Choosing to be a Miracle

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I think the “tragedy” is when we allow external to:

temporarily cloud our faith, distract us from trust, and close to love.

The miracle, then, is choosing to be the centered source of Love for those around you to tap into.

When we choose to center into Love, we are choosing to amplify the energy of the Collective Consciousness of World.

The greatest gift we can share, the most significant choice we can make, is the being of Love. 

(White for purity, grace and forgiveness.  The full blossoming of the flower to remind us of heart whispers unfurling, heart space opening, the power of full presence.)

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder:  Linger. Savor. Relish.

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  1. It is so very easy to let the negative obscure all the positive and sometimes it feels like the negative has made such headway that positive is rare and almost unexpected. But there are kind acts every single day – from a stranger’s smile to someone holding a door open…little things that remind us that we are not all like the animals who perpetrate such heinous crimes.

    • Thank you, Talon, for sharing this reflection and reminding us of the profound effect simple kind acts can, and do, have on the collective energy as well our individual journeys.

      While my actions might differ greatly from those who perpetrate crimes, I do know that in moments when fear has overshadowed faith, I have wounded others (and my own) spirit, with words and actions of compromise, not completely resonant with love, temporarily shifting their (my) energetic state. So, while my mind cannot fathom the extent of pain one must be in to commit such a horrific act (as in Boston) with intention and purpose, my heart says, “we are one, and I am sorry that pain exists and I deepen my resolve to continue to open my heart to be love, regardless of external.”

  2. Thanks for the lovely photo & reminder Joy.

    I’ve been appreciating how many people online are using the events as an opportunity to spread more love and joy.

    Choosing to share their beauty like you and your photo.

    • Thank you for the affirmation, Brad. I feel a responsibility to use my space as one in which others may find refreshment, and my energy as a centered source that others may tap into to enrich and/or amplify their own. What we share impacts collective consciousness, so it is my intention to affirm the positive, much as you did here. Thank *you*!

  3. jean sampson said:

    Well if that beautiful flower doesn’t invite and remind us to remain open to love and joy and beauty, nothing will! Thank you for remaining steady throughout everything that is occurring in the world. We each need to remain open like this flower and help each other remember that life is GOOD! Thanks, Joy! Lots of love and hugs to you!

    • Thank you, Jean, for your lovely affirmation!

      This flower is from a bouquet I received on my first night in NY. Each friend brought flowers and/or precious stones to a celebratory dinner…and I was so surprised and delighted to receive such beauty and love in all ways. Then, I was placed in less than optimal external, and those flowers reminded me to keep my heart open, to center into love and gratitude, to allow complete unfolding, and the power of unity within community. So, I felt it appropriate and symbolic to share a blossom in this space.

      Life is *good*…thank you for your presence in it! Love and hugs to you!

  4. Wow Joy – powerful post about having more love in our lives.

    World events can shake our faith, love and being as can personal events due to work, family and relationships. How do we remain calm in the storm and faithful during these challenging times? Love. Thank you for the reminder to choose more love in our lives everyday. I like how you said to ‘choose’ love – that is our most powerful ability. To chose love in the most trying of times.

    • Thank you for the affirmation, Vishnu. Your entire comment speaks strongly to me: “How do we remain calm and faithful? Love”…wow. potent. So I turn that inward to invite love into areas that I might have felt too “imperfect” and “dis-organized” for Love to be in. Thank you!

  5. especially love the reminder ‘linger.savor.relish’ – so sensual. love is sensual isn’t it? because we feel it in every pore.

    • Thank you, Lisa–I share the reminder with each article, because it is my personal reminder for this year and I love the idea of stretching and growing together.

      I smile as I read your reflection, because I live through my senses; I love the feel of delight as I explore and experience World in such a way. So, this “we feel love in every pore” is so powerful; an invitation to allow self to feel sensual, something a few cultures and practices deny. We do feel it in every pore, when we allow ourselves to, and I am so glad you took the time to affirm and remind…thank you!

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