28 Days of Love: Celebrate


The energy of Full Moon felt quite intense today.

Heart whispers arose–unexpectedly, in the midst of a perfectly “ordinary day”.

Are you smiling, because you know *that* is exactly how love works….right when you are minding your own business…wham, it comes from left field and whops ya’ with something new and exciting..and you become so caught up in flow that you enthusiastically vest presence to it, open to creating and connecting….

And, you forget to be afraid….you put your “to-do” list on hold….you jump right in, feet-first, full of faith and gratitude….

Swimming in this current of love…

Celebrating life and love and infinite possibility…the feel of abundance, regardless of external….

Yep, one of *those kind of days*!

I spent the day issuing invitations to my peers for a new collaborative project that I am so excited to share with you! (I will share details soon.) I prepped the structure and the pages on my site.  I planted seeds.  And, I did it all in one day so that I might leave them right here, in this day, give them room to root, sprout, and blossom while  I vest presence to my current commitments.  (To be clear, I mean the heart whispers, not my peers *grin*…though some of them might wish for room and space and probably don’t use the word *blossom*.)

For, that is what I do with my heart whispers…give them ample space and time to breathe, circulate, and return my reality.

How about you?  Did Full Moon nudge you to share your heart whispers?  What are you celebrating today? 

Here are my recent #sixword phrases:

birdsong as sun rises – glorious beginning

patiently waiting as dreams slowly unfold

conduit of love / curator of message

The complimentary energetic circle for March is open now through March 7th.  Please follow the link for more information, or to register to add your intention.  (Please note, if you are currently in the February circle, you will receive a separate link to add your intention.)

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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  1. Sowing seeds and letting them grow… what a gentle reminder. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words Joy! :)

  2. I see we are on the same page on the same day – just posted Celebrate You and your gift
    Love it. Wish I could see the moon here the rain keeps coming down :)

    • I love to be “on the same page” as you, Suzie–what a lovely affirmation, thank you! Even when we can’t see Moon, it’s there…I am sending you a huge energetic hug full of the magic of the moonbeams…and lots of love and refreshment!

  3. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy, I had an amazing day today! And yes, that old moon was just beaming into my window last night and the night before. I love that the moon is ALWAYS there, has ALWAYS been there, no matter where I am or what I am doing, that old moon is right the shining into my window. I LOVE that old moon! And, in the last several days, I have had the experience of my heart expanding, opening up to love, more and more! Thanks for your part in it, Joy!

    • Your energy lifts right off the page, enlivening all whom read your words, Jean. What a gift! I love how your heart expansion followed the natural cycle of Moon, expanding as Moon grew to Full. I Love Moon, too…thank you for amplifying the magic!

  4. I am celebrating the day of rest after the two previous days of taking down, packing up and loading out of a major opera.

    ‘Opera is Heavy’…(the stage set, drops, lighting, and props).

    I do enjoy the physical part. Being an contributing and appreciated *facet* among my brothers and sisters in the theater is also reason to *celebrate*…and there is earning a living.

    Today I am also *celebrating respectfully* that my poem produced the words “beautiful heart-felt” from you Joy. I will savior your response. It does truly feel wonderful when something produced deep within can move another to use the word *beautiful*…Thank you Joy.

    Your #six word phrases are also *beautiful heart-felt*…yes…I managed to leave them untainted :)

    The words did remind me that I forgot to mention that the bird John Muir was describing was ‘The Water Ouzel’.
    Yes, this paragraph out of Muir’s chapter devoted to the Ouzel does read like a “poem”. I think that many people know of John Muir’s place as a naturalist and a paramount figure that worked to preserve our wilderness. But many do not realize what a beautiful poetic writer he was…oh yes…and an inventor too!

    By using the Muir quote I sought to illustrate how by observing nature our own ‘creature’ commitment necessities may not seem so daunting and restrictive..

    Thank you Joy for supportive *commitment*… to us… your *shiny facets*.

    Thank you for your beautiful heart…

    • Celebrating a day of rest is something your entire being will thank you for, Rand. And, thank you for leaving my heart whispers untainted!

  5. …ha…ha…ha…ha!

    At the end of a day of work ya gave me a good chuckle :)


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