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precious heart whispers…


Thursday, I found myself with an extra hour before picking up my children from school.  Although I was dressed for Winter chill weather, sunshine beckoned, inviting me to hike.

My mind said “unprepared for this adventure” (wearing Uggs, a sweatshirt, jeans and not having water to carry).

My heart said “yes, please!, may we enjoy the unexpected gift of this extra hour”.

So, I went hiking *grin*.

I began with this uphill climb, exertion warming my muscles and sunshine warming my skin, inviting me to remove layers.

Off came the sweatshirt, tied around my waist; up came my hair, swept into a messy ponytail.

Even though external looked quite disorderly, internally my heart was beaming!

(Does this remind you of any adventures you have taken?)

There were many people on this particular trail.  I briefly wondered what they thought, then realized I didn’t care (in a good, glad to be moving my body in the sunshine way!).

I picked a piece of dried sage and crumpled it in my hand as I walked, performing a very simple smudging ritual (cleansing old thoughts, blessing new space).

Intrigued by a few new Spring blossoms along the path, I chose to follow them to a different trail.  So caught up in basking in the sunshine and playing with my phone camera, I wasn’t paying attention to “direction”.

Create with Love

Finding myself on an unfamiliar path, in the hills, with the time constraint of “needing to pick up my children”, my being began to react to “unfamiliar”.

I chose to breathe into it, become aware of my surroundings, and tune into my inner compass.

I eventually found my way “back”; thirsty, dirty, yet exhilarated!

At the end of this new path, I took the above photo and I wrote these #sixword phrases:

exploring new terrain, a bud blossoms

insisting upon form limits infinite possibility

mind cannot fathom what heart knows

You see, I chose to vest presence to the joy of exploring a new path; engaging my mind with the technique of photography as my heart absorbed the beauty, choosing to move forward with whole-body integration.

The result: a heart full of love and gratitude, which manifested externally as a surge of creative expression. 

That this unexpected exploration of a new physical path coincided with the eve of my launch of “Illuminate Your Heart Whispers” — a new energetic path– felt very much in resonance.

I understand this physical reflection is very similar to “how” a heart energetically opens.

Is there a path that is asking for your presence to exploration?  When you share, we learn.

(Registration for Illuminate Your Heart Whispers is open through March 13th. Class begins March 15th.  Come join in the *love dare* fun!)

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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  1. How synchronous! I lost my sense of direction in the forest today. I was on the “correct” path, but didn’t recognize it. So I turned around and went back to the “mother” tree and still could not find what I thought was the “right” path. So I went back to the path that I had been on and it took me home once I gave it a long enough chance. It was disorienting, but I didn’t get scared. Not sure what the lesson is here! You’ve blessed us with a gorgeous photo so thanks for exploring the “new” path.

    • Thank you for sharing, Sandra.

      I love that you didn’t feel afraid, you trusted path. That is the lesson. When we trust the commitment to “way”, there are myriad paths that bring us “home”. (Which in my world is my heart space, symbolized by my physical connection with my children wherever we are in world.)

      You went to Source (the mother tree), and re-grouped, then continued walking. And the “result” is whatever you felt upon your return home…what did you do with this experience, have you felt a shift, did anything manifest externally? And, we don’t “have to” analyze it, yet as seekers we may use our own physical experience to remind us of trust next time we “energetically cannot find our way”. We will know this trust, not because we read it in a book and were told it is to, but because we experienced it in our own way.

  2. “exploring new terrain, a bud blossoms
    insisting upon form limits infinite possibility
    mind cannot fathom what heart knows” – there, you have stated all Buddhist philosophy in 18 words :0)

    • It is wonderful to see you, here, Ricky–thank you for the affirmation! I had the nudge to share this simple experience here and I am glad I did (sometimes my nudges make no sense, or feel “less than” and always turn out to be “perfect” when I listen!).

  3. jean sampson said:

    I love this post, Joy! You are such an explorer, both inside and outside! I love the phrases (little poems!) and the photo. I have been taking new, steeper paths with both paintings and poems. In the paintings, I am working over old paintings (lots of texture and color) and “finding” new paintings within. In other words, the painting is totally calling the shots. I go slowly and also find myself writing poems in the studio that are a step beyond what I might have been satisfied with in the past. The poems came about because the best poet I know sent me some of her outstanding work and it turned my way of writing upside down! Just two poems! But I saw a huge opening and realized that, first I would write an “acceptable” poem. Then, I would look at it again with the opening that my friend helped me create. Then I would write an unusual poem into that opening. I have two that I am really surprised and happy with (for now :)
    So that is the new path that I am exploring and feeling ecstatic about! And, most of the time, on that path, I am lost. But trust is what the creative process is all about!

    • Wow, Jean, this sentence speaks right to me “I am working over old paintings (lots of new texture and color) and finding new paintings within! Immersed in editing for the love dares class, centered into heart work, expanded my heart space into newness-as I remember precious moments, I integrate the feel; as I remember painful moments, I integrate the feel and I see with clarity how all moments lead to now–this time that I am “un-layering” to “re-layer”…exactly what you are doing with your paintings…

      And I remember the one time I shared within this space here, that my kids and I were creating an abstract painting in a class, and Kaitlyn added texture over the “finished project” and the teacher yelled at us…and here *you are* playing with texture with intent! Yes! Powerful and empowering when we do so with life, with our “story”.

      Trust is essential, yes…and I would add celebration…trust and celebration! Love to you!

  4. “There are only two instants of perfect nudity and purity in

    human life: birth and death. It is only when newly born-born or on

    our death-bed that we can adore God in human form without

    sullying the divinity.”

    (With Time)

    What possibilities form upon heart?

    Insisting mind cannot fathom exploring.

    A bud knows new limits

    blossoms infinite terrain…

    This watchmaker who admires the precision of the antique timepiece that he brought back to life ‘knows’ in his *heart* that:

    “We cannot under any circumstances manufacture something which is better than ourselves.”

    ~ Simone Weil

    • What I take from your reflection, Rand, is the word “precision”…allowing life, the moment, and each experience to unfold precisely as it is meant to…to honor each stage, because “it” all works together with ease, when we allow it to.

  5. …got to wonder about my typo “born-born”


    …perhaps I was once a blossom :)

  6. Love this. One simple story, but “lessons” on so many many levels. Love your openness to exploring all of them.

    • Thank you, Galen! As one might feel with this experience, vesting presence “takes time”, but I don’t feel that passing of time as I vest presence to it. I find that remaining open to the full experience as I am in it, is rewarding on so many levels and I intentionally arrange the external of my life to accommodate my practice of presence to unfolding. (Although my children’s school and activities sometimes infringe upon that, and that is okay!)

  7. This is a nice experience and thanks for sharing it. I am kind of feeling what you feel while I was reading your post, hesitant, squeezing time to have the chance to explore, giving in and feeling great.

    I love this – “I understand this physical reflection is very similar to “how” a heart energetically opens.”

    • Hi Patricia, welcome to Facets!

      In this experience, I had an extra hour, which felt like a gift, and not at all like “squeezing into something”, more like stretching into expansion, with joy and gratitude. As I shared with Galen, I structure my life to allow for lots of time to unfold, so I don’t have the feeling of “rush”, I tend to have the feeling of luxuriate and savor, linger and relish (as I remind us in my signature line of each article).

      I love to explore, do you enjoy that as well?

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