Surfing the Transformational Wave of Love


As I walked at ocean’s edge to view the sunset (this sunset), I experienced a moment I would like to share with you.

All week, my heart had been asking to walk under the moon and stars.  It had been fairly chilly (in the 40’s F) in the pre-dawn moon and stars period and fairly windy (around 40mph winds) in the twilight moon and stars period.  My mind said “not optimal“, so I did not honor this whisper.

But, it persisted.

Each evening, I walk at ocean’s edge to experience sunset.  Well, this evening, it was a bit chilly and windy, but I wished to honor my commitment to be present to sunset.

There was a moment during twilight in which sun was setting behind the islands, the colors reflected in the water; crescent moon was smiling down from above; stars were twinkling and I could begin to pick out various constellations; ocean waves were gently lapping the beach.  

It felt *magical*, powerful, potent.

I felt vulnerable yet comfortable.

I felt unworthy yet incredibly deserving.

I felt afraid and fearless.

I don’t know “how” to be in such a situation (would this be pure love?), but I feel if I breathe it all in, I am breathing in the essence of the universe…in those moments I am the essence…and in the moments that follow I am me, with essence.

I am sharing this with you, here in this space, because there are moments that mind says are “less than optimal” and we listen, because that affirms our doubts.  And feels “safe”.

But what if, in those moments that mind says “not possible”, we had a moment like this one to reflect upon…a moment where heart says “yes, please” and we vest presence where we are, with what we have, and we are rewarded with this (love, peace, joy, spirit)…that sometimes feels so elusive yet is right there, the moment we open our hearts to it.

I don’t share with you because I think I have it all figured out.  (I don’t…I keep coming back to the same answer…be love…but I don’t always know “how” to do that, especially in mainstream).

I share with you, because I feel that together, we encourage and inspire each other to continue creating and connecting as we move through World, exploring and experimenting with way.

My #sixwords from this past week.

surfing the transformational wave of love

trails of stardust in her footsteps

folded into warmth / wrapped in love

crescent moon smiles / while sun sets

vulnerability and trust / a potent combination

blowing a kiss / on the wind 

May I ask, where do you meet *Divine*? And, how does it feel when you meet?  When you share, we learn.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger.  Savor.  Relish. 

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  1. Joy, I always so amazed by your ability to push past physical limitations and the joy and sense of connection it often brings to you. I meet the divine when I let the conceptual mind drop away.

    • Thank you for your presence, Sandra!

      In places I used to push, I am learning to vest presence to observation and celebration, with the feel of a gentle stretch. When I can access that feel of abundance and allow it to be the current I create and connect from, infinite possibility becomes a reality, instead of a concept.

      May I ask, because I am curious, “how” do you let the conceptual mind drop away…is this through meditation, or what practices/methods do you use? Thank you!

  2. So beautiful, Joy. Yes, those sacred moments when we stand on the brink between terror and bliss, in awe, in fear, in wonder, are those that truly define life. I think traveling through that on the breath… breatheing in essence… your own, Spirit’s and the shared connections, was just perfect for you. Thank you for sharing your heart in such a special way… hugs!

    • Thank you for your presence, Kim. I am glad we have connected!

      I love the feel of this phrase “sacred moments”, for that invites integrity and expansion into the experience. May I ask, what methods or techniques do you use to cultivate this as you move on your path?

  3. Anne McCarroll said:

    Your words today struck a chord with me – reminding me and helping me digest a similar event that happened not long ago.

    I was at the shore (opposite coast to you) and it was late – 11 ish…and my two best friends and I made our way in the dark to the beach after a long drive.

    What I saw and felt created in me a tug and pull that I could hardly put to words, much less digest. The depth of the dark sky, filled with stars – and yet how clearly we could see the path by moonlight – how swallowed up I felt and yet how expansive as I looked at the trillions of stars! The ocean waves at the edge that I wanted to see and feel even though it was night – and how small I felt on that shore, surrounded by such vast expanse of sea and stars and moon, and yet – how it felt like I was at home, and it was all for me!!
    I love the ocean for this reason. The constant give an take of tide and weather and space. If those are feelings of love I should remember to apply in the daily to all then I have received a true gift and valuable lesson, indeed.

