Full Moon Dreams Consecrated with Stardust


full moon dreams consecrated with stardust

Happy Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse Day!

It is a powerful day to manifest / dream / send heart whispers soaring.

Here is my June Full Moon dream board (the link is to Jamie Ridler’s Full Moon Dreamboard circle – jump in and manifest with us if you’d like) :


I took it to the beach.  I also asked for the sign of a feather (and I found three!). It was a bit windy, so I used a shell to hold the page.

The sign by the chairs says “create sacred spaces”.  The sign by the stairs says “play”.  The word “sublime” is under the cellist.

I enjoy this practice of visioning, grounding in the elements while sending my heart whispers soaring.  I love the external affirmation, the feel of a monthly ritual, the potency of  “playing with magic”. 

I share with you here, because it is fun to vision, dream, and affirm together.

It is imperative to remember, though, that all one truly needs to dream is the thought, vision, whisper.  You may send it where you are, as you are, this moment.  Simply think it, whisper it, write it, color it if you wish.  And it will be heard.

There is not a right or wrong way to dream.  Nor is there a right or wrong way to create a vision board and bless it.  Not is there a right or wrong day to present your dreams.

One doesn’t “need” external resources or supplies or optimal external to vest presence to dreams and dream tending. 

I spent the morning meditating and journaling, centering and sharing gratitude.  With my heart wide-open, feeling empowered and on-purpose, ready to release another layer of conditioning while stepping into new space of creation and connection, celebrating infinite possibility….

(Can you feel it? The magic in the air….)

…and then right before going to the beach with my vision board….my ex (my children’s father) served me via postal mail with papers to change our custody schedule.

(He wants to change the schedule we have had for five years, the children do not wish to change that schedule, so I guess he is suing me—since he hadn’t spoken with me about it, it’s quite the surprise.)

So I had a choice.  There is always a choice. 

To create with love in the ways that resonate with my soul.  To react with fear, in the face of his anger and desire to have control.

In those crucial moments, holding my dreams with a heart wide-open, experiencing an energetic sucker-punch, I could have dropped the board and my dreams.  (Lots of people do.)

(In the past, I did.  Drop my dreams to temporarily appease. I lived in fear.  Not very enriching or enlivening.)

But, I made a promise to myself that I will keep my heart open and I will live from center; so I breathed through the tears of shock and pain, and felt into this newly opened space.  I reached out to my soul caller circle, energetic circle, and friends for prayer.

(When in less than optimal, one may shift the energy with a cleansing breath, acknowledging the feeling while allowing it to completely unfold, and prayer.)

Then, I went to the beach, found the feathers, and photographed my board.  I absorbed the feel of the ocean, the feel of being covered in prayer, the feel of my heart whispers…

(Engaging mind in processing the feel naturally disengages mind from processing fear.)

I am sharing this here, in this space, because many people read my words and think I live a “charmed” life.  The truth is, if my life looks or feels charmed, it is because I choose love, regardless of external.

And I send my heart whispers soaring….wherever I may be.

We can use fear to inspire us to continue to center into practices of presence or we can allow fear to paralyze us, closing our heart to the possibility around us.

So, I ask you dear reader:  what practices do you use when cultivating your dreams (do you cultivate your dreams?) And, what practices do you use when fear arises? When you share, we learn.

The spirit of generosity and creativity continues to inspire me: I am honored to participate in Jo Anna Rothman’s Fundraiser for Oklahoma.  My Gift of Presence: Musings at Sunset ecourse is one of the donation gifts.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Unravel. Unfurl. Unfold.

Pre-registration is open for I Believe in Magic: 30-day Photo Journey. Join us as we cultivate the feel of magic through creative expression and connection. 

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Comments on: "Full Moon Dreams Consecrated with Stardust" (26)

  1. Ivy Landsman said:

    Joy…I am printing out your powerful prayer to love…to choice…and to life…because you embody the choice to choose a life of love…at each moment, no matter what the externals may be…you live a charmed life…which to me, is a life chosen from love. You have worked to build this castle, and this is the moment you get to prove to yourself that your’s is not a sandcastle. Life can huff, and puff, but cannot blow this house down. You hold the key to your sanctuary, and noone can tresspass…you, sweet Joy, are free. I love you

    • Thank you, Ivy, for your kind words and affirmation! What speaks strongly to me is this “you hold the key”…I hadn’t considered that, and the key is …love. Thank you for reflecting something so empowering. I appreciate your presence!

