I call this photo “afterglow”…it is the beauty in the moments of silence following an extraordinary, heart-opening experience….

Today,  Monday, feels much like an afterglow space.


Several days ago, my son and I went to Santa Monica to visit a section of beach near the pier called “Muscle Beach”. The draw for him was that the equipment is perfect for him to practice his aerial skills.  The draw for me was facilitating an experience his heart has been whispering about.

I walked at water’s edge while he explored the equipment.

I was treated to this wonderful scene: the reflection of the Ferris Wheel in the water.

Right after I took this photo, I received a call that I did not receive a job I had really wanted.  I couldn’t even be disappointed because I was standing in such a magical space! I simply said “thank you” to all that was in that space. 


Fireworks over the beach

The next night, the kids and I went to the beach to view the Fourth of July firework display.  It was the first time we had watched as tourists (meaning, we had to drive in and out in lots of traffic and didn’t have the comforts of home to watch from).

So interesting to attend from a different, unfamiliar perspective!


“after” day one at OneLoveFest

I then spent the weekend at the OneLoveFest.

I set three different intentions: Day One – absorb the magic; Day Two – explore and play; Day Three – connect and refresh.

My attendance was possible at this festival because I volunteered.  On day one, I assisted in building a dome (right, not at all what one would assume I could do), day two and three I was at the registration table.

What did I do personally?  I lived far beyond my intentions!

I experienced teamwork and openness and care; met people I hadn’t seen since the magical days of living on the boat (an affirmation of the current space I am in!); danced Tribal Dance for the first time (the most incredible, heart-opening experience…over-the-top *amazing*); danced to music at the main stage–sometimes solo, sometimes on a large group; manifested with a thought (for example, I thought “sure wish I had some lavender” and a few moments later, a woman came to the registration table holding a huge basket of lavender from the Farmer’s market and asked if she might gift me some!).

I made connections that physically lasted for one moment, but the energy will stay with me for a lifetime. 

The “In Breath” of the Afterglow

Today, and this week, is the space of the “in-breath” after the huge out breath of last week.

 A time to invite each cell to absorb all of the newness that resonates and to release anything that doesn’t. A time to sit in this energy, feeling it fully; then to create with this influx of energy, to vision and manifest with it. 

Sometimes when we experience a heart opening, we quickly return to the familiarity of our “daily life” even if it no longer resonates. With our energy beyond those self-imposed limits, we are in a space of uncertainty and some people prefer ill-fitting to uncertain.

When we choose to honor the experience with intention, awareness and time, we return to a new ‘set-point’ at this higher frequency naturally cultivated through our experience.

We energetically breathe in the abundance. 

New Moon Energy

In my life, now, this breath in occurs in new moon energy which simply means this is potent energy to manifest with.

This article by Mystic Mamma “New Moon in Cancer” shares clear and comprehensive readings for today’s new moon.

I am choosing to take an entire week to honor an in-breath because next week is my calendar birthday followed by a court date set by my children’s father (he is contesting the schedule we have had for the several years since our divorce).

With my heart open to possibility, I want to be clear about what I wish to birth and what I wish to feel in this calendar year. 

As you review the above reflection, may you notice:

1.  The beautiful light in the darkness.

2. The power of intention

3. The joy of celebration

4. The wonder and gratitude of a heart-opening

5. The magic of synchronicity

6. The possibility within presence.

As you turn this reflection inward, what arises for you within your life? Do you honor an in-breath and if so, what practices do you use?  How might you honor an in-breath, today? (When you share, you inspire and affirm and we all learn!)

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Love with your entire being. Your self, others, and World. 

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Comments on: "Afterglow" (22)

  1. Joy! I loved reading this. Those moments when everything works beautifully are just so precious, and you seem so happy.

    Funny enough, I started back to my day job today after three years of being home, and I am *not quite sure* what to make of it. It was the oddest, strangest day ever, and on top of all this new moon emotional stuff, I am reeling a bit! I’ll have to report back to you and let you know how this one turns out!

    • Hi Julie,

      In these moments of now I am back in the *magical realm of being* that I felt when we lived on the boat. It simply means that I am living in alignment with my core values and can manifest “like that” from my heart-space. It works with ease and flow until something external inserts doubt, so I am currently super-careful about where and with whom I vest my energy.

      Congratulations on starting back to your day job! I can imagine that even if it is “wonderful for you”, the unfamiliar external (fox example, new routines for getting the kids to school) are quite a shock to your being during this transition. However, beginning such a transition in New Moon energy is quite powerful. I am excited to see how this unfolds for you / what you draw to you in this chapter!

  2. I love this! I love feeling the new moon energy! I love your picture from the One Love Fest! Gorgeous! I love your reminder that we don’t have to go back to the old energy once our heart is opened, we can linger in the new higher levels. :)

    • Thank you, Michelle! Since our physical move I have been in a consistent flow of “firsts”; so in the moments I might have resisted, my set point is so high, I naturally open to the present (*present* in time, and as a gift).

      Yes! to “lingering in the new higher levels!”…which I bet you will be in as you enjoy your vacation time!

  3. Catriona said:

    Joy! Thank you for this post. Would you accept reiki for your situation? I would love to send it …. and will be thinking positive thoughts in any event :-):-)

    I do honour an in-breath today – I honour a precious moment of summer, the inspiration to create (write), the freedom to follow my intuition, and the rolling back of the tyranny of mind, now working harmoniously with heart.

    • Catriona,

      Thank you for your generous offer. I love your energy and I trust you and would love to receive reiki. We are in mediation on the 19th and court the 22nd. My goal is to be an advocate for my children, so any energy I have to support/enhance mine is a blessing!

