May You Feel That You are Loved and Appreciated


One month ago today was my birthday.

I have lived a lifetime in one month. From a court experience that brought impossible to my reality, to meeting two soul caller friends in different cities in the same day (Claire from TX met me in my hometown and Melanie from London met me in Santa Monica), to sharing space with strangers and participating in conversations that gently challenged me to open to new heart space….all while creating new classes and programs for Facets as I celebrated Summer with my children….

While learning how to play with fire (fire-hooping that is!)….

It is all possible because I set the intention to collaborate with Love and I chose to open my heart to receive into my life the abundant energies that I naturally share.

I sometimes get caught up in the cycle of creating and connecting because I thrive in the flow of expression but, what I know for certain with my entire being, is that there is nothing to earn, be, do, create, deserve…to receive abundance.  

We are each loved and appreciated beyond measure simply because we exist, here, now.

Whether you are centered and on-purpose or consciously choosing to compromise and manipulate – the essence of you is loved and appreciated.

It might be that you aren’t receiving the external affirmation that you wish because the person who you wish it from isn’t capable of sharing, or because your actions are less than resonant with love, or because you have an internal barrier that temporarily blocks affirmation.

When you release all of that mind chatterthe bottom line is always, consistently, unconditionally, that you are Loveand you may return to that state each moment you choose.

It also might be that you are a space-holder/light-worker/seed-planter and you will not specifically know how being Love in that moment enriched and enlivened, but you can be assured that each moment you choose to hold space, shine light, be Love…matters; even if you don’t physically see “the results” in your realm of being, it energetically returns to you as abundance. 

You, being you, makes a difference.  

And you being here in this space, sharing your love and support simply by being present, matters to me.

Your presence inspires me to continue to center and stretch and receive and grow and allowed me to experience this past month with an open heart full of love and gratitude (yep, even in those uncertain moments!). 

Here is a gift for you: A Celebration of Your Presence – a complimentary eBook of photo affirmations to celebrate the being of you. 

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. I love how both ‘Gomez’ and Jay Black ‘The Voice’ express the words *Cara Mia* (My beloved)

  2. jean sampson said:

    There is so much ENERGY in this post it is hard to read sitting down!! Wow, Joy, what a life you are living! There is an awareness and consciousness in every moment you live, and the awareness is of goodness and love! It really comes across in this post and it is very contagious :) Thank you for sharing this! Your positive and joyful energy just attracts so many good people and so much love to you! You have changed my life and my out-look on everything!

    • Oh my goodness, Jean! Thank you for your kind words…wow!

      I honor the intention of centering into love and gratitude each morning (and throughout the day), so that my connections, creations and movements are full of presence. I wasn’t raised in such a way, so to receive affirmations like yours, is a joy. Thank you!

      I am learning to receive into my life the love and gratitude I so naturally share. All that you personally reflect and share inspires me…the way you paint and lead and hold space is what I aspire to! Thank *you* for your presence! Love to you!

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