Jennifer Mannion: Chakras – Guidance, Healing and Illumination

Today I am delighted–thrilled beyond words–to share energetic space with Jennifer Mannion!

I had the privilege of meeting Jenny a few years ago while we were both attending the New Moon Expo.  While getting to know each other, we found that our paths and interests were quite similar.  Jennifer is the author of a complimentary eBook “How to Heal Pain Naturally” –a message that resonates strongly because I study and practice healing naturally (first in my own life, then with others).

As the day unfolded, we were delighted to learn that we both enjoy belly dancing – really how many belly dancing, energy healers are there in World? – and we bonded through laughter while shopping for groceries in a town neither of us were familiar with, to prepare dinner for people we “didn’t know”.

Jenny is one who lives her message and that inspires me to live mine.

jen closeup 2012

Jennifer Mannion found her passion for healing after healing herself of several chronic diseases.  Jennifer is now an Intuitive Healer on all levels, inner peace and empowerment utilizing her tools of energy and akashic work as well as mind and body mentoring.

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Joy: Thank you, Jenny, for sharing energetic space today. May you share with us a bit about your vision for your site…the feel and the message?

Jennifer: First – thanks for having me Joy! I am really grateful to be here and always love any interaction with you!

My website and my vision as an alternative healing practitioner is all about our unlimitedness of being. Just as I was ill and healed myself – all of us have come across situations in our life which seemed insurmountable.

We all have an inner strength and inner healer and Higher Wisdom to draw from. In connecting with our soul and our true us we can unlock the unlimited potential within us. One where life is in flow and ease and our greatest dreams our realized.

Joy: I had the pleasure of meeting you and spending time together. Even though we had just met, there was lots of laughter—the lose-your-breath-tears-roll-down-your-face kind of laughter that is a gift. It was absolutely refreshing and energizing, thank you! May I ask, when you are spending time with someone, what is it that lights your heart?

Jennifer: I LOVED our time together Joy! Reflecting on it always makes me smile. I remember clearly your healing ability to bring joy to people simply by saying a few kind words.

Those are the kinds of things that do light my heart. Being with people who are consciously WITH me and us both feeling that connection. Laughing and talking consciously with someone – whether it is deep soul level conversations or about the silliness of our humanness.

Joy: What do you feel is your ultimate purpose? And, what inspires you as you create and connect?

Jennifer: I feel my ultimate purpose is to have people connect to their soul and love themselves unconditionally. To FEEL the power in that and in knowing life IS meant to be FUN!

I do that in many ways as I love so many forms of healing. LOVE inspires me. The love I feel for my kids, my clients, my friends, my family and for each person I am lucky enough to connect with. Wayne Dyer once said EACH person that comes into our life can teach us something.. when you begin to live life like that – it sure is a whole different world.

Joy: In your about page, you state “I am passionate about helping my clients discover their unlimited potential and power.” May you share with us what would you consider is the source of your power?

 Jennifer: I consider my Higher Self and connection with my soul the source of my power. Of course I can get as distracted with the 3rd dimensional world and things that come up as anybody. I just don’t STAY there anymore.

We always have a choice in how we will react and interact. The more we connect with our soul which ALWAYS offers unconditional love – the more we can move into our power, release fear and recognize our unlimited potential.

Joy: When doubt surfaces (does doubt surface) what resources do you rely upon as you continue to create?

Jennifer: Yep doubt surfaces alright sometimes – I am still human. ;-) I am actually comfortable with limiting beliefs when I find them because now I KNOW they are just a program I am used to repeating to myself. MOST times I have absolutely no belief in them consciously but they will replay because they have been there under the surface for so long. UNLESS I am conscious enough to call them out they will cause doubt and all kinds of negative emotions.

Some of my favorite tools and resources are meditation, walks in nature and journaling. Reflection and also that connection to my Higher Self and truly HEARING what I have been telling myself, understanding why, making peace with it, forgiving myself and moving on – are hugely powerful for carrying me past the doubt and into that state of peace once again.

