Embracing the Shake, In the Dust


refreshing, gentle splash at twilight

As I approach a potentially life-changing week, I center deeper into practices of presence and I look to external for inspiration and affirmation.

I want to open to possibility far beyond what mind thinks is possible and heart feels to be true. 

(Potentially life-changing = my birthday on the 18th followed by mediation on the 19th and court on the 22nd with the children’s dad who is attempting to change the children’s schedule against their wishes.)

I am dancing at my edge, brought there because I set the intention to unravel inner knots.

When anything other than joy arises, I simply acknowledge it and allow it to unfold completely; for I know at the end of complete unraveling is utter peace. <<= This is your ‘takeaway’!

I keep my mind and my heart focused on here, now.

The two doubts: am I ready / am I enough?

When the answer is not quite a resounding “Yes!” I center and pray, I reach out to others for support and encouragement and I keep my space full of all that enriches and enlivens…and ‘yes’ is coaxed out of hiding.

Simply reading these titles “Shake the Dust” and “Embrace the Shake” gives you an idea of exactly what energy I am tapping into as I get ready to bring the *magic of Universe* into a legal space.

Let’s be very clear: This isn’t about me….this is about you and your journey and reflecting to you all that is possible for you, right now, as you are. You have steps you wish to take, relationships to celebrate, creative expressions to share, heart whispers to transform to reality.  

Our paths and external circumstances differ yet, if you are in this space, you have a desire to live a life full of abundance in all realms; present to possibility you are working on opening your heart to live in ways far beyond limitations of mind.

So, I present to you two videos that inspire me greatly.

I am excited to know what speaks to you, what is your heart whispering, what steps might you consider taking, after having felt into and processed the messages in these videos.  (When you share, you affirm and inspire others.)

Shake the Dust by Anis Mojani  (if you are unable to watch the video in this space, simply click the title link).

Embrace the Shake by Phil Hansen (if you are unable to watch the video in this space, simply click the title link).

May you share with us, what is the “shake” currently in your life?  And what is one action step you might take to embrace this “shake”?  And I would also love for you to share a step you have taken this week that you are ‘proud’ of, that felt wonderful and good to you (I love to celebrate together!).

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Love doesn’t hurt.  When you ask why is someone causing pain? The answer is always they are in pain and reacting to that, instead of choosing to create with love.

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  1. ‘Innocence Sonnet’

    It is time to awake child so that God may love himself through your flesh.

    With innocence of nudity and purity of being adore the divine creator.

    Sacred is the sweat of your mother’s labor as her gratitude drops tears so fresh.

    During a quiet dawn with God learn to say goodbye to the moon.

    During no special moment in a day learn to see, hear, taste, smell, and feel God’s ever slightest tune.

    With the coming darkness of a day save every last glimmer of light to be your dream locator.

    God, I blow on a magic wand in my hand and wish for all my dreams to live free.

    God, I step willingly through the riot of young life until your emptiness, fuller than fullness has come to inhabit.

    God, I dance to the flow of your grace until I reach a point where all lines intersect like limbs to the tree.

    God I thank you for all helping hands from family and friends on your revolving planet.

    God, whatever affliction befalls me and whatever mistake I event, may despair and forgiveness find that a great gift is in transit.

    Lift me high over your brilliance so to soar with peaceful forgiveness towards hurt and my own self that I vanquished.

    Siphon the thick bold blood of my parents from a strong vein to softly shower these limiting fears that I permit.

    Sacred voyage of these youthful years soon to reach the land where God may love himself through my own infant’s flesh.


    ‘share a step you have taken this week’

    Thank you Joy for ‘Dancing in Divine Dust’ and Thirty Days of Magic’.

    Looking back at the Group Pools you are *enough* and all that have participated are *enough*.

    May our steps be fruitful for all.

    On to *Wisdom*…

    • Thank you, Rand–I am drawn to the message in the middle of this poem…so eloquently mirrors my own heart-whispers…

      As to ‘enough’…I have always wanted to learn *grace*…to feel the presence of physical grace as much as I feel energetic grace…and I find this wishing to embody grace physically becomes a barrier for me when I over-think each step instead of centering into the process of celebrating each step. When I feel “not enough” that is my sign I am over-thinking, instead of feeling, which happens with “Dancing in Divine Dust” for me.

      Yes! May our steps be fruitful…and may we appreciate each one, exactly as it is!

  2. …oh sweetie you are special and we all love you a whole bunch…all will be fine…

  3. jean sampson said:

    You always inspire me, Joy! I loved the post and the videos! I will watch them again!
    Much love!

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