Your Voice Matters


Why do you choose to re-member the power of you?

So many people spend time, money and energy purposely numbing their feelings, closing their heart, removing their presence and disconnecting from infinite possibility.

Why do *you* choose to step into the cave of vulnerability

Vulnerability is a space that many barricade and block with numbing substances, clutter and busyness; while genuine connection remains out-of-reach.

Why do you choose to be unconditional love

I know you choose to center into empowerment, share your vulnerability and be unconditional love because you are here in this space of empowerment, vulnerability and love.  

When I think about these questions in my life, especially when external shifts and I find myself in places I never knew I had the faith and trust to be, the answer is always the same:

I wish to honor Divine connection and creation with my entire being, because I feel that this moment is a gift, regardless of external, and it is a joy to be here experiencing the beauty, abundance, flow, connectedness, creativity of each experience that is perfectly placed on my path. 

(So I created the above photo affirmation – a visual reminder of my heart’s intention.)

I would love if you would share your answers to the questions above in the comments below. When you share, you affirm and inspire. 

Your voice matters.  For much of my life, I was silenced in various ways, until eventually it became a habit to not speak for myself, although I would advocate for others. I created Cultivating Your Voice, a complimentary eBook, to remind us of the power of voice and of allowing it full expression.  We each have many gifts, which we readily share with world yet, our voice is one tool some of us still hesitate to use. (For more information about the book and to download your copy, simply click the title link.)

I have recently lived this truth, and I wish to share it here as a reminder to all of us:  God hears your heart whispers even if someone external attempts to silence your voice.

Thank you for your presence.  Thank you for sharing your voice as you move through World. 

Much peace and abundant love,


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The 50% off Personal Manifesting and Moving Sessions is available through July 27, 2013.  It is my wish that each one of us live the truth of our heart whispers. 

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  1. jean sampson said:

    As as artist and a poet, I LOVE to be completely aware of everything around and within me. It is where my creativity and inspiration come from. Any dulling of either my feelings or my senses or my brain power (important when writing poems!) is deadly to the process of creation. I look at my life as a whole, made up of various passages and interactions that will be my ultimate creation, much like a painting is made up of the relationships between different colors, shapes, values and textures in the entire canvas. Each area of a painting is dependent upon every other area to be a part of the whole. If you change one area, you will need to re-relate all of the others. Life is like that, too, a series of events that require my entire being to experience and respond (not just react) to.
    So, I never want to dull or alter my perception or feelings or vulnerability in any way. I would rather go through and see what gifts await me on the other side!

    • Thank you, Jean, for such a powerful and empowering reflection!

      Each line is full of conviction, passion, purpose and celebration!

      This “any dulling of either my feelings or my senses of my brain power is deadly to the process of creation!” is a wonderful invitation to experiment with full presence.

      You also share this wonderful point of creation “require *my entire being* to experience and respond (not just react) to”.

      So often, it feels temporarily easier to follow body’s natural reaction instead of train and condition’s body’s response to be of peace and possibility through presence. Your reflection invites us to consider the joys of creative expression and genuine connection with (and to) self, others and World. Thank you!

  2. hi Joy
    so appreciate your insights!
    I do all the empowering I can not to hurry (dislike being rushed!) or busy (this is an activity without happiness!)
    so Yes! Being here is beautiful~

    • It is always a pleasure when you “stop in”, Kara Rane – an affirmation of abundance in all realms!

      I used to fill my life with busyness – always rushing from one activity to the next; what I missed was genuine connection and expression…in the midst of busyness there was quite a lot of surface, minimal depth; my being, my heart and soul, naturally thrive within depth of connection so it is a gift to savor, relish and revel in each moment….

      Which you capture the feel of with this “busy – an activity without happiness”.

      When we are at peace, we are living infinite possibility, simply by “being” present.

  3. Wow, powerful affirmation you have there Joy – I’d like to print it out and keep it on my wall as well:) I choose to be unconditional love to connect with the divine as well. And to drop the barriers between myself and others and share the universal love between ourselves; to lower divisions, to drop ‘yours’ versus ‘mine’ and to break the wall of ego which seems to separate us from each other and from God. I’m not there of course but strive more each day to feel this love and extend it to people who cross my path.

    • Thank you, Vishnu, for stopping in..I love when you “visit”! What a powerful and empowering reflection you share!

      When we drop barriers, it is easy to be unconditional love, creating with, and celebrating, infinite possibility. The challenge seems to be dropping the barriers–may you share a practice that you use?

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