    I am glad your words helped me find my own.
    Thank you!

    Anne McCarroll

    • Thank you for your presence, Anne!

      I read your words when you posted them and the synchronicity gave me wonderful chills! (I was offline, but the affirmation stayed with me these past few days…thank you!).

      I love that you shared this moment with friends! And, I love your eloquent description of your experience. I can feel it and celebrate it through you!

      Thank you. Truly…for in your reflection, I can clearly feel *home*, connectedness, joy. And I do believe that is love!

      A huge hug to you!

  4. jean sampson said:

    Just beautiful, Joy! You ocean dwellers are making me want to be able to go walking on the beach at dawn and twilight! :) Every day!!

    I meet the Divine any time I write a poem (most of my poems are full of nature-inspired images). To me, writing and reading poetry, at least those poems that ARE full of images of the natural world, are as close to mystery and magic as I will ever get. When I am writing, and that includes all of the revision necessary to REALLY get a poem (at least for me), I am sort of possessed by something other than myself, or maybe I am joined with some magical being who has poetry flowing through her!
    It feels like alchemy to me, as though what I am trying to do is really impossible, and yet, this magical web of words and images is being created by my hand and, apparently, by by my mind. It is always a mystery to me how this happens and I am filled with love for the world and for the images and words that the world inspired.

    • Thank you, Jean, for your presence!

      I love the feel of this: “divine”…”mystery and magic”…”flowing through her”….Yes! You capture the essence of flow, through the process of opening your heart, your being, to full creative expression.

      “It feels like alchemy to me”…I fully agree….and I feel this whether I am in a coffee shop creating for my site, or in the hills playing with my camera, or on a boat dancing with Wind…experiencing love (of Life) is opening to divine alchemy! Yes! Thank you for your reflection, which opened the door to a deeper understanding for me! Thank you for sharing your joy and wonder!

  5. My divine is very simple, but for me, necessary and wonderful. It’s alone-ness. Anywhere. But a lot of days it’s the 45 minutes I allow myself to sit in a quiet room (know that there is nothing ‘quiet’ about my dwelling!).. I prop my feet up, close my eyes and let a flowing meditation take over. I let whatever comes just flow through, no stress, just watching it pass gently, maybe look at it a bit longer and flow to whatever comes next. This is refreshing and its my own time. THAT, for me, is divine.

    • Thank you for your presence, Gina.

      I love this: “my divine is very simple” for so often we tend to think to experience Divine must be “complicated” so sometimes we don’t vest presence….

      Yet, as you share in your reflection, it is as simple as taking the time to be present to refreshment, in ways of resonance with our essence.

      And, like Jean, you touch on this “flow to whatever comes next”…a wonderful affirmation of presence to unfolding…trust….

      Wonderful, thank you!

  6. Beautiful, Joy! Thank you for the reminder to push past the mind’s warnings but listen to our soul’s whispers instead. I love the contrasting feelings you had in your moment with the Divine, feeling undeserving and deserving all at once–the presence of both your human consciousness and your own divinity.

    I mostly experience the Divine when I meditate and journal to “converse” with it. When I feel love within me, those are Divine moments as well, as I have no resistance to my true nature, which is Love, which is the Divine.

    Thank you again for sharing your beautiful moment in the sunset.

    • Thank you for your presence, Dr Alice.

      I love this and will use it as an affirmation as I create and connect ‘push past the mind’s warnings but listen to our soul’s whispers’…a feel of comfort and ease.

      For many years, I resisted the practice of consistent meditation, because I *knew* I would meet Divine (Love) and I wasn’t able to open through vulnerability to receive it fully. When I began to meditate daily, as I am “imperfections and all”, my entire world expanded..and now I am collaborating with Love (my theme for 2013).

      I love the idea that you share of ‘conversing with Divine’ through meditation and journal writing…how powerful and empowering! Thank you for sharing!

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