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Today I am delighted to share energetic space with Julie Barrett of A Clear Sign.

“Delving into spiritual growth will improve your life dramatically as you learn to pay attention to the communication you receive from spirit and connect to the true you – your higher self – you, at soul level.” excerpt from Julie’s home page

I am drawn to Julie’s work because I love her energy, insights, and clear explanations of techniques and practices.  Plus, she and I share a lot of common characteristics–as Julie shares in her Intuitive Services page: “I am an empath, intuitive, and psychic medium“.  Yet, while I focus on mainstream principles of presence, Julie  enthusiastically and generously focuses on intuitive services and courses.  I love that Julie very clearly shares her knowledge and that each article on her site sparks an interesting conversation.

Julie Barrett spent her professional life as a Vice President at an Insurance Brokerage for twenty years before she discovered her intuitive abilities.  Julie is a psychic intuitive and medium.  She now writes a weekly blog, A Clear Sign, focusing on spiritual development, signs and synchronicity, and performs intuitive readings and professional intuitive development counseling.

Joy:  Thank you, Julie, for sharing energetic space.  Let’s start with basics if we may.  The name of your site is “A Clear Sign“.  May you share with us a little about the meaning of this phrase and your overall vision for your site?

Julie: Thank you for having me here.  When I first started the site I searched through a number of poems and music lyrics to get inspiration for a name.  At the time I intended only to begin a general blog about how to connect with your own spiritual team and to offer intuitive readings.  I wasn’t intending to focus exclusively on signs and synchronicity, although it has turned into one of my favorite subjects.

I’m not quite sure why “A Clear Sign” rang my bell at first, or how it came to me as I played around with the various name ideas.  But synchronistically, a friend read one of my first blog posts and commented with the lyrics to a song by Rush called Freewill, which is major tenant of spirituality that I discuss often.  It’s interesting how the subconscious mind works, because I am not a fan of theirs in particular but the song lyrics did exactly hit the point:

There are those who think that life has nothing left to chance…

A planet of playthings

We dance on the strings of powers we cannot perceive

“The stars aren’t aligned or the gods are malign”

Blame is better to give than receive

You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice

You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill

I will choose a path that’s clear

I will choose freewill

The vision for the blog at present is to teach how to incorporate intuition and spirituality into your everyday life.  Spirit sends me lessons and discoveries during the week and I write about them on Thursdays so that “those with ears will hear and those with eyes will see.”  I often learn more than my readers do.  Sometimes the messages are for specific readers, sent through their spiritual teams.

Joy:  As mentioned above, you are an “empath, intuitive, and psychic medium”.  May you share with us a little about the meaning of each of these terms as they apply within your life?

Julie: As an empath, I feel what others are feeling.  That makes me a mediator as I can see where each party is coming from energetically and emotionally.  As an intuitive, I contact other people’s angels and spirit guides, ask questions,  and receive and deliver messages.  As a medium, I communicate with passed relatives and loved ones who are not acting in a spirit guide capacity.

Joy: You share great clarity in your message. May you share with us a bit about how you came to experience such clarity around your purpose and did you step right into it?

Julie: I did. It really was as simple as taking one intuitive development course, doing practice readings, and starting the blog.  It was like the light switch turning on – one day I wasn’t intuitive and after my attunement to the Universal Collective, I was.

I found out almost immediately that I get information through all of the “clairs” – meaning, if your guides communicate through clairaudience (hearing), I would hear them speak to me.  If it was claircognizantly, I would “just know” everything the guides were telling me to communicate.  And so on.  The more readings I did, the more I understood how it all worked and the puzzle pieces fell into place somewhat magically.  Then, I just went where I was led, knowing there was some kind of purpose behind it, whether I knew at the time what that was or not.  In retrospect it’s all quite clear.

Joy:  You are very knowledgeable in this field.  I wonder, does doubt rise and if so, what do you do to continue creating and connecting through that doubt?

Julie: No, it doesn’t.  I have seen enough miracles occur and have had enough immediate, specific answers to my questions that I KNOW my team is with me all of the time.  I might be having an off time and therefore I’m not hearing them for a while, but I don’t doubt their presence.  For instance just the other day during the chaotic holidays and I made that exact statement to them when I lost my contact lens at the sink,”I know it’s just me and I can’t hear you right now but I know you are there anyway.  Can you please help me find it?” and it flew out at me from the faucet.  Literally.  So you see, it’s quite practical, too!

Joy: May I ask you to give us an overview of what are spirit guides?  And, if one is interested in communicating with them without external resources, how might one do so?

Julie: Spirit Guides are human souls just like we are.  They are just not currently incarnated.  Before you were born they agreed to work with you on your spiritual development.  You have a team of them working with you all of the time, sending you guidance, answering questions, and working behind the scenes on your behalf.

