Spring is Rebirth


Spring is rebirth and delight and colour.

The sudden popping of buds as I walk through the park –

all of us amazed that light now means a tiny bit of warmth

and that sun powers us to burst into life and colour. – Catriona

As we tap into the energy of Spring, we are invited to clear away residual of that which no longer fits or resonates as we receive into our beings fresh air and sunlight that refreshes and rejuvenates.

We don’t have to clear anything away.

We don’t have to open windows, allowing light in.

But, we may.

In any moment, we may.

Knowing we have that choice is the rebirth.  All else is extraneous detail. (Can you feel the freedom in that?)

May I ask you to share: Do you have a practice, celebration, ritual, blessing to celebrate the energy of Spring? May you share a bit of it with us? 

Gratitude to Catriona for the quote; left as a comment on a previous article, it resonated so strongly as an affirmation of life, love, joy that I chose to share it here!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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  1. Isn’t synchronicity a great sign we’re going the right direction? Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Spring seems a little far away over here, the cold doesn’t feel like leaving! But I prepare myself with sowing seeds and meditating… waiting for the first sunny days. :) Have a wonderful day!

    • Yes, Lindsay, synchronicity is a wonderful sign! Thank you for the reminder.

      I love the feel of this “sowing seeds”…a perfect activity in all realms, while waiting for Spring to arrive. Where in my life might I “sow seeds”, and quite literally, I have always wanted a fresh herb garden, so that you for the nudge to begin. All it takes is a few seeds!

      When we share, we have no idea what will blossom–as has happened within your comment–thank you!.

  2. I don’t have a particular ritual, but I like the idea of having one! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thank you, Galen, for the visit!

      I like to build energetic containers around experiences (whether that be a moment, a day, a season, a specific activity), to symbolize a sacred space. Because I practice unfolding, I find absolute trust and wonderful growth within these containers. So, a ritual for me is as simple as acknowledging the existence of the new container and “blessing” it with love and gratitude. As in, “thank you Spring, for your arrival, I am open to receiving and sharing delightful surprise and the beauty and joy of blossoms in all realms.”

  3. Catriona said:

    It has to be spring cleaning! Not especially spiritual on the surface, but a lovely cleansing effect it has on my soul! … Especially when I get up at 0620 to meet the internet man, who doesn’t show until 1000! An hour of thorough scrubbing of the carpet in my new office did wonders for my mood and I was even able to smile at him on arrival. Poor man, it’s really not fair having to work on Good Friday when everyone else is visiting family ….

    • Thank you, Catriona, for the inspiration for this article!

      And, Spring cleaning…yes!…that is one ritual many participate in. Cleaning is actually a wonderful energetic practice of presence (which could be spiritual if you practice in such a way). When we clean external, we are making space, and physical cleaning is one way to make room for internal answers to arise, and to enrich/enliven our energy. When we “can’t find an answer” I suggest cleaning something (or putting together a jigsaw puzzle or playing with word puzzles).

      Scrubbing in your new office is a way of blessing it.

      When we can look at Spring cleaning in such a way, it becomes a pleasure to vest presence to, and that energy sets the tone for blossoms in all realms!

  4. Spring is transformation through and towards the light. – Even cookin’ can be a celebration of it, using lots of fresh organic green. – Bear leek shows up everywhere and reminds you of its capability to cleanse and give new strength. Parsley helps your kidneys and the flow of your body. Your blood is purified through all the fresh green salads you can get now. Enjoy! ?

    • Thank you, Ephrem, for the layers within this reflection!

      I love to cook…to take fresh ingredients and combine them in ways that delight senses while nourishing body. When we apply these principles (fresh ingredients, delight, nourishment) to all creative expressions, we are then “playing with joy” – a wonderful energy from which to experience the feel of abundance.

      I find it so interesting that all day yesterday (one in which I had several different meetings that continued to lead to exploration of new heart space) my body asked me for salad. I see now my being wished for all that you describe here (and yes, I take this is a sign to eat salad today!). A celebration of life!

      • Thank you Joy, for your nice words! – I can feel your love of cookin’ – and also your delight in eatin’ it ? An outstanding professional musician told me once, enjoying a little pipe: Every good musician loves good food – and if he doesn’t, he or she is probably not a good musician (he said it in french – it sounds more convincing about this matter…). – It’s about the ability to enjoy sensual pleasures consciously and deilght in them – being totally present in the enriching moment. Spring offers abundant possibilities to celebrate the gift of life ? Love – Ephrem

        • This is interesting, Ephrem, and something I am working on opening up to. I much prefer to cook for another, than for myself…I love to eat fresh berries or juicy oranges, but I only like to eat prepared food if it is well-prepared by someone else. I actually “need” very little food to exist and to care for my body; I love nourishing my being in other, internally fulfilling ways–meditation, sunsets, music, dancing.

