28 Days of Love: Infinite Possibility

I originally titled this article “Triple Dog Dare –  I Did It!”.

Clients and friends ask me “how does one live infinite possibility?”

This day is an example of “how to live infinite possibility”.

Yesterday, I shared my Valentines Wish.  It did not “come true”; yet what I experienced was far beyond what I could ask for!

I had the prompt yesterday to go to my favorite bakery/cafe because “something life-changing” would happen.  I heard loud and clear “life-changing”.

Ok, I’m *in*.

As I was writing about love and wishes, I thought about creating a simple eBook of affirmations of presence.  I thought I would create this book as a Valentines for my subscribers and friends and to sell here through this site.

I sat there for the entire day, creating.  I loved the feel of sharing a surprise, right after I had written about allowing yourself to be surprised.  The end result is this eBook “A Celebration of Your Presence“.

I wrote individual emails sharing this gift; it took hours, but it was fun, especially because I knew no one would “expect it” from me.  I typically don’t celebrate calendar holidays, so those around me don’t expect “special” acknowledgement on those days.

I was giggling like a school-girl.

I had a triple-dog-dare for myself today, to celebrate this day of love.  I triple-dog-dared my self to participate in the local flash mob for One Billion Rising.    I was hesitant because I only had two days to learn the choreographed dance, this city is quite small so a flash mob is very unexpected and would definitely stand out, and I didn’t know anyone personally who would be attending.

The one constant about me is that when I triple-dog-dare myself I will do it.

To prepare myself energetically for this dare, I told myself to do something else I had always wanted to do.  A series of three things.  I launched my eBook. I wrote a review for “God Whispers on the Wind” by Dave Ursillo, one of my all-time favorite books that truly inspires me to stretch outside of my comfort zone as I continue creating and connecting from my heart truth.  I designed and priced personal affirmation note cards to sell through this site and at my conferences and speaking engagements.


And, then, with a heart full of love and gratitude, I did it.  I joined in the One Billion Rising flash mob.  You can barely see me at the 5 second mark, toward the right corner, back by the van.

Here is the link, in case you are unable to view it in this space: One Billion Rising Flash Mob.

I was scared.  Oh so scared.  And thrilled.  

I have been in a candlelight vigil ceremony as the “victim” of abuse.

I have spent decades healing and learning presence and centering, then gathering courage to share my message in the hopes of inspiring others to know, listen to, and express their voice, through connection and creative expression and to celebrate the gift of this moment (from my experience, if you have a voice, honor creative expression, and are delighted to be alive, you won’t tolerate a ‘victim situation’. Love won’t allow it.)

While I had spent time volunteering with the rape crisis center (on the hotline and in the shelter) and also teaching anger management classes, I hadn’t really ever been “on the other side” of it…in a group of supporters…so when I heard “break the chains” and I felt the warm sunshine and the energy of the entire group…when bystanders clapped and cheered and threw flower petals…

All I could feel was overwhelming gratitude.  

I began the day sharing love and gratitude in the way I know best (through an eBook of affirmation) and then I physically celebrated the gift of presence.  I know with certainty that spending the day editing this affirmation book (full of photos of my favorite spaces and my heart whispers affirming presence) filled me with a sense of empowerment and possibility. 

All of this requires that I open my heart to be love in the moment, as I am. As the group dispersed, I sent a silent thank-you for every moment I have experienced and will experience in the future.  For the gift of being me.  For the gift of being surrounded by love.  For the courage and the faith, the moxie and the spunk that allows me to live this dream–of mothering my children, working through Facets, and sharing my gifts in ways that leave me feeling so lucky to be alive and present.

(There were a few days after I was raped, a few days after I had been beaten, that I felt completely broken and the pain was so intense, but love heals.  I promise.  Love heals. You can ‘break the chains’…)

You (I) sometimes think you have nothing….we have this entire world, we have resources to create with, we have people to connect with…and we might have a lot of excuses, but the bottom line is when we choose to open our hearts, to vest presence with love and gratitude, we are choosing to live infinite possibility.  It doesn’t require external anything, it simply requires our presence, the rest unfolds as we continue to vest energy.

Energetic doors opened today.  I did not take my children to dinner, nor did I gift them with presents, but far greater than that I chose to live my truth, fully, and to share the gift of my presence, with love and gratitude.  It is “all I have”; it is enough. 

This article is full of happy tears.  Please don’t settle.  Please don’t allow anyone to tell you “it’s not possible”.  Please dare yourself to be fully you, and to share that fullness with world. 

Thank you.  For being you.  For your presence.

And, if you’d like to share..what was your “best” of today? And, are you willing to dare yourself to stretch a bit?  (Doesn’t have to be “earth-shattering”, each step matters!)  When you share, we learn.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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  1. Congrats on a most successful and inspiring Triple Dog Dare Day, Joy!

    • I love when you “visit”, Talon; thank you for the affirmation! I feel so strongly now the concept of “we all walk together”; energetically inspiring and encouraging simply by vesting presence.

  2. jean sampson said:

    I love it when you “Triple Dog Dare” yourself, Joy! I think you must do it all of the time, given how you live your life! There is an area or two that I haven’t been able (as yet) to triple dog dare myself—-but I’ll find the support I need and I WILL do those things and be so ecstatic! Love the video! Thanks for sharing all that you shared here.
    Love you!

    • Thank you, Jean! My children and I don’t play “truth or dare” because we all know we would do the dare, and we all tend to issue extraordinary dares. Sometimes, I have to build up to it, like I did with this one, by doing “little dares” first.

      After you do your dare…please share it, k? I love when we all inspire each other!

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