I trust you to love me.

It was a grey morning; the marine layer so thick suns rays hadn’t the strength to penetrate them.

My internal radiance wished for external affirmation.

While walking down a busy sidewalk, I noticed this flower, boldly blossoming in an overstuffed planter near the parking garage.

Feeling such gratitude for the beautiful affirmation, I breathed in the fullness of the reflection.

A seed had been planted, then long forgotten.  Yet, the natural process of organic growth shaped this small seed into this boldly blossoming flower; perfectly placed in an unlikely spot, for me to see, and to share with you.

(If we turn this inward and apply it to a heart whisper, a dream, a connection, an intention, a project, a creation….we may find inspiration and encouragement).

In today’s Wishcasting Wednesday prompt, Jamie Ridler asks: What do you wish to clear?

Doubt.  When I am doubting, I draw to me unsolicited opinions that criticize my practices and work; external drama that affects the ones I love, thus affecting me; an overall heaviness that matches the density of the thick marine layer currently blocking the brilliance of the sun.

The moment I open my heart through that doubt (I don’t “release it”, really, I integrate it) I affirm trust in life.  As I breathed in the essence of my morning reflection through the flower, I felt:

I trust you to love me.  

As I vest presence to collaborate with love, I trust you to love me.

And, so it is.

And, so it shall be. 

(Within that trust, everything is possible. I trust infinite possibility.)

After the complexity of my recent article “Cultivating a Conscious Conversation“, I find the simplicity of this presentation to be quite refreshing! (Conscious conversation is as simple as planting the seed…).

After you allow the meaning of this affirmation to settle, I would love to know:

What do you wish to clear?  

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger.  Savor.  Relish.  

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  1. Dearest Joy,

    I love what you wish for and I wish that for you as well. These days I’m clearing space. Rearranging. Reshaping. Transforming my home. Richard and I became empty nesters – Jon, Katie, and Olivia moved into a home of their own on New Year’s. Katie and Olivia moved in when our men deployed. Life hit a low spot when Katie’s husband returned and she and Olivia remained with us. Jon decided he wanted his family and moved in with us at the beginning of 2012. I’m happy for them. And the space in my home has opened up.

    • Peggy,

      What a delightful surprise to experience your presence here! You definitely resonate with *love*; it’s fun to see whom is guided to each article…

      Clearing space is so exciting…physical and energetic expansion love to play together! When I read your words, I turn it inward and ask in what areas might I clear space?

      I am learning now to revel in the spaciousness of unplanned, uncomplicated moments with the feel of abundance in ample time and space to stretch and grow.

      Thank you for blessing my wish…and I extend the same affirmation to yours!

  2. Ah, such a glorious wish!

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also x

  3. Such a lovely wish, and such beautiful deeply moving words. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also!

    • Thank you, Fran, for your presence and your affirmation of this wish.

      I felt very vulnerable sharing this message, yet excited to connect through this transparency; your kind words are wonderful to receive!

  4. Joy – when you signed my blog – I was unable to find your site. You need to change your blogspot settings – so people are able to see you blogsite. I had to go to Jamie`s wish – site to find you. I know I have self doubt. As Joy wishes for herself, so also I wish for her.

    • Thank you, Lucy, for your presence, and for your affirmation of this wish!

      I also appreciate your suggestion on my blogspot settings…I updated it, thank you.

  5. Yes…. good job.

  6. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy! I love your vulnerability! And, I SURE DO LOVE YOU! I think who you are is going to make that wish to clear doubt come true time and time again. , And thank you for that lovely and energizing burst of red. My eyes are REALLY happy right now! And it was on a gloomy day that the this really stood out. It might have “blended in” more had the day not provided a contrast to all of that brightness! Life itself can be like that, too! Love and hugs!

    • Thank you, Jean, for your presence, and your affirmation of this wish!

      The flower was boldly blossoming in a grey area of sidewalk, parking garage…on a grey day…the red reminded me of being love in the midst of World, regardless of external…And I rarely photograph red or flowers, so that I chose to photo it and allow it to inspire this piece is a wonderful reflection of allowing love to guide you…and that there is “always time” for Love.

      I am so glad your eyes are happy! And I bet your radiance is now the light in the gloominess…passing it along!

      Isn’t it wonderful to amplify Love!

  7. jean sampson said:

    Oh, I forgot to add what I wish to clear—-fear and lack of trust that all is well. I use my past experiences to remind me that I have come though things that I thought would break me (and maybe, in some good ways, they did!). But what I realized is that I am still here, still joyful and more who I really am than ever before. It seems to be helping a lot to look to the experiences I have come through and relax into the feeling that all worked out fine and it will again. Earth school, Caroline Myss calls it! :)

    • As you mention, Jean, it is wonderful when our past experiences inspire us!

      I love the feel of this “relax into the feeling”…an expression of trust in the moment. How gentle yet empowering!

      And, I love Caroline Myss work!

      You are present and joyful, a very open space to be…as you continue to celebrate that space, fear and lack of trust will naturally dissolve and slough away!

  8. We all need to love and be loved even though it’s sometimes hard to trust that inner voice.
    Wishing you much love and joy in your life!

    • Thank you, Carolyn, for your presence, and your beautiful wishes.

      I trust my inner voice; having lived with abuse and chaos for much of my life, it is learning to trust external voices that has been my challenge. “I trust you to love me is quite new for me”…I am finding as trust deepens, I am consistently led to new places, energetically and physically. Wondrous.

      Thank you for your affirmation!

  9. I wish to clear my need to know. When I let go of that, I learn the most amazing things… about myself, Life, Truth and, most especially, God.

    Lovely post, Joy. “My internal radiance wished for external affirmation.”… been there, done that! XO

    • Thank you, Andrea, for your presence and kind words!

      I love the feel of this: “I learn the most amazing things”…In my life, I had the consistent experience of “learning the hard way”; when I affirm learning is a joy-filled process full of unexpected delight, I am able to explore with ease…and I feel the awe and gratitude in your words that serve to amplify trust and invite that gentle stretch. Thank you!

  10. How beautiful, Joy! I was immediately attracted by the title of this post. I love the metaphor of the flower growing organically, blossoming boldly.

    I would like to clear doubt too! In fact, I awoke with doubt on my mind. So much synchronicity here! :)

    • Thank you, Sandra, for your presence! When I create for this space, I usually wait patiently for the title to arise, far after the message had been written; in this instance, I had the photo and the title very clearly, practically begging me to write *grin*.

      One reason I began this year with the complimentary eBook on doubt, was that I knew I would be creating new and different, and when doubt arose I wanted wisdom to access (one of the questions that contributors answered in the book). I do believe the presence of doubt shows me that energetically I am challenging myself; so for that, I love that you are in a similar space! (Because you inspire me greatly!).

  11. HI Joy,

    The picture of the flower is so striking. It just about jumped out of my screen. What a beautiful symbol to affirm yours as well as this community’s radiance.

    • Thank you, Mignon, for your presence and for the kind words! As I signed in to answer comments, I look at the flower photo and think it is representative of heart space, and how beautiful it is, indeed!

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