Each Moment is a Reset Button


I was sitting in the living room with the kids, at the end of a very full day, doing a bit of creating and connecting online via my computer when, quite unexpectedly, the power cord sparked.

For perspective, the power cord is frayed–has been frayed since we lived on the boat and Magic Moonbeam pup chewed through it, since the traveling man temporarily fixed it with lots of electrical tape.  Has been frayed through two moves and the creation of Facets and lots of healing and growing and learning.

And, the other night, it sparked. Consistently.

It was hard not to notice, since as I was observing it, it sparked right in my fingertips.

(It needed to spark in my fingertips, because I was thinking that maybe there was a way I could fix it.)

Let’s look at this through eyes of presence. 


1.  I would tell you that the heart of my business, the way  I earn money to support my family, is the computer.  Whoa. Whoa.

(The heart of my business, of Facets, of *ME* is Source.  Divine Connection.  May I always remember that).

2. I am on a very-tight, barely cover our expenses kind of budget that certainly does not cover a new $60 power cord.

(I live infinite possibility – it is an energy I tap into consistently throughout each day – the only limitations are the ones I place).

3.  I can “fix it” – tape it / rig it / make due somehow.

(Anything be fixed, yes! *and* when I choose to continue to fix even that which is very clearly broken and the use of it could then harm that which I consider vital to my essence, I am choosing to limit my present and future ability based upon “not enough”.)

So, I bought a new power cord.

Can you see “why” the power cord sparked?

Further external affirmation: as I type this, I am listening to an audio by Dr Dain Heer of Access Consciousness, so I flipped to his Twitter feed to see if the link is listed and the most recent post is:

Are you looking to fix what doesn’t work in your life? What if what’s required is you choosing something different?

Awareness and Intention

Moving with awareness and intention might sometimes “take longer” but the peace, joy and abundance in each moment is infinite.

If I wrote and shared the above affirmation (“moving with awareness”) with you; it sounds wonderful on paper, but Mind might not comprehend “how” it might work in every day life, so you might read the words and leave the message in this space.

Choosing to share the example of the power cord sparking–something tangible you can feel into–along with my practice of presence as I observed the consequent unfolding of thought and then action enables you to look into your life and apply the practice and technique.  

Ultimately, it is an invitation to live infinite possibility as you are, in this moment, in every day life. 

The Reset Button

The power cord experience took several hours.

It coincided with a very significant experience in my daughter’s life – an experience full of disappointment, hurt, sadness for her.  I wished to “fix it” for her.  I wished I could manipulate external so that her experience was completely different.

Instead, I allowed her the space for her feelings.  I listened.  I held her hand, energetically and physically. I trusted that this experience was perfectly placed for her.  She attuned to that trust and tapped into my energy to shore up her own.

In that evening, I did nothing on my official “to-do list”.

But, I lived it.

Thus, the reset button.  

Available each moment we “need” it.

May I ask, is there something in your life you are attempting to “fix” and is there another option that, while focusing on fixing it, you had been unable to see?  (When you share, you affirm and inspire – thank you!).

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


If you read this article and have any questions, please submit them in the comment section or email directly at joy@facetsofjoy.com .

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Comments on: "Each Moment is a Reset Button" (4)

  1. Joy, I’m glad you replaced the cord…sometimes the sparks are a warning that something is dangerously close to wearing out. I believe the universe will speak softly and when you don’t hear, it starts getting louder and louder until you finally pay attention.

    Hope your summer has been a beautiful one so far.

    • Thank you, Talon. Yes, quite literally, the cord “should” have been replaced years ago when Pup chewed through it, but back then I was into fixing things instead of replacing them. I thought everything “could and should” be fixed. Energetically, my inner power cord has been strengthened so it makes sense that this external power cord would need to be replaced to be aligned.

      Yes, sometimes when we don’t listen, it requires a very visible spark to get our attention!

      Summer has been wonderful – a series of miracles. I hope your summer has been beautiful!

  2. jean sampson said:

    I , too, am glad you got the new cord! And I love the lesson stated here, And thank God for that re-start button! I have probably worn out a few in my life :)

    • *grin* Yes, Jean, thank God for re-start! I couldn’t possibly count how many I have used…or will possibly use in the future!

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