28 Days of Love: Commitment


I participate in a group meditation forum on Facebook.  One thing that I *love* about this group is that when we feel like meditating with someone, we simply issue an invitation within the group, with a status update.  I love the idea of energetically meditating with someone on the other side of the world…in those moments I feel a global presence.

Yesterday, I accepted a spontaneous invitation to meditate and my friend answered “you are so committed”.


I practice presence to unfolding.  I have been called many things, and rarely is that word “committed”.

The mere mention of the word distracts me from vesting presence.

Clearly a reaction to fear; not a creation with love.  So I breathed into it and observed the feel.

Surface: commitment feels like an obligation.

Breathe into it.  Where in my life am I committed to vest full presence to be love, no expectations, no conditions, and it feels like a joy, not an obligation or a chore?  Mothering my children.  Honoring peace as I move through World.  Practicing presence, with purpose. Inner work. Centering into love and gratitude as my foundation. Self-love.

With each answer, my heart space expands beyond what my mind originally associated with the label.

Core: fear.  along the lines of if I say I am “committed” someone can judge whether I have succeeded or failed.  the fear of “not enough” arises.

Breathe into it. When I observe the above “commitments” my entire being relaxes, for as I vest presence to (and with) Love, I am inviting Source into the connection, creation, expression, and living infinite possibility.

The process of clarity is one that many avoid.  We are often “afraid” of what we might find, if we shine awareness upon it.  However, as you have experienced through my process in this example, clarity is as simple as breathing into the space, vesting presence to the space, and opening through doubt and fear to experience the fullness of the moment.

The action of breathing is enlivening. 

Simply observing the feeling, the reaction, and adding awareness to it, transforms the response to a moment of creation. In such a way, then, commitment has evolved from a fear-based reaction to a conscious choice of creation.  An affirmation of heart truth. Something one wishes to vest presence to.

I feel that Molly reflects it so well in this passage from “A Collaboration in Wishin’ and Hopin‘  “:

“So maybe I am ready, maybe I’m not. The world is ready though. It’s ready for healing touch, for hopeful romance, for compassionate power, for soulful sex, for peaceful love, for joyful expression, and for passionate play. And I must meet it. Why? I am here. The world is not just ready for me, the world needs me to live my wildest dreams. If only as a reminder that it is possible. Anything we dream is possible. 

May you share, how does the word commitment feel to you?  Do you have practices that invite presence to commitment?  When you share, we learn. 

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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  1. I like the feeling of commitment. I like how, when I do commit to whatever it may be–a friendship, work, a hobby–it lends a weight to the experience. It makes it worth investing in and it makes the memories so much sweeter. As always, Joy, you make me think and I love that!

    • Thank you, Talon, for this reflection! “I like the feeling of commitment” really stands out to me. As I read your words, I realize how much I love the feel of commitment to a process, to my beliefs and values, yet had surrounded myself with people who do not. Wow. No wonder I felt the imbalance. I realize I was associating commitment with “routine”, two completely different energies.

      Your reflection is such a beautiful affirmation. Thank *you*!

  2. “He is the mountain stream’s own darling, the hummingbird of waters, loving rocky ripple slopes and sheets of foam as a bee loves flowers, as a lark loves sunshine and meadows. Among all mountain birds, none has cheered me so much in my lonely wanderings — none so unfailingly. For both in winter and summer he sings, sweetly, cheerily, independent alike of sunshine and of love, requiring no other inspiration than the stream on which he dwells. While water sings, so must he, in heat or cold, calm or storm, ever attuning his voice in sure accord; low in the drought of summer and the drought of winter, but never silent.”

    ~ John Muir

  3. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy! I surely do understand your fear that surrounds the word “commitment” ——it implies to me that I am trapped (one of my biggest fears) by something or someone forever. It was one of the reasons I never had children —–just couldn’t see being responsible for another little being 24/7 for, probably the rest of my life, even if they were out on their own with their own responsibilities! I knew that, had I had children, I would have been TOTALLY committed to them and their well-being which meant that art and poetry always had to come after their needs were met. I think I did make the right decision, but I wonder how it would have really been and if I could have done it all and not been resentful. I was also not a very confident or healthy person. I had a lot of work to do on me and by the time I got that done, I was an old lady :) I am committed to my husband, to my health on every level, to my friends and the art center and to the people there. And, yes, I am committed to my own definition of flow and to learning to trust life. I greatly admire people who are committed to helping. other people and animals who cannot help themselves and need our intervention. I watched a film today about slavery in our present day world, a TED talk by a woman who is clearly committed to ending this horror. It, along with another film I watched last week about the horrible death of birds on Midway Island because of our human plastic waste, will haunt me until I can find a way to be committed to helping both of those situations. Those films have changed my life, and I am not sure right now how that is going to look. But the world looks different to me now.

    • Thank you, Jean, for this wonderful reflection—so many different layers and depth!

      I only just now discovered as I replied to Talon that I associated commitment with routine–completely different energies. I do have a daily “list” of centering practices, yet I do them at different times, instead of a strict schedule.

      I understand your logic about your decision to not have children. In my experience, with my own little family, having children changed my entire life, because it was the catalyst of change for me. I wanted completely different for them from that which I had, and I knew in order to share it with them I would have to learn and practice, first, and reflect it to them. Sometimes I am barely one step ahead with that practice *grin*. My children are both much more organized and structured than I am, and I love that about them!

      As you share your commitments, I find myself smiling from ear to ear…it feels as though you are committed to live, to living fully and connecting and creating just as fully. Your energy and love and joy enlivens and enriches, even just reading the words feels magnificent.

      I can imagine that the videos did touch you, and I am glad you are open to receiving the messages and allowing them to manifest as they will; instead of reacting, you are choosing to create…a wonderful energy to share with World.

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