      This resonates with me “working harmoniously with heart” as I awoke this morning and my first thought was harmony…I am learning harmony…which means I can co-create, celebrate, dance, appreciate….all of the newness currently in my life, it is there to teach me *harmony*. Thank you for the affirmation. And thank you for following your intuition!

  4. Catriona said:

    Thank you Joy! I will reiki your situation, allowing universe to send energy purely where it is needed most, all while in alignment with all that resonates most highly.

    I had (synchronicity!) just emailed you about muscial harmony and the chakras in advance of our energy session :-) Somehow I’m reminded of the hymn, ‘The Spacious Firmament on High’, which always made me think of planets singing their note, in harmony with each other across the universe “Forever singing as they shine, The hand that made us is divine”.

    Much love!

    • I *love* synchronicity, Catriona! Thank you for sharing! This “planets singing their note, in harmony with each other across the universe” touches my heart–very similar to how I feel with enlivening connections all across the globe! Harmony…thank you!

  5. jean sampson said:

    This post feels very magical and you, Joy, are yourself, magical! :)

    May all of your heart whispers continue to manifest and bring you joy!

    • Thank you, Jean, for the kind words and love!

      My journey now is to “simply” keep my heart open to the newness…to celebrating the magic as I remember how to spin it for myself as well as I do for others!

  6. …sounds like the job application falling through has directed you to a more truer calling of yourself?

    …sounds like OneLoveFest has many of the qualities that I enjoy as an IATSE member.

    …sounds like you enjoy the energy of being and working with many people?

    Be true to yourself and those that you love…

    • Yes to this invitation: “be true to your self and those that you love”…may this be accepted and lived by all who read your words–thank you, Rand.

      I don’t yet know why the various seeds that were planted chose not to blossom in some areas and chose to blossom fully in others; as I practice presence to unfolding, I simply say thank you for all of it and continue to open my heart, with joy.

      I don’t necessarily enjoy the energy of being and working with many people–in this case, I centered solo before and after each day; but I also knew it was a temporary placement and I honored my heart by removing my presence when the energy was too chaotic and by vesting full presence when it was in resonance–so what I experienced then was complete resonance with unconditional love. While I absolutely enjoy guiding, I find it utterly refreshing to show up and participate, which I had the chance to do as well. That shows me that many energetic doors have opened, so my healing and centering practices have “worked” to re-store health in all realms, for that I am most grateful, indeed!

  7. …totally super happy for you Joy! :)

    …*worked* to re-store health in all realms

    …warms my heart to know this *worked*

    …isn’t it neat to realize that you can ‘tap into’ this type of activity from time to time for a soul refresher?

  8. Dearest Joy:

    As I leave on vacation today to finish final preparations on my second wedding I seek the refreshing in-breath to ready myself.
    Thank you for your wondrous facets of joy reflection on letting go as I move into a new phase or step into my happy life xo
    PS. Will be thinking of you on the 19th and 22nd
    Blissings always, Tanya

    • Oh, Tanya, please enjoy the in-breath because the resulting out-breath is your marriage…a wondrous day in which your internal love is externally affirmed and blessed. All that you are reflecting to me now, as you prepare to open the new chapter, is that which I thought probably not possible for me truly is. You, my beautiful, radiant friend, who has refined my vision from hearts sometimes, to hearts *everywhere*…I am full of joy and gratitude for your presence and will be there in spirit celebrating your special day! Thank you for your thoughts–the best thing you can do for me is to enjoy each and every moment of this love you are experiencing and celebrating!

  9. Joy, Thank you for sharing these moments of awe, joy and celebration! I’ve been so busy writing that I have neglected going on the nature walks that are so sustaining and inspiring. Your words are a good reminder to take care of myself. I did have a cool miracle moment though – I was thinking that I’d love to have a cucumber or other vine to add to my garden. Then I walked over to the compost pile. There right in front of me were four huge seedlings – probably watermelon! I promptly planted them in the garden and we’ll see what develops!

    • Martine,

      Thank you for sharing your miracle! I *love* how you manifested abundance…just “like that”. What a wonderful reflection for all whom read, for we can turn that inward and with awareness remember we can manifest abundance “just like that” with joy and ease, as you have! I bet whatever it is that grows tastes absolutely wonderful because you remember where the seeds came from!

      May you find time for your nature walks; I love walking outside and I find that I feel so refreshed and enlivened, my writing flows and is infused with the energy I celebrated during my walk!

  10. Such a beautiful post, Joy! I love that you were able to feel immense gratitude during a moment that could have caused much disappointment – that shows the power of truly being in the moment and appreciating all that it offered.

    What an amazing, expansive experience.

    Ah, the delicate balance of remaining in that heart-space in the midst of external influences. It helps so much that you’re deeply aware of – and protective of – your energy.


    • Christine,

      Thank you for your presence here in this space, and your kind words! I am delighted to have discovered your site–I love your energy and message and look forward to receiving all that you reflect!

  11. “Love” – the constant feeling of being engulfed in love, shifts the frequency of that person and leads the person into the SACRED SPACE OF THE HEART. Often times we “HUMANS” feel lost and lonely. A few of us are lucky to have GENUINE people in our lives be it family of friends. Most exist in “LONELINESS” even when in the midst of the so called loved ones. The secret to life is communicating with the “DIVINE” by accessing the sacred space in the heart.The sacred place in the heart is the point of “INFINITE ENERGY”……where “CREATION” “MANIFESTATION” and everything that is POWERFUL, MAGICAL and MIRACULOUS takes place.

    • Hi Patricia,

      Yes! Thank you for sharing such a powerful and empowering affirmation. When we recognize the divine is within, and we choose to celebrate and honor that, loneliness naturally dissolves. May we remember to run the energy of love through this sacred place in the heart – healing, enriching and enlivening. Love the energy in your words, thank you!

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