Joy: Part of your personal story is a “healing from Dis-ease”. May you share a little with us about that journey?

Jennifer: I was chronically ill for over 6 years and in chronic pain for the better part of that. I had several diagnoses and the prognosis was bleak… chronic pain for the rest of my life and a wheelchair was being predicted.

I had believed I was doing all I could by going to doctors and getting more advice but I was in actuality perpetuating the illnesses by actually BECOMING my diseases. Whatever the doctors would predict – would happen.. blood clot – check, pain getting worse – yup!

Seeing the movie “The Secret” opened my mind to a new way of thinking. I didn’t think. “I can heal myself”. BUT I did know I could make myself feel a WHOLE lot better than I had been feeling.

There were 2 quotes from that movie and my studies immediately following that changed me. The body is 99.999% new every 11 months – new cells are always being created. WHERE your thoughts and emotions are contribute to those cells being made.

Well – I and the doctors had been repeating the message of how sick I was for almost 7 years – it was time I tried to create some HEALTHY cells.

The second was gratitude. When you feel like you have the flu every day for years it can be PRETTY challenging to find things to be grateful for. I switched that up quickly.. I had my kids, my family, my friends, a roof over my head. Within 3 weeks of changing my thoughts, emotions and reading all I could find on the mind/body connection and the Law of Attraction – I was off medications and felt the best I had felt in over 10 years! I have some other methods I used and they are all included for free on my website in my original ebook when people subscribe to my site.

Joy: You have recently authored an eBook “Chakras: Guidance, Healing and Illumination: Poems for Discovering Balance.” May you share with us a bit about this book…the overall message and the process for incorporating this message into our lives?

Jennifer: When I began reading Carolyn Myss’s book, “Anatomy of the Spirit” and learning about the chakras I had a pretty profound moment. I heard “write poems on each so that people can truly understand their power”.

Well that was about 4 years ago. Writing each has been quite the journey and has led me through healing in each one. I started with the first chakra and would learn all I could about it. Studying from Myss, Cyndi Dale and any other writings I could find on them. I would immerse myself in one and after a few weeks a poem would emerge – usually in one or two sittings.

When I heard about chakras I remember thinking they sounded foreign or like something “hard to learn”. When I began studying them I realized HOW MUCH SENSE they made. That the chakras was our body’s way of communicating dis-ease to us sometimes WAY before it became disease.

Since healing I very rarely get ill. When I do, I look to the chakras to see what is out of balance and how I can bring it BACK to balance before any physical symptoms get worse.

The overall message is the power of learning about the chakras. Our body DOES tell us when we are not aligned emotionally and physically and when we learn how to listen and know how to bring it back into balance – we become more empowered and life becomes more in flow.

Each chakea poem describes what part of the body the chakra relates to, what emotional and physical illnesses relate to it, what it looks like if it is under or over active and ways to bring it into balance. My goal was to explain these as simply as possible.

 Joy: In the title, you mention ‘balance’–may you share with us, what is the meaning and feel of balance to you? May you recommend one step for a reader who feels “imbalanced”, as related to this message?

Jennifer: Balance to me means not excessive or under-active in relation to the chakras. For example the heart chakra is the 4th chakra. Not surprisingly the heart chakra relates to love, relationships and self love. Someone that has an under active 4th chakra can be very critical of themselves and others. They may feel depressed and have a lack of loving relationships. Someone who has an over active heart chakra may be totally focused on other people and their relationships with them instead of their own relationship with themselves. They may also be giving to the EXTREME.

There are several ways to bring this into balance and knowing and noticing it is out of balance is the first and most crucial step. There are affirmations, yoga poses, foods, crystals, herbs and more that help bring chakras into balance. My ebook is all about sharing that information.

