28 Days of Love: Romance


within spaciousness, heart whispers boldly blossom 

Jamie Ridler poses today’s  Wishcasting Wednesday “What is it you wish to welcome in?’ and my heart immediately answers..



So, I sit on it for a while.  And I enjoy the winds (of change) blowing through the harbor…and I watch a movie (even though it’s only 9am)…and I work on a puzzle (because I love puzzles)…

(Energetically, you can feel the thread..enlivening winds, change, a “story”, and a puzzle…all different ways that I access and apply clarity).

And, I know if I send my heart whispers out and around on the wind, they will become my reality.

So, yes, please.  Romance.

(This might be a first.)

I am amazing at being love, spinning magic, living through my senses, celebrating the moment.

I have lived outlandish dreams, some of which I have shared through my previous sites and in this Facets space, here.

I opened my heart, my home, my childrens hearts and home, to love; it expanded my (our) entire world.

But romance.  To me is living the feel of the most beautiful Hafiz and Rumi poems…it is Khalil Ghibran’s “The Prophet” ….it is opening to the element of surprise and delight and joy and peace times infinity.

It exists outside of this very familiar path I have grown to love and become comfortable with.

So, yes, I wish to welcome in romance.

And, so it shall be.

(Whew…exciting and scary all in one bundle!)

What do you wish to welcome in? When you share, we learn.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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Comments on: "28 Days of Love: Romance" (28)

  1. As Joy wishes for herself I also wish for her. Here’s to welcoming romance in!

  2. as you wish – so I wish for you
    and so it is-

    I actually never thought of wishing for romance – maybe I am afraid to ask for it !!

    • Well, Bobbi, I had been afraid as well, so this is a first for me. I fully understand that inviting romance in is, in a way, “surrendering”, something I do to Universe and flow, but hadn’t really done in collaboration with another. My independent streak has resulted in quite a few marvelous adventures, including raising my children for five years aboard a sailboat and creating Facets, but has meant that with people, I tend to be the spinner of magic, not the receiver.

      Thank you for the affirmation of my wish!

  3. Such poetic words, may more romance come your way. As Joy wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  4. What a beautiful wish! As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also.

  5. And so it shall be.

    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also. Let the romance begin!

  6. I have found that ‘making love with your life’ and opening your heart and to adventure, and then following that with action — i.e. pursuing these heart whispers in the world — these are great vehicles for finding love and romance…

    Good luck and Godspeed!!! :) <3

    • Well, I am speechless. Thank you for visiting, Satya–your reflection is golden, as you are currently fully living the truth of these words you have shared. Anything I can say in response would simply be a truth of the past, an excuse now. I am currently ‘making love with my life’–a resounding yes! to all that unfolds from there.

    • “making love with your life” – what a beautiful message – to “hear” to those little whispers and follow – glad I came back to this site and got to read your message –

      • I am glad you came back, Bobbi! I love that the invitation to “make love with your life” resonates with you, and am excited to see how those seeds blossom, and your path unfolds, as you consider the concept of living your heart whispers!

  7. as you wish for romance, so i wish romance for you!

  8. It’s a lovely wish! As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you too!

  9. wow! Just wow Joy!

    In my infinite love of romance, I am excited for you and your wish here! :)

    And since I feel like I need to invite my heart into this one, I am going to sleep on it, see if I wake up with an answer to this question tomorrow…

    • *grin* Thank you, Molly…I don’t know what energetic door just opened, but apparently it resonates with quite a few people…in general, we tend to love stories of romance, may those stories inspire us to live it, in our own lives…daily!

      I would love to know what answer your heart supplied you with!

  10. I wish romance for you too! Thank you for all that you share!

  11. Wishing you much romance! As you wish for yourself, so do I wish for you as well…

  12. jean sampson said:

    How very exciting, Joy! There is such great energy that bolts through romance! Or maybe it just meanders through. Or maybe BOTH!! :) I also wish for romance for you! YES!

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