28 Days of Love: Resistance


I set the intention today to listen.  To feel beyond the words into the meaning, to absorb each reflection that was placed in my path.

As I moved through my day I repeated the affirmation “I choose to create with love” as a mantra, breathing faith into each individual syllable…as in *I* choose to create with love….I *choose* to create with love…etc.

While at surface, some of the words I heard were critical, and might have stung had I remained at surface, all that I felt were affirmations of love.

Halfway through my day, I tweeted “We can choose to live an excuse, or an experience“, then I signed off.

My purpose is to be love.  I am choosing to explore love.  I am asking others to collaborate with love.

When I hit a bit of external resistance today, I didn’t plug into it, I didn’t argue with it, I didn’t try to understand it.  I simply let it be.  As I continued to create with love.

As I continue with daily practices of centering into love,  I resonate with love. That does not mean that my creative expressions will be understood, accepted, and/or appreciated. That is okay.  It does mean that once I center into my intention to honor my commitment of presence, all that is love is naturally amplified as I continue to create and connect. (Can you feel the difference?  Such freedom in it!)

I don’t share this with you to say “this is the way”; there are myriad ways to move, create, and  connect.

I share this with you as a reflection for you to consider; this is a peaceful way, an invitation to soar, and a reminder to surround yourself with those who wish to soar with you…in love.

And my PS would be: love is ultimate flow, pure joy, peace times infinity…anything else is an excuse, not an experience. (Really, please don’t share criticism or insults in the “name of love”…just not buying it…say, I am afraid of X<Y<Z or don’t say anything at all.  Let’s call it what it is. Not love.)

When you begin to feel external resistance, what practices or techniques do you use? When you share, we learn.

Much peace,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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  1. Hi Joy,

    When I begin to feel external resistance now, I sit with it, or turn away from it, depending on the source. I used to fight it, resist right back at it, or lash out at it in some way, so this is quite a change for me, to just *let it be*. This, of course, does not have to mean I indulge it with my company or allow negative influences to linger in my presence; however more and more i find, whether the resistance is from an external source, or an internal one (hence the *sitting with it*), which can manifest in all sorts of external ways, by simply letting it be, I am able to watch it dissolve on it’s own.

    Now, since I’m very new at just *letting it be* and my natural tendency is still to react with “fight or flight,” sometimes I have to help myself along in allowing this resistance to simply be, so I will engage myself in something fully- doesn’t matter what it is- just that I am fully engaged in it. Could be watching a show that inspires me, washing the dishes, or petting my dog…could be writing, creating something, singing, or dancing, could just be taking a deep breath…just has to be something I can fully engage my body, mind, soul in…that way, I can disengage my desire to resist the resistance, if that makes sense.

    • It makes perfect sense, thank you Molly! So, “let it be” as one vests full presence elsewhere.

      I also understand that resistance may be internal (in the past I would cultivate expansion, then resist new spaces) and may be an external projection of that internal process. So, when external resistance is present, I check-in to see if it resonates; in this case, it did not, so I knew it was not mine to own or to “fix” and I continued creating.

      I love this: “disengage my desire to resist the resistance”…feels empowering! Thank you!

  2. jean sampson said:

    I usually try to get back to center and hang out there until I get back to :”myself”. Sometimes this is just a matter of noticing that I need to center. And sometimes I just feel resistant and have to work through that! :)

    • Thank you, Jean, for sharing your practice of “centering”. You mention awareness and allowing–two very potentially enriching ingredients in conscious creation!

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