  2. I envy your trip to the beach.; it would be magical to make a dream board there!

    May all your dreams come true.

    • I was raised in upstate NY–with lakes and forests, rolling hills and apple orchards–so this chapter at the beach allows me to experience a different facet of nature; I appreciate *all* of it!

      When I present my board, everyone is there is spirit!

      Thank you for your affirmation!

  3. Kristina said:

    Such a lovely board. I hope your dreams come true this month.

  4. Love the board! I may have to make a trip to the beach one month too. I love the bird in the middle, rising above and flying high. Strengthening.

    • Thank you for the affirmation, Janet.

      With a hummingbird and a butterfly on the same vision board, I seem to be visioning transformation. I love the reflection of “rising above and flying high”..thank you!

  5. Nice place to go. The beach. May all your dreams come true.

    • Thank you for the affirmation, Lucy. Isn’t it odd, this is the first month I thought to bring my vision board to the beach…such an enlivening experience!

  6. I echo kristinas words too… and may all your dreams come true!

  7. I love the moon in all her phases, Joy. This was lovely! :)

    • Thank you for the affirmation, Talon!

      I love Moon in all her phases, too (which is why we chose *Magic Moonbeam* for the pup we had on the boat!).

  8. Hi Joy, I’m new to your site (it’s my first dreamboard share for ages.)

    I love how you acknowledge that your practice helps you deal with all aspects of your life, including the inevitable downs. Me too!

    May all your full flower moon dreams come true!

    • Thank you for the affirmation, Julie! And, welcome back to the dreamboard circle!

      Tapping into the energy of love, with gratitude allows me to open to infinite possibility–beyond what “mind” knows; visioning and dreaming invites the reality of infinite possibility into my life. A very peaceful, joy-filled way to create, and move through, life.

  9. I have been thinking so much lately about creating through crisis, about sticking with our dreams, our desires, our lives, our expression along with what shows up in our lives instead of in the in-between. I see we are living with the same question, finding our way, both of us to our dreamboards. How beautiful to receive the affirmation of the feathers and the blessing of the sand.

    May all of your dreams come true!

    • Thank you for the affirmation, Jamie!

      *Creating through crisis* feels like remaining open in moments others often choose to close. For me, it is essential to focus upon vesting only in enlivening/enriching during crisis, because anything else feels especially weighty during this time. As I shared with Julie, dreaming and visioning invites infinite possibility, and *that* is space of energetic shifting….

      All that you share enriches and inspires–thank *you* for providing such an enlivening space!

  10. It looks like you had much fun at the beach! When I feel fear, I meditate. Sometimes I procrastinate… but when I want to feel smart, I drop that and get back to meditation. :) May all your dreams come true!

    • Thank you for the affirmation, Lindsay!

      I *love* this: “when I feel fear…sometimes I procrastinate”–me, too. I take the time to acknowledge the energy, center into presence, and allow fear to inspire me…people looking in think I am procrastinating, but I feel I am creating, with love!

      I love meditation….my challenge is to remember to meditate when a day is full, instead of releasing the practice for “more time”. Thank you for the reminder!

  11. jean sampson said:

    Joy, you are one of the guiding stars in my sky! Whenever I begin to get discouraged or sunk in the stuff that seems impossible to live with, I think of you and your commitment to love and live in joy no matter what the external situation. I know that you live what you say and that says to me that I can do that, too. I love having you in my life to remind me whenever I forget! Love lifts you up above the ugly stuff or goes with you through it. You are a perfect example of this!
    I love the dream board—–I KNOW what you vision will come true even better than you can imagine!!

    • Oh wow, Jean—thank you for the amazing words! Yes, I live my message, which is sometimes why there is much time between articles–I make sure to vest presence to my children, my practices, and then to share.

      Remember, though, I didn’t have that commitment, and I almost died in all realms, so I have motivation.

      Yes, *you* and everyone can access inner peace and joy, regardless of external; and yes! to dreaming and visioning!

  12. {{{hugs}}} How heart-wrenching it is when something like that happens. I am glad you were able to move through the moment with an open heart and are continuing to hold your dreams close. May your dreams come true… ???

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