28 Days of Love: Unfolding


 And so it is….

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.



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  1. I wonder what wonders will unfold for me this month….

    • *grin* Jodi…wonder opens the door to infinite possibility….as those wonders unfold, may you stop in and share them…I *love* to celebrate *magic*! I am excited for you!

  2. “It is impossible for an order which is higher and therefore
    infinitely above another to be represented in it except by something infinitely small. A grain of mustard seed, an instant mirroring eternity, etc…

    “The eternal alone is invulnerable to time. In order that a work of art should be admired for all time, that a love, a friendship should last throughout a life (even stay pure for an entire day,perhaps), in order that a conception of the human condition should remain constant despite the manifold experiences and vicissitudes of fortune—–there must be an inspiration from on high.”

    “Except the seed die…It has to die in order to liberate the
    energy it bears within it so that with this energy new forms maybe developed.”

    “The beings I love are creatures.They were born by chance. My meeting with them was also by chance. They will die. What they think, do and say is limited and is a mixture of good and evil.”

    “I have to know this with all my soul and not love them the less.”

    “I have to imitate God who infinitely loves finite things in that they are finite things.”

    “So we have to die in order to liberate a tied up energy, in order to possess an energy which is free and capable of understanding the true relationship of things.”

    ~ Simone Weil
    ‘Gravity and Grace’

    • Beautiful, thank you, Rand! The most powerful line for me, in this moment is: “we have to die in order to liberate a tied up energy”…something I practice daily as I center into heart truth and infinite possibility.

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