Full Moon Dreams: Present to Possibility


I am so excited!  My Full Moon photo from last night

was featured on this board on Instagram –

my first feature! Yes! 

(top left)

I recently connected with Brian – a founder of Opening Acts. We had several long conversations; after speaking, the question running through my mind was (is) “If I took away all of your excuses, what would you create?

My heart knew the answer immediately.  My mind said, “oh, no”.

(So, my question to you is: when your entire being says *oh yes, please* and your mind says “nope, not happening”, what do you do?)

I digress.

I then met Logan – a man walking from Southern California to Vancouver, BC – clearly living his heart whispers in this moment.

I understand that Universe communicates in ways that we can best receive. 

For me, that communication tends to be through people. I learn so much when another person takes the time to share from heart-space. 

I make the time to truly listen, to ask questions and to absorb the feel beyond the words of what is being shared.

Meeting these two men in the same week has very unexpectedly opened my heart to new space.

Each heart-beat is a whisper of  “yes, please…and, today, after several days of this whispering, my mind is beginning to come around!

I want to live the reality of hosting three-day transformational festivals titled “Presence to Possibility with Joy” – taking them around the world (taking myself and my family, too *grin*).

You know how incredibly far I am from that.

Yet, when love is present, time is irrelevant and that programming falls away.

Having experienced the joy of living aboard a boat for five years with my two children, then the despair of heart-break (I see now how necessary that was, shattered residual barriers around my heart, but in the moment, it sucked!), I really didn’t think I would open to such depth again.

But, my practices of presence have included tapping into purpose with passion, desire, joy and celebration; one cannot play with/tap into these powerful energies without having a heart-opening.  (For example,  ecstatic dance–something I am integrating into daily life– is just not possible from a closed heart-space.)  So, I had to know that eventually heart whispers would stream out.

However, I am still very very surprised.  A bit scared.  And very much elated!

All of the components that go into realizing this dream are about: allowing, opening, celebrating, manifesting, centering, and receiving as I continue to learn through connecting.

For me, now, the “doing of step A to B to C” is not as important as the *being* in possibility.

(And, isn’t that what my dream festivals  are all about?!)

Three questions for you:

If I took away all of your excuses, what would you create?

When your entire being says  *oh, yes please* but your mind says “oooh, no thank you”…what do you do?

And, what dream do you wish to come true?

Simply contemplating the answers to these questions opens energetic doors. When you take the extra step of sharing, you affirm and inspire!

This article is a direct response to Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting Wednesday prompt “What Dream Do You Wish to Come True?“.

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "Full Moon Dreams: Present to Possibility" (13)

  1. Love your photo’s and Present to Possibility. I love that belief that contemplating and sharing your answers to important questions opens up energetic doors.
    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

    • Thank you, Fran, for your presence and for your affirmation.

      Yes, I fully believe and practice the wonder of asking questions and of listening to the answers that are presented, even if they are different from what I wanted to hear!

  2. Congratulations on having your photo featured! What wonderful questions you’re pondering over! As you wish for yourself, so do I wish for you as well.

    • Thank you, Diana, for your presence and affirmation!

      I find it so interesting that I barely had time to connect with Moon…which told me my life was far too full of “filler”…but I made the time and *that* was the featured photo. There is lots to contemplate in that experience!

  3. Love love love JOY! Wonderful blue moon ~~~

  4. Beautiful photos and message, Joy. Right now, I’m actively working on all my dreams…have the fun is the journey … sometimes we end up in an entirely different dream. :)

    • Thank you, Talon, for your presence and your affirmation!

      This “sometimes we end up in an entirely different dream” is the crux of unfolding..and sometimes why I cautiously step instead of joyfully leap like I used to (I’m shifting back into that, though!).

      *fun* is the key word!

  5. I meant “half” the fun, not half. New computer keyboard is making me make typos! :)

  6. Inspiring story Joy and I can see your dream becoming a reality – how exciting your 3 day workshops will be!

    My take away from this psot is that I don’t have to have a step by step plan to achieve my own dreams. Trying to be present and be who I am sounds like the way to do that. And what I’ve been working on the past few years. I think when we are who we are (which is harder said than done in this world we live in which expects us to comform) and embrace the moment, our external realities will match our internal one.

    Your 3 questions are wise and insightful. I’m going to have fun both asking and answering them:)

    • Thank you, Vishnu, for your presence and affirmation!

      Will you come back and share the answers with us? I love sharing, I learn so much from other’s journeys!

      This is what I have noticed about *being me* in mainstream…when I share from my heart, it encourages others to do the same so I tend to have connections that are enriching, even if we create in different ways. When we embrace the moment, there is always someone near wishing to do the same!

  7. jean sampson said:

    I am so happy for you, Joy, that your moon photo was featured!!! YEA!! It is so lovely!

    My dream of having a healthy husband is slowly unfolding! It is quite miraculous to behold! And I DO see your 3-day transformational festivals as being created right now! I have NO DOUBT at all about them!

    Thanks for this wonderful, uplifting post, Joy!

    • Thank you, Jean, for your presence and affirmation!

      Yes, I was thrilled that the first feature is a *moon* photo…because I am a “moon child”.

      I love love love that this dreams of yours is currently unfolding…wow!…infinite possibility is real and miracles are perfectly placed when we believe and allow them to be. I am so happy for you!

      (I have lots of doubt about the “how’s” of festival building, but I have now said it consistently, and I know I feel my first one will be for my birthday next year!)

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