28 Days of Love: Living Your Dream


 I call this photo mosaic “A Boy and His Dream”.

I took the photos last night at my son’s aerial class.  When he stood in front of the silks (the photo on the top left) this message was born.

Layer one:

Logistics and time.

My son’s class is a total of two and a half hours (including driving time).

When my mind thinks of all of the things one could do with one-hundred-fifty minutes–I become resistant to sitting there in a chilly gym while my son practices this art.

When my heart feels the joy of his actions, the reflection of infinite possibility he is living as he learns to soar in ways far beyond what I am capable of teaching him–I feel there is nothing more important than spending that time being present for (and to) him.

Committing to love, I put aside my “fillers”-the computer, books, writing, my phone–and I watch his class.

Layer two:

My son loves to have photos of his class, but I let the myth of imperfection get in the way…until last night.

I stood there with his iPhone camera, and I focused on capturing what I thought he would like.

The moment he stood in front of the silks, the caption “A Boy and His Dream” arose.  I felt the significance of the moment.  He is living his dream!

(And I wouldn’t have felt the depth of that had I allowed filler to distract me from vesting full presence!).

I watched as he stayed on the silks, practicing and stretching in all ways.  I saw his strength and  flexibility…his determination and commitment.

And, I felt so incredibly honored to be his mother.

Love to the ‘nth degree’.

Layer three:

The example I am sharing today is about my son and his experience; my daughter is equally as amazing, in different ways.

This section then, is about both of them.

There is so much talk about teenagers and stages and “what to expect”.

We vest presence through that, not buying into what we are told might happen, choosing instead to vest presence to our experience.  

We honor individual path–I am probably an unconventional mom and they are probably unconventional teenagers.

We play with energy and presence and manifesting and dare each other to stretch in the fields we are individually involved in. 

My children do what I could not–my son soars and my daughter barrel races (with horses) and they do it with full trust and enjoyment.  Their reflections inspire me.

And, that is only possible because we don’t place labels or parameters on love; as we collaborate with Love, we are consistently allowing unfolding into new spaces.

When we dream, we don’t think of “why that is not possible” we, instead live the possibility, with Love.

They know that one day I am going to sail around the world and I know that their journeys will lead them to places beyond what we can imagine now.

We say: how high, how far, how fast, how exciting!

We dare each other to do it, be it, live it. 

An experience far different from what I had known most of my life…

And, so I ask you, dear reader?  When you allow yourself to dream, with love, what arises within? Would you like to share those heart whispers here?  I will affirm them..energetically and with words.  

(When you turn this reflection inward, it is about far more than silks, it is absolutely about full presence, with Love…are there spaces and/or connections within your life asking for such presence?)

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.



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  1. Hi Joy,

    This is a wonderful reminder for everyone that to *collaborate with love* (what you are doing with your children and their dreams) inspires all involved to grow and stretch into the fullness of their dreams.

    I often wonder who or where I would be or what I would be doing in my life now had I received the unconditional support of my parents to follow my dreams when I was a teenager. It is simply, *the greatest gift* you can give as a parent to support your children in following their dreams.

    Of course, as I am learning, for those of us who weren’t so lucky to have you as a parent (!) it is never too late to find that support, and follow your dreams, re-kindle old ones, dream up new ones…as I have learned in working with you and being inspired and supported by your presence in my life. Thank you for this timely reminder to vest presence in our dreams, even when we are stretching into realms that feel less than comfortable at first.

    When I look to my dreams, new and old, I am drawn to inject them with playfulness above all else at this moment in my life. My heart seems to be whispering in all realms, “play, play,play…” so I find a great reflection in the above piece, though infused with *serious undertones” the heart of this that you are sharing with your son is investing in presence to his *playful* spirit of exploration within this dream he cultivates now.

    I find that very encouraging. Everything in my life seems to be calling me to “come play”…and thus things I normally “take seriously” I am looking for ways to inject them with fun…in everything from the mundane daily chores of paying the bills and cleaning the house, to the “pursuit” of a new direction in career and creative endeavors.

    My dog likes to encourage me to play as well, so I am surrounding myself with support! :)

    • Thank you, Molly, for your presence and for “blessing” this piece..I appreciate that!

      I find it so interesting to be connecting with my children in ways that I hadn’t known at their age; cycles *can* be broken, and replaced with new practices that enliven and enrich.

