28 Days of Love: Connection


Love is our connection to everything & nothing…

we are intimate with all…one-ness is what You are. – Kara Rane 

A few days ago, I stepped into a space of vulnerability with this 28-day commitment of love.

I have no idea “how” it will work–the logistics of writing daily, in the midst of everything else that I do.

I do know that when I step in faith, when I trust fully in flow,  Source meets me where I step and affirms my direction with Signs and amplifies abundance in ways beyond what I can fathom.

If that sounds woo-woo, it is truly how I speak and practice.

Quite simply, when we step in faith, we are met with Love. 

Sidenote: Tara Lemieux shares a powerful affirmation here: A Little Something on Faith.

So, I pushed publish, and I wondered would anyone even read these messages…and where would I be led…and I continued creating…

I received a notification that there was a comment on my site; my heart leapt with joy, wonder, gratitude…because it was Kara–someone whom I resonate with strongly—her paintings remind me to stretch and play and love and show up fully present to possibility as I embody Joy.

The symbolic energy of her presence feels like Universe way of affirming that this is the absolute correct path and to keep stepping in faith and delightful surprise shall be perfectly placed.

I cannot create a Love story, I can only vest presence to Love and allow the story to evolve as my heart opens through vulnerability to the wonder of this exploration.  

As you receive this reflection, may you consider has there been a time in your life where your heart said ‘oh, yes please’ and your mind say,’nope not possible’…but you choose to step anyway..to create and/or connect…and were met with an affirmation from Universe?  I would love for you to share your experience in the comment section.

I appreciate your presence with me on this journey.  Your presence inspires me to continue to stretch into this space.  Thank you!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor.  Relish.

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Comments on: "28 Days of Love: Connection" (4)

  1. this…this right here is one of my affirmations from the universe that i should keep on keeping on with my heart’s desire. each day when i open my email and there are these messages that are encouraging to me because you are showing up. i say to myself, julie, you are not alone and i love that i feel more inspired because someone else is doing it too. as you know i am intending that my art get out there…to, well, er, EVERYONE!!! i am stepping into unknown waters with things like pinterest, promoting my wesite on facebook, getting out into the world and knocking on doors to see if there is interest in my work and most recently, like this morning, deciding that i should write a blog even though i have no idea how to do that. others have come before me and now it’s my turn to step deeper into the unknown waters, even if there is doubt and noise coming from my insides. ~*~

    • Thank you, Julie, for you sharing…I celebrate your willingness to share so openly!

      Yes! Please “keep on keeping on with your heart’s desire.”.

      You are not alone…sometimes when we consider a new space, we feel we are alone, but there is lots of energy around heart whispers, lots of presence for you to tap into and create and connect with!

      Sometimes we think we feel fear, because our stomach is churning, our breath is short, but when we check in, what we are feeling is passion and excitement and joy…the *fun* of creating, of stretching into new and different spaces as we honor full creative expression…what we feel is not “paralyzing” it is inspiring. I wonder if this might be true for you in this current flurry of new activity?

      I am so excited for you…please keep us posted on the events unfolding in your life!

  2. jean sampson said:

    I am laughing, Joy, because my mind most always says, “That is too hard” or “That is too scary,” but many times, I just do whatever work I need to do to lessen the fear so I can go on and do “it” anyway. But it is not always something I can do without doing inner work first. BUT the next time I confront fear or lack of self-confidence, it IS a little easier!

    • Oh, Jean, I love that you are *laughing*…I love when my escapades inspire laughter *grin*…

      I am so glad you mentioned the importance of inner work…I am able to venture as I do because I have practices in place that inspire whole-body wellness and movement…I learned the “hard way” by jumping, then picking up the pieces as I celebrated the jump *grin*…

      This is why I share so many complimentary resources with themes of considering Source and centering into it, how to move through doubt, cultivating peace…because there are so many different experiences, and when we share openly–as you do, and Julie just did–our stories might encourage and inspire another…a beautiful cycle of love!

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