28 Days of Love: Self-Love


Yesterday, while in the land of heart whispers, I kept feeling this prompt “Lose Yourself”.  The feel was along the lines of I have become comfortable in knowing “who I am” and am allowing the labels to define me, instead of allowing my essence to lead the way.

For example, I keep thinking I am a single-mother.

When I allow myself to be defined by the label of *single*, * mother*  I feel constrictions and limitations upon my abilities and capabilities.  As in, single equals one income, one pair of hands, one being of guidance; mother equals responsibility, obligation, a list of “have-to’s” that all mothers do.

That is just one label.  I can apply the same thoughts to a few of the others: woman, clarity facilitator, heart healer, runner, joy.

(Clue: thinking, when I bring it to my heart space, I love being a mother and a woman, I love who I am and who I am becoming.  That I am thinking is my sign that fear is present, for me that means I am in a vulnerable space; when I invite myself to feel into it, love and gratitude flood the space!)

The prompt “lose yourself” was mind saying ‘I don’t know how this will work’, and heart saying, ‘yes please’.

But, that is surface level;  I brought it to inner core.

While open from inner core, I read this article/watched this video “Entering the Sensual World of Loving Yourself” by Kyeli.  It really hit home for me.  In the video, Kyeli talks about the process of taking self-portraits and how she had always loved certain parts of herself, sometimes only in the right light/certain angle.  (I am certain that some part of this video will speak to you; it is well-worth the five minutes!)

Wow.  I realized that I rarely take self-portraits. I love my face from a certain angle, I love my smile in certain lighting, I love my figure in a sundress or shorts and boots (not what I wear daily).  That is surface.

When I bring it to inner core, I see there are pieces of my essence that I absolutely adore, and some not so much, and in loving myself in this piece-mail fashion, I had been placing conditions on unconditional love. With my self.  Yet, I love you and world as you are, in this moment, no conditions.

(Again, with the process of clarity, I am not judging or criticizing, I am simply observing.)

I don’t know if you can relate, but to me it was such a profound moment!

I decided right then to love myself, my whole self, unconditionally, from all angles, in all lighting.  (Part of that process is that I will play with the idea of self-portraits, perhaps beginning with certain pieces that I love, and allowing natural expansion from there.)

“Lose yourself” naturally evolved to *love yourself*.

Yes, perhaps originally I was asking to lose my “self” as in Ego, but I think overall I was asking to love that which I was resisting: being a single mother, who specializes in clarity and energy movement, who enjoys running (especially in the moonlight) and sailing and is a woman full of joy in this world full of unknown. (Why would I resist that? I’m in a vulnerable spot, and sometimes in such a space I forget to breathe into it.)

When I breathe love and gratitude into that space of resistance–when I choose to love myself–I feel abundant, expansive, jubilant.  Those  labels are soft parameters that provide direction and a place of connection.  I am those labels, and so much more (as are you.)

When we open through vulnerability, external affirmations are perfectly placed.  I choose to share this, today, because it is fresh and new to me.  While I allowed the words to sit before I edited them, I  read this article by Andrea Maurer “Exactly Where You’re Supposed to Be“.  Perfect in all ways!

I do believe and practice that when we choose to center into love and gratitude for (and with) self, we are then able to effectively share with, and serve, others and world from abundance and joy and ease. So, this feels very relevant and well-placed in my exploration of love.

Thank you for receiving this reflection. I appreciate that we are walking these few energetic steps together.  If you may share, do you practice self-love? Do you have any simple practices that you may recommend? And, how do you feel about self-portraits? When you share, we learn.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

If this resonates with you, my simple eBook of photo affirmations “A Celebration of Your Presence” is available for purchase.

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  1. Perfect, Joy. So thrilled to have played a small part in this. There is much resonance here on so many levels. Thank you! XO

    • Thank *you*, Andrea–I love your energy and style and each message that you write inspires, enriches, enlivens, affirms. I celebrate the resonance as I learn from your reflection!

  2. Some years ago I sat on a bench within the Louvre before Jacques-Louis David’s painting ‘The Coronation of Napoleon’ for the better part of an hour. Having a deep interest of the period just before and after the painting I knew many of the notables represented by the artist within this painting.

    The artist included himself in the background in attendance.

    And so the ‘self-portrait’ of the being as part of a period of time.

    My reflection is that some of our being is a product of the events of the time we live in.

    We are a product of both good and evil of different per portions…Jacques-Louis David whose father was killed in a dual when he was 9… to later being part of the French Revolution…’Dictator of Art’… imprisoned…then aligned with Napoleon. Talleyrand grand chamberlain of France (surrogate father to the artist Delacroix) was a ‘brilliant’ survivor that preserved France through much. Napoleon crowned himself.

    What is lost in translation?

    By the individual people of themselves?
    By other people towards a person?

    …in the portrait that we present?
    …the media of materials that we use?

    Much can be learned by actual close physical contact with people…the touch…the deep look into the eyes…the aura around…the observance of the people close to a person.

    The infliction we hear…the creases…the wear…the patina…the passion…the contentment…the remarkableness.

    A masterpiece is this.

    With this said.

    Joy…you are a *Masterpiece*

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