28 Days of Love: Grace


At the core of vulnerability is grace.

Grace is a beautiful slow dance with flow.

We might reason, then, that unfolding into the space of vulnerability is, in essence, becoming flow.

I have been told numerous times that it must be “easy” for me to love, because my life is arranged to be resonant with it.

My path has been one in which I embrace the journey of connecting through and creating with Love, because it is my essence.

I share as I do now, principles of presence with Love and Gratitude, because I have been “there”…in chaos and abuse, places others consider dark, without a voice or the confidence to speak…experiences that sometimes temporarily zapped my spirit yet were ultimately opportunities for me to become who I am today. 

I have been “there”…thinking I was a mistake who was making mistakes…and I am now here…fully present to the abundance in the moment.

I could see (and be) the Light in each experience, because it is innate.

Love is perfection.

I will share with you one example from my life, in the hopes this illuminates for you the power of Love and inspires you in some way.

This morning, I was enjoying an absolutely wonderful morning full of soul connection and celebration, creative expression, refreshment, joy.  One of those “in flow” mornings. My spirits soaring.

Then, I wrote something which reminded me that today is Super Bowl Sunday. I internally froze.

Super Bowl Sunday, decades ago, was the day I lost my virginity to stranger rape.  For many years I wished that day away.  I wished I didn’t exist.  I wished it didn’t happen.  I wished I was ugly so as not to attract attention.  I wished I was so small no one could see me.  It happened at night, in the darkness, and I had loved darkness…I wished I wouldn’t be afraid of the dark.  I wished I would always be surrounded by larger than life, protective men because obviously my gentle spirit and strength didn’t do much to protect me.  And, I wished that God had seen me, because obviously in that moment, God must have blinked.

I wished it away.  But it was a part of me. 

Fast forward a few years, and I became an advocate with the domestic violence and rape crisis center.  I worked on the hotline. Women spoke with me, because I understood.  I had been there.

A few years later, I taught anger management classes.  Women spoke with me, because I understood.

A few years later, I chose to become a mother.  I chose to share with my children practices of presence, peace, trust in flow, and infinite possibility.

A few years later, I curated three collaborative (and complimentary) eBooks: Cultivating Your Voice, Pearls of Peace, and A Power Prism: Reflections of Source. The combined potential reach of these books is well over a combined total of 300,000 subscribers. (The books are all available for you to download by clicking the eBook link.)

On this site, I have interviewed:  Tara Sophia Mohr: Playing Big, Evita Ochel: Consciousness Expansion and Heart-Centered Living, Janice Lynne Lundy: Cultivating a Heart of Compassion,  Kimberly Riggins:  Love Your Naked A**.  Women who share a message of empowerment, conscious creation, and love; whom inspire thousands of others to perhaps experiment with practices that invite whole-body wellness and a celebration of life.

(I am in no way excluding the others I have interviewed–this is an example of the body of work that relates to this message.)

And, currently, I share my skills and experience through online programs and offline retreats to encourage others to explore presence with gratitude and love.  People identify with me, because I have been there.

The day I wished away boldly blossomed into today and, for that, my heart overflows with love and gratitude.  

There are no mistakes.  Love is perfection.

I had the privilege and honor of hearing Nick Vujicic speak, and of meeting and hugging him in person.  I listen to his message and I hear beyond the words and I feel he is Living Grace.

May you please take the time to view this video (if you cannot view it in this space, here is the link: The Butterfly Circus.

Thank you for your presence to this collaboration with Love.

Please leave your response in the comments below (or you may email me). When you share, we learn.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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Comments on: "28 Days of Love: Grace" (4)

  1. jean sampson said:

    Joy, thank you for this beautiful post and that incredible film! I had to get out the tissues early this morning! I have always loved and admired Nick—–who wouldn’t? And, yes, he seems to be grace personified. I am so happy for you that you got to hear and hug him. And he, first of all, really does love himself and can give so much love to everyone around him. He doesn’t need arms and legs—–he has wings!

    • Oh, Jean, Nick surely does have wings! Each time I hear his message (which is *always* perfectly placed) I am moved…it’s like love, gratitude, forgiveness, faith (GRACE!) in abundance in the moment…and its in *all of us* as well.

      Love is perfection…my we allow it to be so, and celebrate it in each moment!

      Love to you!

  2. Beautiful what you have done for people and especially for women. A life full of grace. Thank you!
    <3 Jodi

    • Thank you, Jodi, for your presence and your kind words.

      We each have a moment “we wish away”; perhaps this reflection offers a different perspective that when turned inward will ultimately result in peace and presence to purpose.

      Thank *you* for the work that you do, providing a forum that encourages conversation about this very topic!

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