A Simple Practice to Cultivate and Celebrate Peace When One is Extremely Busy


You might read this affirmation and think it sounds wonderful on paper but how would it possibly work in a life full of obligation, chores, goals, responsibilities?

How exactly is one supposed to not only cultivate, but celebrate, peace when one is extremely busy raising children, running a business, loving family, making time for friends, eking out time to exercise and clean the house and maintain the car and on days in which the planets are aligned actually vest in creative expression?

Where is the peace?

You can access peace, right now, as you read this.  

Breath of Gratitude

Simply breathe in one full breath of gratitude.  Something like “thank you for this computer and these words and the time I have to read this message, reminding me I have a choice”.

Or, if that is too many words, simply say “thank you”. 

Breathe that ‘thank you’ in fully, pulling it down to your toes, back up through your heart to the crown of your head.

The thing about breath is that it is powerful reminder of the precious gift of life.

  • It is enlivening to our entire being.
  • It is completely free.
  • It is something we can do, regardless of what we think of the external circumstances we are in.


In the moments we choose to breathe in gratitude, we are choosing to center into full presence; naturally, easily shifting the feel of the moment, our being in the moment, and the space we are being in, to abundant.

When we feel abundant, peace naturally follows. 

When we feel peace, we open to love fully.  We are not thinking about “should’s” and “have-to’s”, we are thinking about passion and desire and joy and wanting to be present because we are delighted and fulfilled, enriched and enlivened. 

Can you feel the difference in your energy as you read those words?

With this awareness our relationships, career, connections…everything that we choose to vest presence to…feels good, marvelously so. 

What You Mutter Matters

I wrote Your Voice Matters, because it does.

What you mutter under your breath is as important as what you choose to say. 

Those words either cultivate or dissolve peace. 

When you stub your toe is your thought:

1.  Wow, that feels painful; would you like to sit for a moment and refresh your energy.


2. You are so clumsy, always running into things, you deserve this pain.

When you watch someone else stub their toe, what thought do you choose?

You see.  Your voice matters.

What you say as you breathe in, what you say as you step out….matters. 

I would love to know, what is one way you choose to cultivate peace in your daily life? And, may you share what is one area that feels less than peaceful and what is one action step you may take to shift the feeling to peaceful? (When you share, you affirm and inspire.)

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Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "A Simple Practice to Cultivate and Celebrate Peace When One is Extremely Busy" (10)

  1. jean sampson said:

    I always have to go back to feeling gratitude for even (and especially) the smallest things! There lies my peace, and my joy! :)

    • How empowering, Jean – thank you for sharing!

      This: “feeling gratitude for even *and especially* the smallest things – there lies my peace and joy”.

      In my life, feeling that external gratitude then turning it inward (for example, thank you Mother Nature for the beautiful sunset…turning it inward– thank you Joy for being present to and breathing in the sunset) has allowed me to feel connected and abundant even in the midst of “less than optimal” or “minimal” external.

      Gratitude grows everything! Thank you for the reminder!

  2. I’m so glad you shared this exercise. I needed it right now. I’m going to be using gratitude breaths a lot. :)

    • Thank you for stopping in, Michelle–I love when you “visit”!

      I find sometimes when we think of shifting our energy and “how” it feels impossible; gratitude breaths are an invitation to peace and infinite possibility. Opening and closing a set space of time with a gratitude breath can shift the energy in a moment, day, meal, experience. I am glad you received what you “needed”!

  3. …stubbing toes?

    Reminds me of the scene in the movie Lawrence of Arabia when T.E. Lawrence decides to extinguish a lit match with two of his fingers…does so without any visible reaction. Another soldier then try’s only to his painful dismay that he burnt his fingers…asks…’What is the trick?’

    Lawrence answers…’The trick is not minding that it hurts’.

    You know Joy, sometimes peace can be cultivated within my life by the simple acknowledgement that I am but a human creature…a stubbed toe or damaged fingers can remind me of this. Peace can be found in our wretchedness…our afflictions. Those remarkable moments when we find ourselves engulfed by pure beauty and goodness are made so along the paths that we make as human creatures…

    • *grin* yes, Rand…a stubbed toe…which I did not have but thought people could identify with.

      I hear what you are saying and I agree with your message–I would say, though, that the moments of peace in affliction occur when we realize we are divine spirit in human bodies–which enables us to feel the beauty and goodness even in painful moments. A ‘mere human’ might not have felt the gift in your injury, but connecting with Divine Source invited you to open your heart to trust and healing and moving through an experience many might have remained stuck in. I love the human paths we make and the different ways we each choose to honor Divine expression – inspiring and enlivening combination!

      • …yes I also agree with you Joy…Divine Spirit that loves self through human flesh. When we realize that within and through our creature body exist the love of God despite all affliction and suffering…that we hold fast to our love of God despite any trial…despite the greatness of bitterness at the moment before our demise, then that is purity.

  4. I love the reminder that we can find/create peace in any moment through accessing the breath. So simple!

    • Thank you, Sandra! It seems that meditation is a practice that is becoming popular in mainstream; there are many benefits to the practice, as you know. This centering breath invites full presence, now, in a similar way that meditation does – a wonderful portal to possibility, when we allow it to be.

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