28 Days of Love: A Tribute

I would like to keep this simple here, because I am going to send you off to read an article on my previous site “Unfolding Your Path to Joy”.

From Friday evening through this moment, each hour has been jam-packed with activity and connection.  I knew I wouldn’t have much time online, yet I wanted to honor my commitment to this series.

I don’t write ahead, so I find it interesting that yesterday I referenced “unfolding” and today I am prompted to share an article on my “unfolding” site with you.

The concept of unfolding has been huge in my life, something I center into as I move through world.

This, then, is an invitation to allow love to unfold, naturally, in your life.

In this article, I write about Ginger–a pup whom I loved with my entire being–and her owner–a person who changed my life, and planted the seeds that have blossomed into now.  As you read the article may you know that I am currently physically healthy and no longer living on the boat and may you turn the reflection inward and think about the moments you have opened your heart through vulnerability to share love in ways that moved you far beyond what you thought possible.

Fearless Fun Friday: Say Hey I Love You. 

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.


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  1. “The past, not when the imagination takes
    pleasure over it but at the moment when some meeting calls it
    up before us in its purity, is time colored with eternity. The
    feeling of reality in it is pure. There we have pure joy. There we
    have beauty. Proust.”
    ~ Simone Weil

    Forgive me for the many Weil quotes. I finished Gravity and Grace just the other day. I find that to try and assimilate her genius one needs to read one paragraph as many as ten times just to get the essence without obtaining the depth. I suppose my throwing her words about is with the intent of discerning if my comprehension is correct enough? An attempt to bridge her genius with our world…our ‘creature’ being…and…Simone’s ‘bridge’ to God.

    ‘And so it is…

    Thank you Joy for the beautiful link back to 2010!

    The intent of your ‘Wise Friend’ must have been quite real and honorable since you have provided us with link to the past.

    The past… questions arise always as well as the joy reflected….Did I make this decision right? What other choices? Where would I be today? (the imagination)

    What *attention* would have been needed for both ‘Wise Friend’ and yourself? (the imagination)

    The lost of one that we love is ‘death’ whether from actual loss of life or from a broken relationship. Sure, with a broken relationship there may be contact still (this could be worse).

    I have had love ones die of cancer while being at the bedside holding their hand.
    I have had love ones die shockingly and instantly from a number of different causes.
    I have had a love one break our deep relationship of many years creating a path of a very slow death.

    No matter what love comes our way, both *intention* and *attention* come to the forefront regards commitment and preserving.
    No matter what love comes our way, one has to be prepared to lose this love, or to give this love up, despite being committed to this love.

    ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.’
    ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

    What do we take from the past? What do we make for the present? What do we prepare for the future?

    It really was a beautiful and loving gift of Ginger that was given to you and the children despite the ending…

    Love will lead to even more love. All we have to do is make room for it :)

    I would say just about anyone that would read *Fearless Fun Friday* would want to have been there shaking it up to the beat…know doubt Ginger shook her bootee riotous…


    ‘You Ain’t Nothing But A Hound Dog!’



    • Thank you, Rand.

      My wise friend is a soul-mate whom I have probably known for lifetimes and will know for many more. When he is present, that is my invitation to center into inner work and realize my own dreams as readily as I do others, and to remember to play as I build.

      I feel my reflection is more of an affirmation–I can look back and see yes, I follow my heart whispers, and it doesn’t make sense *at all* when I am in it, but in hindsight each step truly does lead to the next. I find myself currently in this land of unfamiliar, opening my heart, so this reflection is probably a reminder to step in faith, because it will “work out”. And, I almost died but I didn’t so it “has to be for something”…even if I don’t yet know “what”.

      I think I have only said “I love you” directly a very few times…Ginger opened the door, we sang it to the moon and danced and played…and for that I am grateful beyond what I can express. All of this now, is with *that* gratitude.

  2. jean sampson said:

    OMG, Joy, as I get to know you better and better, I am astonished at who you are! Dear little Ginger! She was an angel for you when you needed an angel. I am so glad she was a big part of your healing. And, yes, I did cry because of the bite and the loss—-but your heart remained open. And who knows that all of those tears you cried were tears for all of the other losses in your life which you might not have cried for but which needed your tears anyway. I wonder if all of that was not a huge part of your healing, both physical and spiritual—-and psychological healing, too. Tears are SO healing and it is so hard for most of us to cry. Bless Ginger and your friend and your children and YOU! I am so glad you recovered and gained a HUGE open heart in the process. I love you!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Jean!

      We loved Ginger, collectively, but it was her placement that opened my heart. My friend knew what I could and would accept in that most vulnerable time, and that was (is) priceless. I wouldn’t have “allowed” anyone to assist me, so to have Ginger there was the opening to “check-in”…very wise indeed!

      I had many many tears before Ginger…I believe tears are barriers around our heart space that dissolve when touched, released in the form of tears. I have always been one to laugh and cry readily…both symbolize my faith and willingness to love and create and connect from depth.

      Yes, all of that was a huge part of my healing, and has blossomed into all of this *now*. For that I am grateful beyond words.

      I love you…and one day we will dance and play and paint together!

  3. As I wipe the tears off from reading the post about Ginger and as I smile as I listen to that foot tapping song, all I can say is I love you, Joy. And can’t wait to hug you for real. Hugs!

    • I hope they are “happy tears”, Vidya…because truly loving Ginger opened a door, long-bolted shut, to my heart…and that opening led to all of this *now*. The most precious part of that experience was the perfect-placement of Ginger by my friend–who knew I wouldn’t “allow” anyway into such a vulnerable space, so gifted me with love in a way I could, and would receive. So often, people “force love”, he allowed it to unfold, even though he must have been afraid (as were most people in my life) of how my illness might progress. Because of Ginger, I walked under the stars (she had to have potty breaks) and I opened the hatch to fresh air, and I slept peacefully.

      The greatest gift a person can give is the gift of love that fits the receiver so perfectly well. My heart is full of gratitude.

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