28 Days of Love: Money


Well, there was a day in my life that if I read the above title, I would not read the article.  Would just delete it. No interest.

I was raised with the belief that I may have money or love, but not both.  I chose love.

I was raised in a home where we either had tons of money or no money at all–so the word “money” to me meant chaos, constriction, stress.  I didn’t want that.  So I didn’t choose it.

When I learned energy and energy movement, the feel of the meaning of money changed for me.  I believe and practice that money is a nourishing energy, such as love and peace.  To “judge money” as I was, was to “judge Divine”; as we practiced in previous lessons, if I am honoring a living namaste, divine is in money as in everything else.  For me, then, to deflect money is to deflect divine; to cultivate money is to cultivate divine. Money is currency.  Money allows expansion; when we have abundance, we may share from that abundance, generously. 

When we share from such space, it is joyfully, with ease.  We are not taking away from our necessities to serve others, we are serving from the overflowing abundance.  As we honor flow, we also graciously receive, with ease and joy.

Your beliefs and practice might differ from mine, and I respect and cherish that.  I feel we learn so much through our differences.  I present this practice to you for consideration to either enhance your current practice, or to perhaps learn a new way of movement. 

I know in my experience that when I was in financial debt, feelings of “not enough” would sometimes arise.  It is very difficult to create and connect from such a space. Having been raised in such a space, I knew “how” to make-do and budget and scrimp, I did not “know how” to ask for, cultivate, and graciously receive abundance.  I would immediately share money as I earned it, and I was often left with minimal left-over.  Learning how to “sit in abundance” is a practice, one I am currently cultivating, one that is changing my life.

(I created a complimentary e-book “The Art of Receiving Abundance” because so many people are–or were–are familiar with the situation I was raised in.  To receive your copy, please click the title.)

To put all of this together..when we identify how we feel about money, we can then move forward with it.  This exercise is simple. May you take the time to say “I love you money. Thank you for your presence in my life.”

How does that feel?  (For many years I was unable to say that, now I “speak” with money as I do any other energetic currency.)

Money enables us to purchase necessities such as shelter, food, clothing, transportation.  Money enables us to purchase supplies to honor creative expression, travel, gift others, support charity, serve in myriad ways. 

As you consider all of the ways that money enriches and enlivens, may you make a list of five areas in which having money allows you to create and/or connect in ways that “not having money” wouldn’t.  For instance, my list would be: 1. Having money allows my son to take aerial class–his dream.  1.  The presence of money allows me to be home with my children before and after school–we have conversations and down-time and experiences that wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have money. Your turn:


Now, may you say thank you to money for each of the individual experiences you listed…as in “thank you money for your presence, enabling my son to explore his dream”….

How does this feel?

Again, without changing external, we have amplified the feel of abundance. By focusing on what we do have, our gratitude expands the space. We are not thinking of the spaces in which we do not have money, we are thinking of all of the places that we do.  We are not criticizing money for being “not enough” we are sharing gratitude for “more than enough”.  Can you feel the expansion?  The feel of possibility?  

It is not about “how much money” we have, it is absolutely about how we feel about money and if we choose to consciously create with it.

This article is adapted from  a lesson in my new Gift of Presence to Gratitude ecourse.  (For more information about the ecourse, please click the title link.)

The feel of the lesson was inspired by Nona Jordan.  I recently discovered her site, and I *love*her style and message! Somewhere in there, Nona suggests that we write a love letter to money.  Ha!  I specialize in love letters, but had yet to write one to money.  So, I did.  I found the exercise very *freeing*….it’s “okay” to love money, it’s marvelous to love money.  So new for me!

I ask you, dear reader, when you think of the word money, how does it feel to you, what associations do you have with it? And, are you open to writing a love letter with money?  

When you share, I learn…and I thank you for that…this exploration has opened so many doors, my heart is full of gratitude!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.


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  1. Thanks Joy,
    This is a great reminder for me. I’m taking a course on abundance from the local Unity. I love that money provides me a home, car, food and opportunity to travel.

    To a new kind of love for money!
    Happy Valentime’s, brad

    • Thank you, Brad for your affirmation! I was hesitant to share this reflection, because so many in my niche seem to “frown upon” money; however, when we vest presence with energy, money is an energy of expansion and abundance. May you share, what is the “best” lesson you have received through your course so far?

      And, here is to a new kind of love for money! Yes, please!

  2. jean sampson said:

    Oh, yes!! I WILL write that love letter to money! It IS Valentine’s Day tomorrow, after all! I am definitely changing my feelings about money!!! Thanks Joy!

    • I love your enthusiasm, Jean! This is “love letter to money” day! I am excited to see what unfolds for you and what is placed as you celebrate the feel of abundance!

  3. What a powerful post this is Joy! I have never thought of it like that at all. but this really inspires me to think more mindfully of how I create that flow in and out of my life. I am going to grab the eBook now I just started a few weeks ago an abundance practice so this will be perfect.
    Thank You

    • Thank you Heather, for the wonderful affirmation! I love the feel of empowerment in this phrase: “how I create that flow in and out of my life.” You (we) can use it as a mantra by emphasizing each individual piece (as in *how* I create….how *I* create…how I *create*…how I create *that flow*…etc). Thank *you*!

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