Full Moon Dreams and a Miracle Walk


May you send your heart whispers to the moon

and allow them to return a reality.

Infinite Possibility

My NY trip was life-changing.  When I experience drastic change, I rarely write directly about it, instead, I share all that unfolds from it.  As you feel those changes, you feel the transformation. 

This first week back has been one of centering and processing, spending lots of time with my children, and numerous hours on the beach.

I don’t know what to do with all that I have experienced, so I am taking the time to simply be. The change.

I have a renewed appreciation for celebrationI am observing as this sense of passion and joy manifests in different ways.

I know with certainty my practice of presence allows me to live infinite possibility, when I choose. This requires a willingness to affirm my beliefs and to open through vulnerability into the realm of uncertain external and perfect placement of miracles.

April Full Moon Dream Board

I love visual affirmations of my internal processes so I enjoy creating dream boards.

I used to play along monthly in Jamie Ridler’s Full Moon dream board circle, but about one year ago, I stopped.

(I can tell you all of the reasons why, but the biggest is that I found this process potent and powerful.  I would ultimately draw into my life the feel of each board–even items that I was nudged to place but was unsure why.  While I was concentrating on healing my heart-break, I didn’t know “how” to live in infinite possibility, so I temporarily stopped.)

I feel the Full Moon dream board practice is a celebration, and affirmation, of my beliefs.  So, when I read Jamie’s prompt today, I decided to join in the play. I borrowed a few magazines, used some paper I already had, and took my time creating, with intention and purpose.

I intended to create one board, but three separate boards arose.

While creating I had the thought that I really wanted a hot air balloon photo. My mind said it wouldn’t be possible with the magazines I had so, when I found one, it felt like an affirmation of possibility. I don’t know “why” I wanted the photo, but that is the thing with heart whispers, you don’t have to understand them, simply vesting presence to cultivating them allows the miracle of placement. 


Board one: The top board says: you are the inspiration, family, the essence of joy, cottage, love, what new adventure will you try, savor life.  I do know that the children and I are moving this month, and it is my desire to find a cottage in the hills.  The meaning of the rest of the board is unknown to me.

Board two: The middle board says: become a living prayer, miracle, vibrant, the pure freedom to just be.  I feel this board speaks directly to my heart, inviting me to center deeper into, and create with, my beliefs.

Board three: The bottom board says: playing with fire, audacious, light.  I feel like I sat in the fire in NY and this board invites me to play with that and tap into it, as I continue to create and connect, now.

The photo is of Full Moon rising over the harbor this evening.

Thank you for receiving these boards.  It is wonderful to share heart whispers in this space!

A Miracle Walk

After creating my dream boards, I wanted fresh air, so I went for a walk.

While walking, I was thinking of Sark’s practice of a miracle walk.  She said that she sometimes takes a walk with an intention of receiving a miracle.  She then shares whatever miracles are placed.  Listening to her explain this practice, it feels magical and real.

I set the intention to receive a miracle.  My mind said absolutely impossible.  My walk was to the grocery store to return a movie.  I wasn’t planning on meeting anyone.  I couldn’t see how a miracle could be placed or what it would be.  But, I said ‘I am open and ready, show me.’

On the way to the store, I was captivated by a bold yellow, fully blossoming, flower.  I told myself I would take a photo on my way back.

While at the store, I chose a variety of fruits and vegetables that looked lovely and were on sale.  My mind said it would be a lot to carry home, but my heart said ‘yes, please’.

Walking out of the store, with my hands unexpectedly full of groceries, I had the thought that it sure would be nice if someone I know saw me and offered me a ride home.

I believe in keeping promises to myself, so I stopped to photo the flower, which was in the store parking lot.  My mind said this was ridiculous because I would miss the sunset.  But, my heart said, ‘yes please’ so I stopped.

While taking the time to photo the flower, a car slowly pulled up behind me.

In the car was a man that used to live in the same marina as the children and I.  Our families spent quite a few evenings together, but we hadn’t seen each other since.  We spoke a bit, and he looked at my groceries and asked if I needed a ride home.


There was my miracle.  I even told him the gist of the experience.

So, I know with certainty, because I consistently experience it in my life, miracles are perfectly placed when you ask clearly and open to receive.  Even if you have doubt.  Even if you think your request is too small (or too big).

And I find it extraordinary that on the day I open my heart to cultivate heart whispers in a familiar way through vision boards, I dare myself to do a miracle walk, and I experience the potent power of belief.

So, I ask you: in what ways do you cultivate magic and miracles in your life?  When you share, we learn.

Speaking of infinite possibility, I am honored to be a participant in Lisa Young’s ‘Be Your Own Guru’ series with my article “Live Your Answer in which I share a reflection of heart whispers.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.

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Comments on: "Full Moon Dreams and a Miracle Walk" (15)

  1. I think sometimes it can be what I see in the boards of others that can nudge me along. When I looked at your boards and read your words two things really resonate with me.

    “As you feel those changes, you feel the transformation.” Wow! Yes!! I don’t know what that means yet, but it feels good :)

    And the words/image on you board ‘Become a living prayer’ feels exactly right to me.

    Thanks for sharing your boards Joy…may all your dreams come true!

    • I shared these boards, Lynne, then I felt very vulnerable about sharing them, so thank you for your affirmation!

      “As you feel those changes, you feel the transformation” in this context means that sometimes when we are processing inner work, we don’t see external change, so we aren’t fully aware that we are growing. When we allow ourselves to feel the change as we are in it, we can feel that growth, even if we don’t see tangible evidence. In such a way we teach our self trust and faith as we continue to open.

