28 Days of Love: A Current of Energy


Love is a current of energy.

This current is infinite.

The only boundaries that exist are the ones we place.

When we  understand this fully, we understand that we can tap into Love each moment that we wish to, regardless of external circumstances.  Meaning, Love is available each moment we choose to tap into it.

Love is a conscious choice.

Love is a practice of presence. 

As we practice embracing this choice, our presence amplifies the feel of abundance of Love.

Thus, if we feel we are not in a “state of Love” we may simply transform that feeling by vesting presence to love in this moment (we are then “in love”).

These concepts apply to the energy of Love in general, in connections and creative expressions.

My PS would be: love doesn’t hurt; sometimes fear re-directs our focus and we temporarily remove our presence from love.  To “fix that” we may simply choose love, again, this moment.

Maybe the ideas in this short message are familiar to you and you practice them; maybe they are unfamiliar and you are processing the feel.  May you share, what is your experience with Love as an energy? When you share, we learn.

And, the simplicity and wisdom of this message by Luc Watelet “In Order to Love” resonates quite strongly with me.  I felt myself nodding in affirmation as I read and absorbed the meaning.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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  1. I love this message, Joy! I feel I have been cut off from the “energy” of love for most of my life. I’ve been able to fully connect with the energy of love when I’ve done loving-kindness retreats. It felt open, spacious, and warm. This 28-day journey is an incredibly helpful reminder to connect with the energy of love each and every day!

    • Sandra,

      This 28 series has been a stretch for me personally. I love to write, yet the technique I use for my site is to reach deep within and share from experience. When I reached my vulnerable spot last week, I couldn’t turn away because I was committed to this series, I had to continue to create and connect through it. That was only possible by consciously vesting presence to love and trusting where it would lead me.

      I love this “it felt open, spacious, and warm”…if the thought of love scares us, we can tap into the feel of love, such as you describe. So, when I felt “cut off from Love”, I tapped into the feel of what my being wanted; as I explored that feeling, conditioning dissolved.

      Thank you for your presence in this series–I find it fun to see whom it resonates with, and what type of energies it is drawing in. Love to you!

  2. This is very similar to how I view love. Rather than seeing it as a current, however, I see it as an invisible energy field that surrounds us all the time. Love is in every drop of water, every breath of air, and every piece of food we consume. It’s in the sunlight, and in the Earth itself. Love exists everywhere, all the time. We are constantly bathed in it and permeated by it.

    Our hearts act as a kind of “safety valve” that we can open or close at will. When we are feeling fearful, sometimes we close this valve, which makes us feel separated and distant from others, from the Divine, or even from life itself.

    From this perspective, we don’t really tap into this energy, but rather just allow ourselves to open up to it. To me, this feels like a more gentle, peaceful process. When we open our hearts, love can rush in and flush out the fear that caused us to close up in the first place.

    • Thank you for sharing your perspective, Jay. I am sure many can identify with this reflection you chose to share.

      If a person can see Love in every thing, and is in resonance with love, life becomes a living namaste…a celebration of love. If a person can see Love in every thing and is not in resonance with love, all that one sees may then amplify fear. I think often depression and rage are caused when one feels bathed in Love, yet not resonant with it.

      When we think of it as an energy that we may choose, we may then co-create with it from an empowered, centered space; as a choice.

      Yes, to opening hearts and to exploring with peace! Thank you for stopping in to share in this space!

  3. jean sampson said:

    You are so right, Joy. I find that if I turn my attention to love, i find it in many people, situations. If I get into my “worry” mode, I tend to shut myself off from the consciousness of love. But love is in everything, as Jay said, and I am being bathed in it even if I am not aware of it. When I stop worrying or being afraid, and decide to focus on love instead, then my heart opens up and I become conscious of how much love is present.

    • Thank you, Jean, for sharing this affirmation “When I…decide to focus on love, my heart opens up and I become conscious of how much love is present”. Very empowering! *Love* it!

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