Resonant with Infinite Possibility


When we realize that we choose the quality of the experience of this moment, we then have the power to choose steps full of ease and joy, presence and possibility, abundance and prosperity.

The how differs and is dependent upon whether we choose to center into something before moving and what it is we choose to center into.

Choosing to center into love and gratitude or despair and anger obviously will have different results.

I use breath work to expand my heart-space and open my internal energy–regardless of external.

I posted the following affirmations this morning on Twitter #sixwords

breathing in love / opening energetic doors

breathing in gratitude / cultivating infinite possibility

I invite you to watch this video “You Have No Limits” from The Cure Is:

Please use this link if you are unable to view the video here: You Have No Limits ! from The Cure Is… on Vimeo.

I would love to know, what does infinite possibility feel like to you? May you share an experience in which you felt the tangible reality of possibility?  And, may you share, did you center before the experience, and if so, what centering practice did you use?

Dancing in Divine Dust: 30 Day Photo Exploration of Infinite Possibility is open for registration through June 21, 2013. I would love for you to join us–the “best part” of this class experience for me is sharing perspective through photos–others skill inspires me to learn and stretch and grow, far beyond my comfort zone!  I do hope you choose to play along. *grin*

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Unravel. Unfurl. Unfold.

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  1. “What is considered impossible is just the consensus of outdated beliefs.” What a great video you share here Joy! Thanks for that! Very powerful!

    • Thank you for visiting, Lori–I appreciate your presence!

      Each time I watch this video, something new stands out to me; I shared it through all of social media outlets, so thought I would share it here in this space as well.

      I am glad you enjoyed it!

  2. ‘I would love to know, what does infinite possibility feel like to you?’

    “The people is a polychrome,
    a spectrum and a prism
    held in a moving monolith,
    a console organ of changing themes,
    a clavilux of color poems
    wherein the sea offers fog
    and the fog moves off in rain
    and the labrador sunset shortens
    to a nocturne of clear stars
    serene over the shot spray
    of northern lights.”

    ~ Carl Sandburg
    From The People Yes

    I felt the ‘tangible reality’ of possibility while entering a complex photograph during a journey. The prompt for that day was ‘sorrow’. I also included a very deep and beautiful poem that I wrote that day to be an companion to this photograph. I can only say that my centering was a very true ‘love’ and respect for the ‘colorful’ person whose memory still is an inspiration for the creation of loving beauty.

    May your home be firmly ‘rooted’ and secured with a
    ‘Lover’s Knot’.
    May all who dwell there greet each new day practicing ‘resurrection’.
    May all who dwell there end the day with gratitude and

    …Joy, these blessings are indeed ‘a clavilux of color poems’ that can be arranged and lived in a mercurial way, the only common denominator is ‘love’.

    Much peace,

    • Thank you for sharing, Rand! How powerful this is “I felt the tangible reality of possibility”…and may you tap into that energy as you continue to create and connect from this centered space you speak of.

      I appreciate the blessings; while we have moved away from “Ethereal Joy” the boat, the essence remains within.

  3. I like to close my eyes and ask: “show me who I am.” I fell the infinity of the presnt moment at this time. It is fleeting, but I still know it because it was there, infintely.
    Beautiful post!
    <3 Jodi

    • Thank you for sharing, Jodi! How powerful *and* empowering “show me who I am” as you allow yourself to feel infinite possibility! May I ask, how is this feeling expressed in your life? (for example, I use words and photos to capture the essence of infinite possibility.)

  4. Thank you for sharing this video, Joy – very inspiring stories of so many world’s greats who chose to believe in themselves during their darkest hours. So many reasons why they shouldn’t have succeeded in each instance but each person allowed success and magic into their lives.

    I used to try to limit the options in my life or even opt for lesser options. I don’t wan’t as much or I don’t want this or that…etc etc. Instead, I’ve started learning to let go and invite into my life what comes in, which always seems to be more than I expected. I took away limits and ceilings of possibilities. Now, going more with the flow and open to the infinite possibilities that life brings my way.

    • Thank you for sharing, Vishnu!

      I love the feel of this: “I’ve started learning to let go…” May you share with us, a practice or tool that you use that helps to facilitate this process?

      I also identify with what you are saying. I began to experience the feel of abundance the moment I chose to turn my ‘no, thank you’s’ into ‘yes, please’–focusing upon all that is enriching and enlivening, instead of vesting presence to deflecting what I didn’t want…I find when my life is overflowing with “goodness” there isn’t any room for “less than” to stick.

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