They would be delighted if you started making an effort to communicate with them directly.  No third party or fancy anything is required.  You simply…talk to them.  The “trick” – if there is one – is how to listen for the answers, which is a very subtle business.  My opt-in to my email subscriptions at my website comes with a free chapter from my professional development course which deals with exactly this: “The Best Techniques For Communications With Your Spirit Guides.”  I would encourage anyone who wants to start communicating with their Spirit Guides or learning more about it to come visit me and pick up their copy.

That is is the main purpose of my site – to help people learn to connect with their own spiritual teams.

Joy: I am sure you are asked this quite a lot.  How does one know if one is communicating with spirit or if one is merely “hearing what they wish to hear”?

Julie: Oh yes, that is a favorite question!  The first thing is, don’t start asking when you’re in a crisis.  This is something you want to learn how to do when everything is copacetic, because it is a learned skill.  It is a complicated topic but the best thing I can tell you as a basic rule of thumb is, ask good questions.  Don’t ask for a “yes” or a “no.”  Intuitive answers, when actually heard,  fly by super fast.  I refer to them as “brief, brilliant, and gone.”  So a yes or a no wouldn’t even be heard, most likely.

Don’t necessarily expect the answer to come the very second after you pose the question.  Just ask your team what is best for you to know about the subject at this time and in your highest good (and the highest good of everyone else involved) and then be on the lookout for your answers to roll in…through songs, through something another person tells you, or through an unexpected fully-formed thought popping into your head. There are many ways.  If you develop your relationship with your own spiritual team, you will learn how they typically get messages through to you, or their “style.”

For a quick guide to pointers on how to know if you are just fooling yourself, refer to my article How To Tell The Difference Between Intuition And Your Imagination or Ego

Joy: May you share with us an experience you have had when you have connected with Spirit and followed your intuition even though it might not have made logical sense?

Julie: Yes, I do that all of the time.  My guides are great “finders of lost things.”  I was looking for something for weeks.  I stopped in my tracks and closed my eyes and asked them to send me a visual on where in the house to look for it.  I immediately got a visual of the top of a child’s bookcase, in the back and up on the top shelf.  Logically, this made no sense at all, since my kids were very young and far too short to reach up there to hide it on me.  But, I had already looked literally everywhere else so I hopped on up there and sure enough, I found it, exactly where they showed me it was.  I realized afterward that the two year old must have a very good arm.

(note from Joy: I *love* this answer.  As an empathic intuitive, I often feel something about my children and they are still so surprised when I “just know”.  They are learning to communicate well because “mom knows anyway” *grin*).

Joy: You are offering a “Psychic Sparks mentorship program“.  May you share with us a bit about your vision for this program? What might someone expect to learn from this mentorship program, and how might choosing to study with you enrich their current practices?

Julie: My goal with the website and with Psychic Sparks is to give you every conceivable tool that I know of, every “trick of the trade,” to put you in touch with your own spiritual team.  I do that because I was asked to do it by Spirit and I know that it will completely change the course of your life when you start looking at everything with “intuitive eyes.”  Everything is not as it seems.

The course itself can be taken by someone who just wants to connect with their team or by someone who actually wants to learn to do professional level intuitive readings for other people and/or incorporate more skills into their current healing or teaching/coaching practice.

Most courses focus on one skill set.  The course focuses on many.  It teaches you how,  without (necessarily) a pendulum or Tarot and oracle cards – although those are also fully explained in the course.  I know from working with many people that each of us has a different way that intuitive information comes in.  So if you take a course which is primarily clairaudient (hearing) based and you don’t get information that way, the course and your effort is a bust.  I bypassed all of this by getting very explicit about what intuition and spirit  looks and acts like, and the great variety of ways it can come on through to you.  There are three hours of calls with me included to answer all of the questions that come up and to guide you along and explain what’s happening, and also just to offer encouragement and have someone to talk to who actually understands what you’re experiencing.

Joy: Thank you so much for sharing!  In closing, is there anything you would like us to know about you, your vision, your message?

Julie: Thank you for having me here!  Anyone and everyone is intuitive.  The degree to which you consciously experience it, develop it, and make use of it in your life is truly completely up to you and your intention.  It is life changing.  Get to know your spiritual team.  Become aware of the signals being sent to you, all of the time.  If you have an interest in it, if it keeps “calling to you”, that is a direct urging that you are getting from them to pursue it – so, do!

Joy:  And, my last question for all interviews in 2013.  Please answer this question: If someone “really knew me”, they would know these two things about me:

Julie: I “tell it like it is.”  I laughed when I once had a reading before I became an intuitive and was told I was “100% aligned with Divine Truth.”  There is no doubt!

Joy:  Thank you, Julie, for sharing a bit of your wonderful spirit here.

