The Energy of Spring


heart whispers unfold as spring blossoms

The energy of Spring is an invitation to move into spaces that enliven spirit, enrich being, inspire creative expression, encourage connection.

slowly awakening, with love and gratitude.

As heart says “yes, please” to this refreshing season, mind might still be in hibernation mode, reluctant to embrace this newness.  That is okay. There is no need to rush, push, struggle, insist upon….

Simply stretch your arms out as you take one full, deep breath while affirming “I am ready to celebrate the gift of this day.”

And, so it shall be…a celebration of life.  As you are.

delicate tendrils of dense fog, linger.

old dreams residual blurs new vision.

As you gently stretch into this new space, it might be that there are a few ties that bind you.

Memories, dreams that are no longer in resonance, cords of emotions to stale connections.  No need to cut them, regret them, curse them…

Simply center into love and gratitude for each experience of love you chose to open to, for the love that you are now, for the love you will continue to be…

Observe as these ties that prevented you from moving forward, loosen naturally, transforming into soft anchors that keep you grounded in your heart truth; tethering you not to form, but to the energy of love and gratitude.

as heart opens, tender tears fall.

breathing Divine Love into mortal pain.

as memories are integrated, barriers dissolve.  

Newly opened heart space sometimes feels sensitive to the elements. Mind might react with fear, wishing to quickly erect a buffer to potential pain.

I have learned to lean into vulnerability, simply breathing love and gratitude into the space, much as one might practice during yoga or meditation.  The act of breathing is a gift that one may feel grateful for; that gratitude is enough to “bless” the newly opened space.

In my experience, leaning into vulnerability with breath, is akin to breathing Divine Love into mortal pain.  We think we need external affirmations, abundant resources, more than what we have, and we often let this thinking stop us from feeling the fullness of the experience.  We stay on surface, when we are but one breath away from the depth that we yearn for.

The true pain comes when we refuse to breathe.

the essence of you is beautiful.

wrapped in moonbeams / heart whispers soar.

World reflects such beauty year-round; however, Spring presents a brilliant show of blossoms and birth.  Everywhere you look something is blooming, beckoning, bursting. Overflowing with love and gratitude.

As I take it all in, it occurs to me: you are the beauty that you see.  And, if you (I) truly knew that, my how abundant this moment would feel…

Thank you for walking a few energetic steps together (and for receiving my recent #sixword phrases—you can tell it has been quite a week!).

What is your favorite part of Spring?  When you share, you amplify the celebration. 

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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Comments on: "The Energy of Spring" (17)

  1. Spring is renewed love – and you’ve chosen the colours very well: Green to help the heart to open, to make space for new things to grow – Pink to love more, unconditionally, yourself and all that is. Wonderful! Thank you, Joy! ?

    • Thank you, Ephrem, for your beautiful reflection, especially this affirmation “spring is renewed love”. Yes! May we tap into that energy, breathing in fresh air, noticing the buds blossoming, and allowing that Love to flow through us, infusing our creations, connections, and movements.

      Thank you also for noticing the use and placement of the colors.

      Happy Spring!

  2. Lilacs & coloring easter eggs. :)

    Those are my favorite parts of spring.

    And this: “I am ready to celebrate the gift of this day.”

    is just the start my new morning “affirmation” I needed.

    A breath away from abundance- I love this idea.

    I believe it will help me to center into love in each moment moving forward.

    Thank you for sharing all of this Joy. All that you have to share is truly a joy and blessing to receive.

    My sixwords for today: music moves…soul marries spirit, dancing ecstasy.

    I’m in a big soul music mode at the moment- Ray Charles moving me today. :)

    • When I read your first sentence, Molly, I remembered that lilacs are one of my favorite flowers. Love them! Coloring easter eggs is something I hadn’t learned to enjoy; growing up, the experience was more of a competition and required skill beyond what I had, so it’s one activity I left in childhood.

      Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for sharing your own six words…I *love* when others play with words, too!

      Soul music is perfect for Spring (and year-round).

      Happy Spring!

  3. Hi Joy,

    Thanks for your wise reflection this morning. Just the reminder I needed to stretch into more of my dreams, beauty and love.

    I have always loved the bursting forth of life in flowers, trees, birds and nature! Now I will add the bursting forth of inner beauty in each of us.


    • Thank you, Brad, for your enlivening reflection! There is abundant motion and flow in what you have shared…from stretching to bursting forth…as we tap into that energy, may we thank body for the joy of movement, as we thank being for presence to beauty and love.

      Happy Spring!

  4. I love not needing to push and instead centering in love and letting all unfold perfectly.

    It doesn’t feel like spring here yet, but I am watching for the signs and enjoying all the green that persists the full-year round.

    • Thank you, Sandra, for stopping in… I do hope that means that you are feeling better!

      Yes! to centering in love and unfolding from there!

      Please know, I am not rushing Spring. When I wrote this I was thinking more along the lines of the calendar season, and didn’t have the global perspective that friends elsewhere are experiencing snow, and others are welcoming in Fall.

      I love this: “enjoying all the green that persists year-round”. A reminder that seasons occur in the realm and unfolding of each experience, regardless of calendar date!

  5. Catriona said:

    Spring is rebirth and delight and colour. The sudden popping of buds as I walk through the park – all of us amazed that light now means a tiny bit of warmth and that sun powers us to burst into life and colour.

    • Thank you, Catriona, for this poetic, beautiful affirmation! My heart sings as I read your words…I *love* the feel! Each word evokes life and love and beauty and joy–infinite possibility as we breathe it all in! Thank you!

  6. ‘Romance’

    Dancing Spring unfold in ecstasy!

    You wrapped old pain with tendrils of fog.

    Delicate moonbeams breathing the essence of dreams whispers:

    “Memories are beautiful”

    Mortal barriers dissolve into new tears…

    As vision slowly blurs, residue love marries soul and gratitude.

    Integrated, is spirit music as heart opens dense blossoms…


    Awakening heart soar!

    Tender heart fall…

    As divine love whispers:


  7. :)

    …oh God, what’s ya going to do with me??

    …thanks for sending me off to bed with a tender laugh.

    …during my dreams perhaps I’ll align back, thoughts,(affirmations included), spirit, heart, past, present, future, planets, galaxys, universe, and whatever else comes along?

    …but come morning if I fail, please see me for the good common man that I strive to be.

    Good night Joy…

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