Live with Abandon: Illuminate Your Heart Whispers


It makes no sense to only write (and read) about love;

the joy is in living the experience,

exploring the edge,

celebrating the moment. 

Live with Abandon

My mom left was I was a baby; something about “she wasn’t cut out to be a mother”.

My entire life, I had been told I was “abandoned”.  I felt ‘left’, ‘not enough’, ‘terrible’.  Something must have been wrong with me that my own mother could abandon me.

I have also always been one to open my heart fully to the moment, joyfully, with gratitude, honing in on the light and love and amplifying it as  I celebrated it.  People call me enthusiastic, vibrant, passionate.

This morning, I joined in the #soulcall chat on Twitter. A participant mentioned an incident with her mom, in which her feelings were hurt.  I found myself thinking “I wish I had a mom to learn to love (or to learn love with)”.


I tend to observe my thoughts for clarity–the one word that kept rising was ‘abandoned’.  When I  am in a space of “I miss the idea of having a mom” I feel abandoned.  That is what people told me, my mom “abandoned me”…

After the chat, I went about my morning–writing in my gratitude journal and taking a meditative shower (refreshing my body and soul).

I logged into my email to find this message from Mirriam-Webster. com word of the day:


(Oh yes, I get it Universe!).

I almost didn’t open the email because I thought it would be “too much”.

Definition: noun. A thorough yielding to natural impulses; especially: enthusiasm, exuberance. 

Example: We chased each other through the snow, hurling snowballs with complete abandon.

Oh, yes!   I see clearly now, my entire life, I was using the wrong definition, feeling something was extremely wrong, when actually it was so incredibly right!

Yes, I live with abandon!

And, I am inviting you to do the same!

Live Epic Shi*

Corbett Barr says to Write Epic Shit . Absolutely.

My invitation to you is to not only read that epic stuff, but to live it.  Fully.

I remind myself and my peers to live the messages we create and share.  The truth is, epic shi* only matters if you choose to live it.

And, I don’t believe that happens in your mind.  Sure, mind might logically process the concepts that are being presented, but only when heart whispers “Yes…please“…do you choose to experience the fullness of the moment.

Actually, sometimes you don’t choose it; when heart whispers, you find yourself living it while mind is screaming ‘no…no’ afraid of what could happen, it doesn’t matter because you are in it.

And, *that* is what Illuminating Your Heart Whispers” is all about.

Listening to, and living, your heart whispers with abandon.

Illuminate Your Heart Whispers.

Registration for Illuminate Your Heart Whispers is now open.

I invite you to journey with me.

May you choose to live the epic shi* you read about.

You know how it is said that Adele wrote “Someone Like You” (and her record-shattering album ) after her heart-break?  Well, I wrote this class.

Together, may we open our hearts, far beyond what we know, with abandon!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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Comments on: "Live with Abandon: Illuminate Your Heart Whispers" (6)

  1. I am alive with Abandon, realigning my understanding of this meaning that fits my truest vibration.
    I am honored to embrace the Freedom to be in love with myself and my journey and all it continually offers. WOW! “Be here NOW-AWAKE” is the message Spirit has sent today.Thank you Dearest Joy for sharing your story that resonates in some way to many of our own experiences. The time of quietly, secretly holding on to the misunderstood pain, has long past. This is the time of “living with abandon”! I hold the glow of beauty for all our relations in my heart as a gift of love as I dance on. Namaste’

    • What a beautiful affirmation, Barbara “I am alive with abandon!”…I feel in that phrase such peace, trust, freedom joy. Wow.

      Thank *you* for your presence, your reflection that affirms and amplifies love, and the message “Be here NOW-Awake”! Namaste.

  2. jean sampson said:

    Well, this is something for me to think about! Do I live with abandon? I am probably way too careful and thoughtful to life with total abandon. But once I have decided that what I am going to do is the right thing for me to do, or if I have decided to go out on a limb and bring a saw with me so I can saw off the limb which will make me either grow wings or die, well, yes, it seems that I do live with carefully considered abandon :) And I do that wing thing whenever I tear up a perfectly good poem or painting because it is a little too safe and ordinary. I am always looking for that which is just a little beyond what I can see at the moment!
    Is that abandon? All of my adventures seem to happen in poems or paintings, Joy! Makes me happy!

    • Your enthusiasm and love of life and creation certainly feels like “abandon”, Jean!

      In this reflection, your mind says “I am probably too careful”, but your heart says, well, I use a saw to cut off the limb I am out on, so I will fly (or not)…and I am always looking for that which is just a little beyond what I can see…” is a stretch into new physical and energetic space…love it all! Your creative expressions affirm your heart truth as they inspire others to adventure in all realms…beautiful! And, thank *you* for all that you share!

  3. Joy,

    What an incredible coincidence/synchronicity to get that word and amazing definition from the online dictionary! I’m so happy you are now redefining your relationship to this word! It is so thoroughly you!

    I’m so moved by how your create from your heart courses and experiences to help others learn presence and connect with their hearts. I feel so lucky to know you!

    • Thank *you*, Sandra for your kind words and affirmation, and for your presence! I felt a nudge to share this piece, because sometimes we become so caught up in the definition we forget to feel for the meaning…and I *love* words, yet sometimes becoming fixated on a word can restrict the feel of the experience (or in my case, of life).

      Creating from my heart, as I do, means that I am usually in vulnerable space, so inviting others to explore and adventure with me, is very new. Who knows where it will lead, and I’m learning to allow “not knowing” to be *fun*! And, to share anyway, maybe especially when I feel vulnerable.

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