Joy: In the “Acknowledgments” section you state: “Each (poem) held their own healing; and sometimes it was not so pretty.” So often, healers focus on the “positive aspects” of the process, so for example, in my own life, when the process felt incredibly messy and raw, I was surprised.

May you share with us the gist of an example of the “not so pretty” as you experienced it? (My intention for sharing is not to amplify pain, but to reflect an understanding; when we share this feel, others are less overwhelmed when they experience it.)

Jennifer: Ah yes there were definitely some “not so pretty” moments. ;-) Healing DOES come with those! Whenever we truly SEE patterns, habits or ways of thinking and being it can be scary and also cause us to not feel so good about ourselves. The key is in knowing that IN KNOWING AND SEEING there is POWER!

When I was working on my 5th (Throat) chakra poem for example a lot came up about how I was NOT good at speaking up for myself. I saw patterns and people that I had allowed to be a significant part of my life that I was afraid os “speaking my truth” to.

To truly heal this I needed to begin to speak those truths which was very scary and new for me. I also had to forgive myself for not “knowing any better” before.

I love Deepak’s quote, “We are all doing the best we can from our own state of consciousness”. It is very important during the healing process not to judge ourselves harshly for our past but to be GRATEFUL to ourselves for taking notice and a stand to create a new future!

Joy: May you share with us, as you receive feedback from the book, is there anything that “surprises” you about the messages…a resonance or depth that you might not have expected?

Jennifer: I guess what has surprised me the most is people that are reporting healings and deep “knowings” from reading the poems.

In writing them – it was my intention to inform people. It is beautiful to me that some of these can resonate so deeply that they are creating profound experiences and changes in people’s lives. I am deeply grateful!!

Joy: Thank you so much for sharing! In closing, is there anything you would like us to know about you, your vision, your voice?

Jennifer: My vision is for people to love themselves and to come into their own power.

We all have inner healing abilities and always have access to incredible power.

I have a passion for trying to intuitively find the spark that allows my clients to light their own fire of passion, healing, worth, self love and power. I never feel “I am healing “ someone but feel all healing comes from within.. sometimes we just have forgotten how to go about it. This chakra ebook is a tool people can use to find their way back.

Joy: And, my last question for all interviews in 2013. Please answer this question: If someone “really knew me”, they would know these two things about me:

Jennifer: If someone REALLY knew me they would know I am a real huggy and affectionate person – my friends, my kids (though they’d say they don’t like it). ;-)… no one is safe from Jenny hugs!

People that know me well also know that it is my passion to help others and that I try to be and act “from love” every chance I get. Everyone deserves love and it can be shown so simply as I saw you do Joy. A smile, a small deed or a few kind words can go a long way to changing someone’s day. I try to live from that space!

 Joy: Thank you, Jenny.

Jennifer: Thank YOU Joy. It was a pleasure to connect again. You continue to be an inspiration to me. Sending you much love and HUGE Jenny hugs!!! xoxo I look forward to the next time I get to see you in person and ANY interaction we have!


Jennifer has so generously gifted this site with a complimentary copy of her eBook “Chakras: Guidance, Healing, and Illumination- Poems for Discovering Balance” (available as a PDF download).

Each reader who leaves a comment addressing the question below will be entered in a drawing.  The winner will be randomly chosen Sunday June 2, 2013 at 9p (PDT).

**The winner of the raffle is Trina!**

Question for you dear reader: May you share with us what is the meaning and feel of the concept of “balance”?  And, is there a practice you use to cultivate the meaning and feel in your life?

Thank you, Jennifer!  Thank you, dear reader!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Unravel. Unfurl. Unfold.

Registration for Illuminate Your Heart Whispers: 30 Love Prompts that invite you to open your heart and move into new energetic spaces of creation and connection, closes May 31, 2013.  This is the last session of Illuminate in 2013.

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  1. Thank you so much again Joy for this interview. I love sharing space with you! I hope we get to see each other in real life again SOON! Much Love to you – an inspiration to me always! xo

    • Thank *you*, Jenny! I love your energy and message–a joy to share with others. And, yes to meeting real soon, I am creating some NY workshops–will let you know as I know!

