28 Days of Love: Heart Whispers

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 Yesterday’s wish was fun; seems as though romance resonates with many!

Now that I’m in the energetic space of romance and heart whispers, I will share with you my recent Twitter #sixword phrases.  Heart whispers tend to surface consistently and joyfully during my evening sunset walks at ocean’s edge, although laughter is a wonderful inspiration as well.

As you read through, may you allow your being to absorb the feel of each phrase.  And I wonder, which speaks loudest to you?  Would you like to share your own #sixword whisper in the comment section (I would love that!)

sunset amplifies beauty/ igniting heart smiles.

thoughts of love / actions of gratitude

mischievous smile / stardust trails / divine exploration

heart whispers wrapped in radiant moonbeams

celebrating spaciousness / love is readily apparent

his eyes convey what words cannot

ask numerous questions / live infinite possibility

heart whispers infused with love / soaring

you are infinite possibility on Earth

heart whispers surfing moonbeams to fruition

love and gratitude amplify faith’s movement

the moment when fear amplifies courage

heart whispers blossom in sunsets kiss

unfolding into morning, with abundant love 

exquisite unfolding from then to now 

Thank you for choosing to walk these few energetic steps with me! The last few days of this series carried me right to a most vulnerable space, a depth I hadn’t expected (sometimes love does that–carries one to unexpected places!).  I love to gently stretch into such spaces–to invite my being to stay there a bit I keep it very light, allowing ample time and space to celebrate, instead of merely pushing through the exploration.  This essay is my light-filled way of vesting presence through vulnerability.  You may apply this concept of energetic movement to any connection, creation, space in your life.

I am excited to receive *your* sixword phrase and reflection in the comments!

When in a vulnerable space, it’s fun to play together–keeps Mind occupied, while Heart continues to open!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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Comments on: "28 Days of Love: Heart Whispers" (12)

  1. Joy, I love your six word phrases. You know me – why say in six words what you can say in sixty? :)

    But if I had to say something reflective in six words it would be…hmmm….

    –joy is felt, but better expressed–

    • I didn’t realize it when I posed the question, but I asked us all to create together–how fun!

      Thank you, Talon, your sixty words wow me each week; your talent is beyond amazing…your six words are beautiful!

  2. jean sampson said:

    Oh, Joy, this is a lot like haiku, which I love! So, here goes:

    The moon hears your heart whispers.

    You will always, forever be love.

    Kindness and compassion express your love.

    Clouds can change, so can you! :)

    On that note, I think I will end! :)

    Tears are healing, laughter is, too.

  3. I love all of your six word whispers – such a beautiful idea. Here’s mine!
    “Abundantly love fills my open heart.”

    • Carolyn, your six words feel so expansive…like the most beautiful sunrise, and invitation to open and share…thank you, I *love* it!

  4. my heart whispers change my being
    living with love opens one’s joy
    giving and receiving allows for love
    love opens my heart to shine

    this is a fun idea thanks

    • How fun, Suzie..and how true each of your phrases are…especially this: “my heart whispers change my being”…absolutely! May we celebrate as we play (didn’t even mean that to be six words *grin*).

  5. My presence is but an eclipse.

    My soul breathes captivated eternal light.

    My love will traverse space and time.


  6. love love: the moment when fear amplifies courage

    and mine, as inspired by this above & this below, today…

    sparks fly under cloudy winter skies

    stark sudden openings awaken new life

    spring suddenly has new meaning entirely

    beautiful mistakes make for happy endings

    wonderful words cannot capture true feeling

    some small spark lights a blaze

    love shines loud when we listen

    freedom is here, love comes in…

    sparkling shimmering sunlight glimmers and glows

    moons cry out – let go. love.

    summer whispers in my heart, soon…

    shadows fade fast when sunlight approaches

    stand up and sing for love

    share this taste, sing this song

    • Wow, Molly, a few favorites jumped out at me, not that I am judging your phrases at all, but these say “oh, yes please” to me:

      “shadows fade fast when sunlight approaches” / “beautiful mistakes make for happy endings” “moon cries out – let go. love”.

      What I think/feel (would love) is if you took these phrases that you have shared and paired them with a photo you would have notecards/an eBook/ a slideshow…a tangible something that will inspire others to open to and explore love (just an idea). Thank you for joining in the #sixword play!

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