The Energy of Freedom


This week in the United States, we celebrate freedom (July 4th).

Whether or not we choose to celebrate the holiday, may we honor the feel of freedom as we move through World.  

I don’t believe that a person needs to earn freedom.  I don’t believe a person has to show they are worthy to receive freedom.

I also don’t believe a person (whether that be Jesus or someone serving in the military) should have to fight and/or die to secure freedom for another (or for me).

I understand and appreciate the choices that have been made and I hope I honor the sacrifices made in my/our name with the way I choose to move through World–peacefully, with love and gratitude. 

I was raised to fear God and authority, to dim my light, to listen and not speak, to not ask questions.  I was so familiar with chaos and abuse that, in adulthood, I found myself in abusive relationships.  I understand the feeling of not having the freedom to move, speak, or even be—of being criticized, punished, hit…of fear so strong it keeps one rooted in pain because one cannot see or feel any other alternative.

I know what it feels like to be told how not enough you are, what a mistake you are, how glad you should be to have the bare minimum in life.  I know what it feels like to be told one has to earn freedom, and to have those conditions repeatedly and unexpectedly changed until one feels so constricted and confused that one is semi-paralyzed.

I also know that I have the freedom to choose again, each moment. To choose different.  To choose to un-learn and release that which no longer resonates.  To vest in all that enriches and enlivens, nourishes and refreshes, inspires and motivates heart-opening, barrier-free.

I have the freedom to love fully and unconditionally and that love includes my inner child and external World and when I choose to be that love it automatically includes forgiveness of self and others.

I am blessed to also fully understand the joy of experiencing absolute freedom.  I have not been physically shackled and chained; I have always had the ability to walk away.

I know others who have not had that full range of experience of freedom–either physical or energetic–and I dedicate my life to being and teaching peace because I know each seed that is planted blossoms in ways far beyond what I can see, far beyond my realm of being. 

In my experience, freedom equals utter peace, from which love and gratitude naturally overflow.  

From such a space, one feels comfortable cultivating abundance in all realms, with joy. 

I shared in an article on my site “Freedom: A State of Mind and Being”

“If ties and constraints exist, it is because we allow them to; it is for us to stretch through, release, and even embrace them.  Freedom is all that we allow it to be in our life; a state of mind as much as a state of being.

I invite us to think about the meaning and feel of freedom in our life.

May you share, how does freedom feel when you “have it” and how do you choose to cultivate and honor that freedom as you move through World? When you share, you affirm and inspire, and we all learn.

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,

I will be at the OneLoveFest as a volunteer this Friday through Sunday (which means I will be primarily offline, although will facilitate Divine Dust and Celebrating with Joy).  If you are local, perhaps you might want to visit at the festival (simply email me and we will arrange to meet).

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  1. jean sampson said:

    For me, freedom means freedom from fear. This enables me to explore what I feel and think without having to decide if it is “safe” to say or do whatever is truly from my heart, with no regard as to whether it is the “correct” thing to say or do. Freedom, as you have said, is really an inside job!

    Enjoy the One Love Fest, Joy!

    • I celebrate this affirmation, Jean: “freedom means freedom from fear”.

      Your reflection speaks straight to my heart and is perfectly placed for this weekend, as I continue to open to new and different experiences very much in alignment with my heart whispers..which mind deems “unsafe” purely because the experience takes me out of my comfort zone into the realm of possibility (and change…fluid, natural unfolding into this moment of now). So, thank you. I hear you and I am turning this reflection inward as inspiration and encouragement to keep opening my heart, with love and gratitude.

      Love to you!

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