And, dear reader, if the program resonates with you, please check it out…registration is open now.  It is important for you to know that I am not an affiliate, but Julie’s message and style resonate strongly with me.  If this interview prompts you to sign-up for Julie’s Psychic Sparks Mentorship Program, please email me your receipt and I will gift you a session of the “Gift of Presence: Musings at Sunset” 21-day self-guided study.

Thank you, Julie!  Thank you, dear reader!

Question for the readers:  If you may share in the comments below, how does your intuition come through?  If you are skilled at accessing your intuition, what one tip can you share with everyone to help them on their path?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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  1. Thank you so much for having me here!

    • Thank *you* Julie for sharing your energy and wisdom! N

      I do find it interesting that my goal through this site is to ignite conscious conversation..yet, upon publishing this article, there was a technical something disabling comments! I am glad that readers are now able to add their voices, because I am very interested in knowing how they respond to what you have shared!

  2. Yay! I wasn’t able to get the comment box to work last night.

    I mainly wanted to say that I enjoyed the interview — you are two of my favorite people!

    Thank you! :-)

  3. jean sampson said:

    Yea! You got it working, Joy!
    I love what you said about the guides, Julie. I took a spiritual class for a year and a lot of it was about getting in touch with guides and angels. Well, I was taking a shower one day after I had asked to meet some of both. I heard the name “Musterfus” in my mind. And I said “No, I don’t like that name that sounds like one of the names for the devil.” I tried to see if that couldn’t be wrong, but the name was persistent so I finally accepted it. Well, I asked what Musterfus was, guide or angel or whatever. I didn’t get an answer but something kept moving in the corner of my eye/mind (hard to explain). So, finally, after several weeks of what felt like a game of hide and seek, I discovered that Musterfus is a very playful and sweet Monk in a brown robe. I even drew a picture of him.
    So, next I asked to meet someone else, and said I wanted name, rank and serial number and I wanted to know right off the bat if they were a guide or an angel. I didn’t want any more games! :) So one morning, right before I woke up, a business card appeared in my mind, like on a movie screen. It had a picture of an angel on it and the name Ha-Nora. Well, when I woke up. I didn’t remember the business card, but about lunchtime, I remembered the business card with the angel on it but I couldn’t remember the name except that the end was-Nora. So I spoke out loud—–“Tra-Nora, La-Nora—–Ha-Nora!!! I remembered it! And I started laughing at the sense of humor of the angel named Ha-Nora!
    I seem to have a bunch of clowns for guides and angels. I am sure there are more that are just as silly and playful! :) Thanks, Joy, for introducing us to Julie!

  4. Wonderful interview! “Brief, brilliant and gone” is such a good way of describing intuitive guidance. When it’s just in our head, it tends to linger and turn into an obsessive thought. Whereas an intuitive hit is just that – it’s like a quick hit and then off it goes.

    • Lindsay, It’s true – I borrowed that phrase from a long time business colleague: “Be brief, be brilliant, and be GONE” (he was referring to client presentations but I always thought it applied well to Spirit, also).

  5. Jean, That is a great story. I do find that spirit guides have fantastic senses of humor – not all, but many. Occasionally I run into the extremely serious type but more often than not they have me laughing (sometimes at myself). I guess it’s true that when we communicate with beings who are “higher” on the vibrational scale, they have a perspective that we don’t…and they will jump through hoops to “get the message across.”

  6. Great interview, Julie! It’s nice to have the info on how you got started – I didn’t know some of that. As you know, my intuition comes through in colors and clairvoyance, among other things, and I do have quite a close relationship with one of my spirit guides. I wish I knew more about who some of the other ones were, though. The rest of them seem to keep to the background. But I’m sure they’re still doing their jobs back there! :)

  7. Jennifer, No doubt :) I find it hard to believe you would have any slackers. Let’s just assume that our guides are there to support us 100% of the time, no matter what. One of these days I can check your team out for you in detail if you’d like.

  8. Julie, I have been following and learning so much from Joy, I look foward to learning more about intitution from you. I am now following you on FB as well.
    Miss Joy thank you for doing this interview… I feel some new learning about to take place for me..

  9. Rosemary, Thank you for following me and I hope you enjoy it!

  10. Loved the interview, Julie and Joy. I am intuitive to an extent and enjoy it. I have a somewhat visual memory and when I close my eyes, recall with visuals – especially while finding lost things. Maybe it is my spirit guide, and I never thought of it that way.

    Hugs! Vidya

    • Hi Vidya! I suppose it doesn’t matter how we think of it, as long as it works. Clearly yours is working just fine :)

      • I love this conversation in the comments! I chose not to jump in, because Julie was so attentive and spot-on, there isn’t anything to “add”…except my gratitude to Julie for sharing, and for each person who shared a reflection, whether in writing here, via email, or energetically!

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