Planting Seeds of Joy


amplifying abundance

with kindness and joy

Seeds of Joy

When we choose to plant seeds of joy, regardless of external, we invite the experience of abundance and possibility into the moment, as we are, as it is.

It is my pleasure to share a few seeds that inspire my heart whispers to blossom:


We don’t choose our circumstances a lot of the time.

But we choose how we are in those circumstances.

I recognize that “happy is a choice” simplifies the issue. For anyone living with depression, for example, it’s not true or easy.

But for many people, it is a choice. We are the storytellers: we can tell the story we want to live into.

Choose happy today.from Your Daily Rock by Patti Digh


Plant the seeds of your desire in fertile soil.  Take a deep breath + give the Universe a chance to do its magic.from Be Where You Are, Not Where You Think You Should Be by Danielle Dowling


she wanted to lift her hands towards God and feel his fingers lock with hers as she pulled her hand to her heart and dove into the spaces between. – from a poem by Hannah Marcotti


…discovering who you really are also means finding your way back to joy. from After Tragedy: 3 Reasons and 21 Ways to Bring Joy Back Into Your Life by Halina Goldstein


It’s a process, a journey, a rollercoaster ride.

And it’s not going to stop until it’s over.

The point, I think, is to learn, laugh and love your way through it.from Learn, Laugh, Love by Andrea Maurer


I let myself go in the drum circle. I closed my eyes and stopped trying to play along and just played. I got up and danced, not just around the circle, but in Mama Ocean. Jumping through her shallows, splashing through my inhibitions.from Howling at the Moon by Tara Wagner


You deserve happiness. Say it. Everywhere. In every situation. No matter what the cost. And say it, only say it, because you mean it more than anything.

Because if you believe that we deserve light spilling in the window, and a tomorrow that ain’t so heavy, and conversation to water our bones, and the chance to be redeemed in the eyes of those we’ve hurt, then you believe in happiness. You believe in joy. 

My friend, you believe in a happiness that doesn’t get gone in the morning at the first crack of daybreak.  – from You Deserve Happiness by Hannah Brencher

With a heart full of love and gratitude, I invite you to join in my birthday celebration “Celebrating with Joy”.

I had a wish to share gifts for two weeks leading up to my birthday, so I asked my friends to contribute and I know you will be as pleasantly surprised as I am with their generosity.

For more information and to register, please click the celebrating with joy photo.

May the seeds of joy that have been planted today, that are resonant with abundance, peace, love and possibility…root, sprout, grow and blossom in ways far beyond that which you can ask for or fathom. 

Thank you for your presence. 

Do you have a favorite “joy” quote you may share in the comment section? What a fun way to amplify the energy of joy!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Unravel. Unfurl. Unfold.

All photos are from my personal collection – a few are from the Dancing in Divine Dust series (registration is open through the end of Friday, June 28, 2013).

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Comments on: "Planting Seeds of Joy" (6)

  1. Happy Birthday Joyous Joy
    I would add, “If you want joy, be joy”.

    xo Tanya

    • Thank you, Tanya!

      This lights my heart: *if you want joy, be joy*. Yes. Please…and so it shall be!

      It is a month of celebration–I am excited for *your special day* as well!

  2. jean sampson said:

    Happy Birthday, Lovely Joy! I just registered and am excited about seeing what people share! I think a few haiku might be happening for some of my expressions of joy! What an uplifting post! I am sure this celebration of JOY will be electric!
    Can’t wait to get started!

    • *grin* well, Jean, this celebration is now quite electric..and it hadn’t yet started!

      I intended to amplify the energy of joy, but what happened is that already, the value of the gifts far exceed the cost of the class–and so it has become extraordinary to cultivate and share that abundance…my heart is smiling…

      And I am *delighted* you are joining in because I love your energy *and* because haiku is something I love but am less than stellar at…

      Thank you for the kind words and hug…right back at ya’!

  3. What a rich collection of inspiration! Thank you!

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