Alyson Earl: Seeing and Believing


As you move through World,

may you choose to vest full presence in each space,

to each connection,

with a heart full of gratitude and love.

Seeing and Believing by Alyson Earl

Last week, I drove the 4oo miles between Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The 1994 Volvo wagon had been intermittently leaking coolant and there wasn’t time to repair the failing water pump.

“Be careful,” said my guy, and “I put a gallon of coolant in the backseat.  It’s already mixed with water.  Don’t open the coolant tank when the car is hot.”

Determined to see my younger daughter for the first time since January, I said, “I’ll be fine. Whatever happens, I’ll be fine.”

Because I know that life happens FOR me instead of TO me. 

And if the car broke down, I would look for the gifts inside the seeming obstacles, because they are ALWAYS there.  

Instead of choosing my usual route, I decided to take I-95 through New York City. I thought, “How bad can it be on a Saturday morning?”

At around 11:00, I approached New York and started following the signs for 95N and the George Washington Bridge.  At 12:15, I had finally crossed the most congested 10 miles of normal traffic I have ever endured.  By normal traffic I mean that there was not an accident or construction–that it’s always like that or worse.

Hungry, hot, unable to reach my water bottle in the back of the wagon, competing for position, worried about the car overheating, I remembered to plug back into the present by snapping some photos of the bridge.

Later, when I had arrived in Gloucester, I did some cropping and filtering and saw the magic that is there all along.  The light, the technology, the clouds and sky, the engineering, the fact that the system works at all-magical.

I include the original photos to illustrate that where I choose to place my focus is what makes the magic apparent.  

There’s beauty everywhere. 







What I see depends on how I look at it.

ae 2013-2

Alyson Earl – Story Alchemist.  Guide. Dreamer. Wanderer.  Finder of lost things.  Seduced by color.  Fascinated by archetypes and bees.  In 2010, Alyson created a website ( where she started writing what she intended to be a journal of her urban gardening experiments.  That journal became an intermittent account of her personal quest to find meaning in her life.  Over time, Alyson discovered how and why she wants to be in the world.  Each day she faces her fears, speaks her truth, sees beauty everywhere, and inspires others to do the same.

Thank you, Alyson!  

I know Alyson through Soul Caller circle.  I love her energy and message so asked her to collaborate with me.

Alison is an author of a prompt in the Facets ecourse Present to Possibility in the Gap (open for pre-registration through September 7, 2013).

I asked Alyson to share a bit of her creative process when exploring every day magic to remind us of the potential as the new session of Facets: I Believe in Magic 30-day Photo Journey begins (registration is open through August 27, 2013). 

It is one thing for me to tell you that I live infinite possibility and magic is real; it is quite another to share stories of magic and possibility as experienced in a “normal” day and what it feels like to move through world cultivating it even in “less than optimal” external.

As I read Alyson’s words and look at her photos, my heart opens to an understanding of the editing process.  In general, in life, I prefer the un-edited version of story and photo–tell me who you are and show me the spaces in your world that are genuine, as you experience and see them.  Let me see the pieces that are “messy” and “don’t belong” ; the blur; the fade away.

When I see edited, my mind feels the myth of perfection and my energy constricts.

However, when I am presented with a reflection such as Alyson’s – I see and feel how important editing can be when sharing with others.  When we present an invitation, because we really want you to vest presence, you tend to accept those that appeal to your senses. I get it.

I love that Alyson chose to share both versions and to explain her process.

And, this “what I see depends on how I look at it” touches my inner core. I choose to look through the lens of love and gratitude, to capture the light and beauty…because what I want in return is your mega-watt smile.

I believe in magic – do you? 

So, I wonder, in general, in life, do you prefer simple beauty or the edited “rock your world” beauty? (I love when you share because you affirm and inspire and we all learn!)

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Ask World to delight you and it will!

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  1. jean sampson said:

    I am so into the basics in every way! Simple beauty, simple living, To me, there is nothing more beautiful than living a life in which you are so grateful for every little thing, such as the amazing stream of water coming from the tap, or the A/C that makes you comfortable in summer, or lovely produce from the store or garden. If you focus on all of the many blessings you have, you will live a simple and beautiful life and there will be very little time for noticing what you DON’T have. I have no idea if I answered the question, but this is what came to my mind! :)
    I loved that Alison knew that, no matter what, she would be just fine! You can really relax and enjoy life if that is something you truly believe! Thanks Joy and Alison!

    • Thank you, Jean! I love this “to me, there is nothing more beautiful than living a life in which you are so grateful for every little thing”…yes!!!

      When we center into gratitude, cultivate and share it, we feel abundant, we live possibility, peace overflows naturally.

      Thank you for all that *you* share!

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