          I do believe this is because in general I am one who nourishes others, and I can serve a meal that will delight a person in all ways, which is a way of connecting and sharing presence that seems very mainstream and “do-able”. Whereas, most people will not sit and meditate together, or walk the beach at sunset in all weather, etc.

          And, yes to pleasing the senses, in each season, year-round! When we learn to allow, and experience, full delight in such a way, connecting and creating through vulnerability becomes something one cultivates and enjoys instead of something to fear.

  5. Dear Joy, you really feel the deep meaning of words. You’re empathic – and compassionate. What a healing combination! Thank you! – And for sure, consciously enjoying food is not the only way to celebrate life! – You’re feminine receptivity (connected to the acceptance of vulnerability that goes with it) shows itself in many ways and opens a heartspace for anyone who needs the flow and warmth of your unconditional love. Thank you again!

    • Thank you, Ephrem, for the beautiful words, and the sense that you truly do understand and see. A gift for which I am extremely appreciative!

  6. jean sampson said:

    My Mom’s birthday is April 13th and my best friend and I used to pick her a HUGE vase of wild violets every year for her birthday—-in fact, we picked MANY bowls of violets for her! So, every year in early April, I go out into the yard and pick violets in her memory. I know she is still loving them somewhere!
    Thanks for this lovely post, Joy!

    • What a beautiful, tribute to your mom, Jean..I can imagine the joy of picking a huge vase of wild violets..and how that must have brightened your moms heart smile as much as your own! I can also feel the reverence for your connection as well as the love you experienced, as you pick violets in her memory. I am so glad that you shared, something within this touches me deeply…the kindness of spirit and the beauty of the physical symbol. Thank you!

  7. “Limitation” is my key word for this Spring. What can I limit so I am focused on what truly matters?

    • Thank you, Sandra, for sharing this reflection. I love the idea behind it, yet, I live in a space of opening and affirmation, so I am going to re-frame this for myself to be: “In what spaces will vesting my presence be most enriching and enlivening…may I vest full presence to those spaces and allow the rest to naturally dissolve”. (What I keep reminding myself is that, for me, I thrive in quality, not necessarily quantity–may my life reflect that in my creative spaces and connections).

  8. I love living in a place with four seasons. Each season is a gift we get to unwrap.

    Happy Easter, Joy!

  9. I love the simplicity of this message, that we have a choice to do something with the arrival of Spring. I don’t have a ritual, per se, but I do very much feel the changes with each season. Spring always brings about change in my life. This year, I’m especially ready for change! Thank you for this piece, Joy!

    • I love your enthusiasm, Alice, thank you for sharing…for when we are open to change, we may invite it into specific areas, celebrating as it unfolds. Happy Spring!

  10. Gosh!

    My neighbors just brought me an Easter Lilly…this after bringing some cookies by about a half hour ago!

    Its been a *Springtime of Love* in the neighbor hood and about the city this past week!

    We helped our other neighbor this evening to put up a large awning so that he can work on his Harley chopper and also fix up bicycles for kids during the summer.

    Everything from volunteer work for the Cesar Chavez March, time with my daughters, singing around an out door fire the night before Easter, an Easter morning run with a friend. But the *Springtime* event… ritual… renewal…or I guess one could say *Heart Opener* has been the two little toddler darlings that I came upon. The first when I was slowing down after a beach run. She had a pretty pastel sun bonnet on, and just stared at me with her big eyes as I went by. The second sweetheart melted my heart as I stood in line for breakfast at Kono’s. She was holding her Dad’s index finger and reached up also for mine…love straight to my heart :) When my daughters showed up in line I felt blessed for my life with them, and blessed to have the little one hold my finger…I love all life…the little ones just melt me though…

    Thank you Joy.

    • Thank you for sharing, Rand!

      My “takeaway” from your stories here, is a reminder of the the abundance available when we are fully present in the moment. You generously shared, opened to receive, and noticed details that allowed you to experience fullness in all realms. In my life, I would continue to play with that energy of wonder, awe, joy, to see how much *magic* can I be and receive and allow it to be fun, even in the moments that might not “look to be fun”.

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