      For example, this could be a moment you say no thank you or yes please and in that moment your choice is different, and your thoughts and actions are different, from your previous choices. In that moment you are being the change, even if you cannot see it externally. When you allow your self to feel the power in that, you are feeling your internal shift, and that feeling is often the motivation/encouragement one needs to keep creating and connecting in new ways that bring peace and joy.

      “Become a living prayer” feels to me like and invitation to honor depth of love and gratitude (divine), in actions and being. I am so glad that resonates with you. I have no idea “how” it will unfold it life, but it feels so lovely to me.

      Thank *you* for taking the time to share your affirmation and thoughts!

  2. I always think that if you put it out there into the universe, you never know what will come back to you.

    Wasn’t that moon magnificent? In some cultures, April’s full moon is known as the Awakening Moon…isn’t that apt?

    • I agree, Talon, that “when we put it out there, we truly never know what will come back”–which is why I feel so vulnerable to begin this process again. Kind of like affirming to Universe, I am here, I believe, let’s do it…and last time I said that, Facets and the experiences around it arose, so I feel most vulnerable, yet ready.

      Thank you for sharing this label of “Awakening Moon”…I felt it…as I watched Moon rise over the harbor, the light reflected in the still water, and it was like a magical invitation to open my heart further, to love. You have such a gift with words, if you lived here, I can only imagine how you would describe such beauty!

  3. jean sampson said:

    I love “The aAwakening Moon”. Thanks, Talon!
    Joy, I have a dream board in my studio, along with a dream catcher a friend lovingly made for me. As I look at the dream board, I realize that even the dreams that didn’t manifest in a direct way came to be in some other, better, way. I believe in leaving room for the Universe to insert a “better” way to the dream than I might see—-it happens so often to me that I never try to say “how” and sometimes leave the door open really wide so things that I didn’t even know about can enter!
    It sounds like that is how you see your dream boards, too. I think you have inspired me to do another one (or several) Love and hugs!

    • Oh, Jean, you reminded me that when we lived on the boat our pup, Magic Moonbeam, ate my dream catcher. Ha! I would love a new one.

      Thank you for reminding me that dreams can manifest in other, better ways. After having spent last year healing from a dream I manifested, it takes courage to stand here again and say I am ready, in all areas. Your words expand that feeling far beyond what I can see, thank you!

      While I do vision and manifest, I absolutely practice unfolding, because Universe places far beyond what I can ask for, in ways I can’t even conceive. So, I leave “how” to Source, and I say yes, please, to perfect placement!

      I would *love* to see your dream boards when they are done. Your words, and your work, inspires me…thank you!

      Love and hugs to you!

  4. Thank you for sharing Joy,

    *Goodness* begets *Goodness*…there’s a miracle for you :)

    Many evenings that the families spent together in the past opened the door/window for a helpful answer to your wish. What would the chance be of a feuding neighbor from the past giving you a lift home?

    A 105 year old pocket watch that I restored with a lot of skill and love is making its way back to Dublin, Ireland. Through our email the buyer realized the honest love that I have for my moments spent in Dublin and on the family farm in West Clare. The lady will be giving the pocket watch to her boyfriend who is about to graduate from medical school.

    A product of the *Good Karma* that we create:


    …ah the wonderful memories of sitting in the 250 year old thatched *cottage* by thee open hearth with uncle Sean :)
    …of saving the hay on the field :)
    …of praying at Saint Martin’s Well over looking Clare Field :)

    May this happy song in gaelic be an inspiration for your families search for a *cottage* in the hills.

    …a ‘Coo Coo Clock’ is great in a *Cottage* …I have seven of them in my *Little Cottage*

    • Hi Rand,

      I apologize if my description of my former neighbors led anyone to believe there was a feud. The liveaboard life is transitory, so they simply moved off their boat, to who knew where, but evidently nearby, as we later did the same, and happened upon each other in the parking lot. *That* is the miracle…a ride from someone I wouldn’t even know was local!

      If goodness begets goodness, I will then be receiving lots of goodness. My journey is to open to receive it fully; I tend to give it away, or share, instead of accept, appreciate, and enjoy.

      I love that your talent and skill allowed a woman to gift her boyfriend with something meaningful…thank you for sharing that story! So often, we vest energy and don’t know the outcome, so it is wonderful when we know how sharing our skills enriches blossoms elsewhere!

      • …no, I never thought ‘feud’ regards the neighbor…just in general I wanted to say that ‘we all’ limit our chances for a lift home when we are at odds with people…guess that can apply to hitching a ride though the universe too!

        …some reason the movie ‘It Happened One Night’ with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert speaks to me :)

  5. Wow, I’m so excited that NY was life-changing for you. Your positive energy is just about bouncing off your words! You are certainly giving us all affirmation we need to believe in miracles. Now, will we dare to ask?

    • Hi Sandra,

      My NY trip was life-changing in a *faith affirming through a stretch* kind of way. I have no idea “what to do with it” except to feel it, and center into possibility. Yes, please believe in and ask for miracles, and celebrate as you receive them…*you* meaning everyone. Love love love the photo you shared on your site…so radiant, looks like you are *living the miracle* and that inspires me far more than words can express.

  6. I love SARK’s idea about miracles walks! I like to think of Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie Jerry McGuire yelling “Show me the money!” Only I think “Show me the miracles!”

    • I *love* this reminder, Galen: “Show me the miracles!”. My journey is learning to open to receive them, graciously, as I see them clearly. Yes, please, show us the miracles, in ways we may easily receive with grace and gratitude.

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