  2. I SO look forward to your emails they are beyond inspiring! Gives great new ways of looking and applying it towards all aspects of ones life. Thank you for taking the time to be such a Loving Teacher/Healer to us all

  3. Good to know about the book

  4. William said:

    Thanks for the bit about things getting messy- I will use it when this happens to me, and had not seen it stated so clearly and compassionately previously.

    • Welcome to Facets, William–thank you for joining Jenny here.

      I am glad the question / answer resonated with you. So many people talk about the peace and perfection of the journey (which is *wonderful*)–talking about the reality of “messy” and imperfect opens the door to exploration and experimentation–dissolving fear, amplifying faith. When we know we can ‘show up as we are’ we tend to show up with ease and joy!

  5. Thanks so much Mitzi! Deeply appreciated! Love and hugs, xoxo

    Thank you Swe for your interest. :-)

    Thank you William. Greatly appreciated. Yup – sometimes we hear this word “healing” and have this almost glamorous view of white light and all being instantly better. While I have seen SOME healings like that.. most I encounter have some sort of process which involves us also changing either the way we look at things or actually habits. Neither are necessarily “easy” and they SURE aren’t glamorous. Sometimes a healing WILL instantly occur but if we continue to do and think the same way we have our whole life – we can actually manifest another type of ailment, a similar one or the exact same one. Patience and self love with ourselves is so very important in the healing process. Thank you so much for your comment. :)

    • Yes! to *patience and self-love*! In my own journey, I love to jump and I had the pattern of being critical of myself instead of loving as I was to others…practicing unfolding within organic growth reminds me to honor each cycle, with ease, not rushing the process, but savoring each step for what it is…

  6. Thank you for posting the interview. I too watched The Secret and had forgotten about the cells renewing every 11 months. I am very interested in healing and I hope to learn much, much more about the chakras. Thanks again!

  7. It’s so lovely that you two awesome ladies connected together :-)

    Thank you, Joy, for the interview post! It’s a great opportunity to know more about another blogger.

    Jenny, I have always found your experience in healing from chronic illnesses amazing! Thank you for inspiring us to take positive steps for greater healing and love.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Evelyn! Because I had the opportunity to spend time with Jenny, I felt the power of her energy first-hand. Her studies enhance her innate wisdom and skill, which allow her to be an excellent healer and facilitator.

  8. Joy and Jenny what an empowering interview. As I know both of you it was a joy to read. Jenny you new book is so close to my heart I have been painting and meditating with and on my chakras and find them very healing as well as awakening.
    Namaste ???

    • Thank you for the kind words, Suzie! Your heart chakra paintings are wonderful–they affirm and enrich–thank you for creating and sharing them! The poems in Jennifer’s book would absolutely resonate with, and amplify your current practice.

  9. Hi Evelyn,
    SO lovely to see you here! It is always a joy to connect with you. Thanks so much for reading the interview and for commenting. I have also always found your words very inspiring! Much Love, xo Jenny

    Hi Suzie – so nice to see you here!
    Chakras are sooo awesome, aren’t they? I am so happy to hear you have been painting them and would love to see some of your beautiful work when you are ready to release them. I am so happy you are doing so well. I do find chakras one of our greatest tools and much easier to learn about and connect to than people think. It is my hope these poems make them VERY accessible for all since there is SUCH power in knowing about them! Much LOVE and hugs, Jenny

  10. Hi Trina,
    Thanks so much for reading. YES the fact of the cells renewing was pretty significant in my healing. It made me MUCH more conscious of where I was putting my mental energy. The chakras are such a wonderful way to get guidance when we begin to feel out of balance or even for people who have been struggling with a physical or emotional challenge for a while. Wishing you all the best, Jenny

  11. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy and Jenny, what a powerful duo you make! I am very inspired by each of you and think that I will explore the Chakras as my next step in the healing journey. I also read and listened to most of Caroline Myss’ work and think I am ready for another level of work. I think many of us (myself included) need to work on our survival issues (1st Chakra). I have worked on all of them and that one seems to keep needing attention. Most of the others are doing well, but, if the base is not solid, it is hard to keep everything else balanced! Thanks for the e-book—sounds wonderful and healing! Both of you are awesome and together—–beyond awesome!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Jean! I knew you would love Jenny’s energy and message!

