A Practice of Presence to Fear

softeningIf you are going to choose to be afraid, may you at least allow it to be the kind of fear that inspires you to release self-imposed limitations while you open your heart to creating something new and different that resonates with love and gratitude. Thank you. 

In this space, today, I am opening with ‘the stretch’ (exploring the energy of fear) and closing with the dip into refreshment (the reflection of divine essence).

This is an example of “how” one might work with an energy that initially feels unpleasant.  

We realize we have a choice, we examine our options and we choose to vest presence to that which resonates with inner core.

If we feel our options are limited, we may choose to deepen our practices of presence with exercises that open heart-space (inner core), inviting infinite possibility into our space.

A Practice of Presence to Fear

When fear arises, we sometimes feel uncomfortable so we move to shift our energy, quickly.

A tip: When fear arises, may you check-in with self to see if this is something internally that is yours or is it passing through from an external source…perhaps something you heard or read…perhaps something you were taught…perhaps something that is a pattern or conditioning….

As you feel into this check-in, simply say return to sender, with consciousness(thank you Dr Dain Heer for this powerful phrase!).

Whomever receives it back (you or another) will at least be open to understanding that which has been ‘returned’ and you will feel lighter.

If fear remains, we can vest presence to it by holding space with intention and awareness and a focus on allowing the energy of fear to unfold completely.

As the unfolding continues, it will eventually, naturally, lead to utter peace.

(If we choose to interrupt the unfolding process, barriers and blocks are formed).

As this potent, powerful fear unfolds, we can choose to tap into the energy to inspire and motivate us to move into and through spaces we might typically avoid (these spaces differ depending upon the external circumstances and the degree to which we are centered as they are presented).

A Reflection of Faith


This is what I am learning about faith, in these moments of now.

Faith is about choosing to be love, with gratitude.

It is not about the way that external may or may not line up with what your mind thinks is possible; it is absolutely about opening your heart beyond that into the realm of peace *regardless* of external.

Faith is the being of love, in each moment.

Some moments that love is radiant–lighting up the entire Universe; some moments that love is a mere flicker of light…And in all moments it is opening to receive Love in…allowing the light that others shine to spark your own.

And the thing is…you won’t always know if your light is affecting another.

It might be that a person appreciates your light and tells you so; it might be that another wishes to remain in darkness and shares harsh words…it is never ever about *you, personally*; it is always about the willingness to open to be love, here, now, as you are, in this moment, as it is.

And…it is about turning that light and love inward and allowing it to heal your wounds and inspire creation and connection *especially when* you feel your heart has broken open.

Faith is the element that encourages you to keep that heart space open, even though it is incredibly sensitive and a bit raw….

Faith is the element that surprises you with the magnificent splendor of the sunset, blessing that newly opened heart space, reminding you of wonder and possibility….and it might be that sunset shows up in different ways for each of us…but only when we choose to share can our faith deepen and strengthen.

And, if you say, I don’t wish to be love right now; that is a choice. And you have that right. And you have my blessing…and I reflect to you the reminder that Love is who you are, even when you don’t wish to be it or see it…even when you bury it…it’s there…waiting to be re-membered in all realms.

The Essence of Who You Are

May you remember that the essence of who you are is Divine.

While this sounds amazing in words, what would it truly feel like to live the expression of this affirmation?

Perhaps the truth of what heart holds as a reflection of Divine differs from person to person, but the energy of Divine is that of infinite possibility, regardless of external form.

From the just-published article “The Essence of Who You Are” which I wrote to share on Jodi Aman’s site Heal Now and Forever Be in Peace. (To read the entire article, simply click the title link.)

I would love for you to share with us an action step of  “how” you choose to allow fear to inspire and motivate you.  And, may you share with us a bit about what faith means to you and how that feels and looks in your life. (When you share, you affirm and inspire for us.)

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Love matters.  Choosing to be Love matters.  May you thank self each time you choose to share and receive Love.

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  1. jean sampson said:

    Yes, it is SO important to remember that it is NEVER about US! When I learned to not take things personally, it opened up a whole new way of thinking and feeling and it allowed me to give people a lot more space, since many do not know this yet and DO take things (sometimes everything) personally. When you learn not to do this, your life is a lot more peaceful! :)

    • Jean,

      Your reflection is overflowing with abundant wisdom and insight that we can turn inward. Each line speaks right to me!

      When we give people space, we are also in essence giving self space to choose to center into peace and create and to diffuse any immediate reactions that arise. So, “not taking things personally” becomes a practice which when done consistently soon becomes effortless and, as you share, life is a lot more peaceful! Thank you for sharing!

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