      I have written numerous articles about the “importance” of play; it is the biggest source of inspiration for me and the foundation of all of my work through Facets. While my son is learning aerial skills, he is also energetically breaking barriers while physically moving his body with flexibility and strength; what it could potentially take years to learn through study, he is learning through application in “play”. The same applies with myself and sailing–learning the skill changed my life–taught me the principles interwoven through this site: presence, unfolding, natural cycles, patience beyond what one thinks is possible, and joy and peace that stretch to infinity.

      You do have such a playful spirit; I am glad that your dog reminds you, and World invites you, and you are ready to join in. May you experience joy and freedom as you continue to stretch into new areas, in the energy of *play*.

  2. “Committing to love, I put aside my “fillers”–the computer, books, writing, my phone–and I watch his class.” Yes, Yes, Yes! Thank-you for such a wonderful post from a loving/accepting mom who moves through love into the lives of her children – stop. That is enough to say. Working with young people in schools and as a coach, I understand the “life lessons” that commitment(one of the lessons) to an activity that demands “time” and dedication may contribute to a young person’s life. Through love you allow your daughter and son to move into this realm – to pursue their dreams as they manifest now. Peace, Love & Light ~ ricky

    • Thank you, Ricky, for your presence, and for the time, energy and presence that you vest as you work with children. It means a lot to receive your comment, here!

      When I learn to put aside fillers, the moment feels abundant and full of spirit. And, I hope I model for my children the same…to allow spaciousness in movement, connection, and creation, because that is “where and how” dreams rise and circulate.

      Honestly, I was unfamiliar with the teenager stage, and had only heart negative things about it, so I wasn’t too keen about us moving into it. I didn’t think I had the skills to be the mother of teenagers. But, we learn, together, to be present to love and gratitude and the rest unfolds.

      When we apply that to life and to love…what stages of life are we “afraid” of because we had heard only negative about it (commitment in general, aging, and marriage come to mind) that we can move into with gratitude?

      Peace, love, and light to you!

  3. So beautiful. What can be better than seeing your dearest one living his dream? I feel your pride and happiness, Joy. I feel proud too. Blessings and love to him! I have no words, my heart is full.

    Hugs, Vidya

    • Thank you, Vidya! Better than seeing my little ones live their dreams is the reminder to live my own as well. They reflect to me a living affirmation of all of the principles I believe in and practice, which invites me to continue to stretch in my life as well. Your comment brought happy tears…for my heart is full, too.

      A huge energetic hug for you!

  4. Oh, Joy! My oldest son has some challenges and he really needs physical exercise. Last year I had him in boxing classes (my Dad made the purchase). The whole event door to door was over three hours, including the hour in class when I had to try to entertain his little brother, too young for classes. As much as the older one resisted going, a few months ago he started asking about going back. It’s expensive, but another grandpa gave him a very generous Christmas cash gift, and I COULD have taken him but chose not to, thinking of the late homework nights, the other child’s boredom, the general inconvenience, and the long term contract that we might not be able to fulfill if we end up moving – which has been “up in the air” forever. But seeing these photos and what you wrote makes me think I should change my mind and just do it.

    • Thank you, Julie, for your presence and your reflection!

      If you asked me, this class really doesn’t fit into our life…as a single mom with a business, it means extra driving time, juggling homework and dinner, and is time I “could be” working. But…

      All of that is surface really– and manageable–when I lead with my heart and I see how what he learns and experiences in this class is the application of the principles we (in my family) study and practice. I talk about heart whispers and manifesting and presence, so who am I to deny the opportunity when it is placed? When we lived on the boat, and now all of this Facets stuff, is presence to *my dream* so it is “fair” for me to vest presence to his (theirs) when I can. I think of all of the times I had a launch and my children waited patiently for me…

      There really isn’t a clear-cut right or wrong answer; when you follow your heart now, you can change course later…we truly never know where our steps will lead!

  5. Hi Joy, Nice team work! It’s nice to hold each other in a place of love, support and reaching to more.

    • Thank you, Brad, for your presence and kind words! In this endeavor, my son does all of the work, practicing daily and I am the chauffeur and photographer *grin*. When I watch him (and the other students) in class, I learn far more about presence and purpose than a book or webinar could teach me!

  6. jean sampson said:

    Since the children are both living their dreams and passions so wholeheartedly, I cannot imagine that you would do anything but give them wholehearted attention as they life their dreams. It is who you are, Joy!

  7. This is beautiful thank you! It always amazes me the lessons that come from watching our children. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank *you*, Mignon, for your reflection! I love that we are able to see our children’s reflections and celebrate the lesson as we absorb and apply it! My children are probably my most influential teachers.

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