      My two “go-to” books for healing are Caroline Myss “Anatomy of Spirit” and Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life”. You have such wonderful clarity and awareness of your chakras and balance. May you share with us, what is your sign that a specific chakra (such as the 1st, that you mentioned) needs balancing, and how do you then balance it?

  12. Hi Jean, Thanks so much for all your kind words. It is interesting when we start to examine ourselves and which chakras feel like they need “the most work”. ;-) The first one IS major because we hold our beliefs from our “tribe, community family as well as global consciousness” there. (Whether we are consciously aware of them OR NOT). I also find the 4th a biggie.The 4th is all about love and relationships but the MOST challenging aspect of it is self love. An area where most of us CAN use some help. We often find it easier to be kinder to a stranger and certainly a loved one than ourselves. I am happy you read Myss’s work – that’s a wonderful place to start! Thanks again for reading and commenting! Love, Jenny

  13. Thank you Jenny and Joy!

    To answer the question at the end of this post:

    “When the whole universe weighs upon us there is no other counterweight possible but God himself—-the true God, for in this case false gods cannot do anything, not even under the name of the true one. Evil is infinite in the sense of being indefinite: matter space, time. Nothing can overcome this kind of infinity except the true infinity. That is why on the balance of the cross a body which was frail and light but which was God, lifted up the whole world. ‘Give me a point of leverage and I will lift up the world.’ This point of leverage is the cross. There can be no other. It has to be at the intersection of the world and that which is not world. The cross is this intersection.”

    ~ Simone Weil
    Gravity and Grace

    Yes, I did just ‘practice’ this yesterday. When one does ‘Good’ one must realize that “No good deed goes unpunished.” What one must realize is the greater the Good deed, there is the possibility that the evil punishment may also be at a higher level, but base level from Good.

    So, I ask you…in world of good and evil are you reticent to do extreme good in the face of strong evil retribution?

    What of equilibrium?

    • Thank you for sharing, Rand.

      I am not sure I understand your question. I dip into the proverbial fire daily, to hold space and assist those in pain….I physically stand in rooms full of fear so strong it is almost tangible, rooms others don’t dare enter, so I may be the Love and Light and momentary relief for someone needing to catch their breath and center.

      I don’t believe in “good and evil”…there is love–unconditional, infinite love…and sometimes fear steps in and temporarily shadows Love…people can’t see it so they panic, but when we release panic, we can all feel Love. When we resonate with Love, we receive Love times infinity into our life…

      Understanding and balancing the chakras is an energetic practice of aligning with Love. While it might feel spiritual, if one holds the body reverently (as I do, it is the vehicle that houses and moves Spirit–thank you body!); chakra work is not religious nor does it infringe upon religious beliefs or practices. It is simply an understanding of a system within one’s body.

      • Thank you Joy for your reply. You did answer my question regards to ‘equilibrium’…(mechanics of the universe).

        Perhaps this conversation would be better served if we moved it to a post entirely devoted to the subject? Invite your ‘peers’ and have an open forum?


        I would like to ask a ‘Jenny question’.

        Jenny, I have been a runner most of my life…ultra distance…cross country…track. I still like to run barefoot on the beach. My friend and I ran a six mile run Memorial Day early morning run on the beach. Later I worked on my truck’s engine for several hours, then did some yard work before calling it a day. I woke up the next morning with a very sore sciatica on my left side (always on my left side). As a stagehand I also have the left side sciatica problem show up about 3-4 times a year. What chakra should I give attention to?

        Thank you!

    • Hi Rand, The first chakra is the one related to sciatica and all leg and foot injuries. The first chakra is all about our messages from our “tribe”, family, community.. those that we believe and don’t consciously.. but are replaying in our mind from the fist 6 years of our life. Perhaps things are coming up in your life “beliefs, habits” that you need to look at. Remember in looking at them is power – it is not to judge yourself. There are many things you can do to help balance the first chakra – a good start is to ask yourself if there is something lately that has come up (a belief, pattern or habit) that has come to light. Make peace with it – ask yourself if you really even believe it or want to perpetuate it… sometimes just the very knowledge of what is going on allows the healing to occur.

      I, too like Joy don’t believe in “good” and “evil”. I don’t believe if you do something of light that “you will be punished”. Life is full of challenges but I look at them all as learning experiences.. some more difficult than others – but those sometimes are the ones where we reap the hugest rewards by making it through. Fear can put out light. If we stay and act in LOVE.. the world truly begins to flow with ease. We can be “present” and act consciously rather than reacting.. that always brings rewards from what I have witnessed.

      Best wishes Rand!!

      • “No good deed goes unpunished.”

        This is what the police officer said to me while taking down his report.

        The act of ‘good deed’ that I did had to be done logically, tactfully, and very firmly…one would not say that I acted with LOVE to the perpetrators of neglect towards their own innocent family member. I was calm in the storm because I was God’s tool for protecting an innocent child. Oh…we did see evil not fear go menacing and slowly by…and I did have to bare some mean retribution, but…

        My community has told me that they are proud of me.

        I wonder if the GI’s who liberated Auschwitz thoughts were of ‘Fear’ ‘Good’ ‘Evil’ ?

        Reading this sentence from Wikipedia what do you think?

        “Those not killed in the gas chambers died of starvation, forced labor, infectious diseases, individual executions, and medical experiments.”


        I believe there’s the sad reality that some of us at times has to fight and resist that which is evil for the betterment of the world, whether against the Social Beast or against the abusive parent of a child.

        • Thank you for sharing your beliefs and heart-truth, Rand.

          When you come to a site that stands for centering into love and gratitude and advocates peace, you will receive reflections and practices in alignment with those views. Having been raised in chaos and abuse when I read your example, I think how sad, how pervasive fear is. And it strengthens my resolve to be present to love with gratitude.

          (I also believe that one well-placed word of criticism, one phrase meant to wound, can do as much damage to spirit as the examples you have provided.)

          But, I don’t wish to give fear a “bad name” because fear can also simply be a sign that something is not resonant/out of alignment and can inspire movements of change (individually and globally). Sometimes fear simply means we stepped into unknown / unfamiliar and need to get our bearings.

          And, some people do heinous things using the word Love.

          Simply labels of energy, but labels used here in the physical world.

          When we speak solely of energy there is resonant and aligned – non-resonant/non-aligned. When we move in alignment and draw to us resonance, there is peace. When we choose non-aligned, non-resonant, there is chaos, tension, struggle.

          We choose what we center into, and what naturally resonates from that center is what we draw to us.

          Some people choose to center into Love, some people choose to center into Fear.

  14. …correction ‘Soviet Troops’ liberated Auschwitz.

  15. Thank you Joy for your steady support and conviction. Thank you for your compassion. You are right in regards to labels we apply to energy. What is important to all this is that we have an conception of the force and not dwell on it. You used the word ‘alignment’ most appropriately. With the added personal information that you now have regards what motivated my answer to your ‘Balance’ question I think you understand my strength and also my hurt. You are the one in this community that I needed by my side as a supportive friend, and I do feel your love and strength…for this I love you as I have loved you my friend.

    Let’s now move on in peace…

    • My personal mantra and practice is to *create with Love*, regardless of external–even in moments some might react with fear. Thank you for the kind words and thank you for moving forward, in peace!

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