Presence to Universal Signs


To celebrate this week of transition, the kids and I went to the beach.

Because it was a sunny weekend day, the beach was packed with lots of people – towels and sand toys and sun umbrellas lining ocean’s edge from one jetty to the other.

Kaitlyn and I intended to go body surfing while Kevin intended to practice contortion.

The three of us walked to the ocean together – to dip our toes in to test the temperature. (Ha! Still cold, as always – not sure why we keep testing?!)

When we came back to our towels, this feather was by my towel.  Exactly like this (in the photo above). Definitely cannot miss it!

Before taking Amy Oscar’s Soul Caller Training one year ago (which, by the way, is open for registration now with a pay-what-you-can offer through August 31st ) I had heard of people seeing feathers even in spaces feathers don’t happen to typically be but I had never seen one, even though lots of birds live in our community.

Now that I am more attuned to spirit, feathers like this are perfectly placed in ways I cannot miss.

The timing is wonderful because as we continue to transition sometimes doubt arises as to the direction of my path.

I understand my purpose well and, as the external shape continues to evolve, it is wonderful to receive signs along the way.

If you ask me to interpret this specific placement, it feels like something around the idea of celebrating with my children – tapping into flow – and the rest will/is surely falling into place.

I find it fun to share universal signs and I understand that are “not necessary” – meaning we can move forward even if we are unable to see external affirmation.

May you share what signs have been perfectly placed in your life and a bit about the experience of asking for and receiving them? When you share, you affirm and inspire!

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "Presence to Universal Signs" (12)

  1. Hi Joy, the feather is a good sign to celebrate and enjoy your kids before the school year begins. And I can’t believe the placement of it!

    I’ve started noticing more signs in my life as well and often, I find them to be indicators of if I’m heading down the right path or not. Signs and external circumstances have a way of confirming or resisting what I’m doing. I figure the positive signs and positive circumstances are signs telling me to go forward. And negative ones are ones telling me to run the other way.

    For example, if I’m driving to an event, the smoother the traffic and journey, the more I feel I should be there. THe more hurdles, traffic and obstacles, the more I wonder if the event or meeting is right for me.

    Am I paying too much importance to signs? Including billboards and license plates which I notice on the way :)

    Must have been a perfect time for the beach as Southern California weather has been wonderful these last few days.

    • Thank you, Vishnu, for stopping in! Yes, the marine layer that has been hanging over-head, temporarily lifted (is that a sign?!) so we headed for the beach!

      You shared this “I’ve started noticing more signs, I find them to be indicators”….then this question that so many people ask “Am I paying too much importance to signs?”

      If we believe that signs are indicators, and we are intentionally aware and looking for them, it is not possible to “pay too much attention to them”. In general mind cannot fathom divine connection and infinite possibility, so it questions, while heart says “Yes, please” and is opening to seeing *more signs*.

      The key, I believe, is to recognize that external signs are simply affirmations of internal practices and are often an answer to a question we have asked (as in quite literally with road signs…is this the “right way”).

      Thank you for sharing your reflection!

  2. I’m always fascinated by the sea of humanity at the beach. There’s something about water that is compelling…and, yes, you have to keep testing. Just once you might get different results. :)

    Have a beauty-filled Monday, Joy.

    • *grin* Keep testing…in general, in life…Yes, Talon, thank you for reminding me of the power of possibility!

      I love the feel of this “the sea of humanity”…yes, indeed, lots of reflection, fascinates me as well.

      May you have a week full of all that your heart wishes!

  3. jean sampson said:

    I walk a lot and, therefore, I find a lot of pennies and other coins (one day I found $ 65 in wadded bills in a random place
    so it was not possible to find out who dropped them). Each time I find a penny or whatever, I take it as each penny/coin being representative of the abundance of money that I will make with my art (or however) one day. So I always say thanks for the huge amount of money that is coming my way! I have friends who are my age who need to stop doing hard physical jobs that are tearing up their bodies, I have told my best friend that, when I am rich, I will get her off that ladder that is so hard on her hips and legs and back! So that is one of my signs. :)

    • I love your walks, Jean – such abundance on them (I remember once you spoke of picking berries as you walked and now finding money, too!). I also love your appreciation of signs and abundance – and your generosity in mind and spirit!

      I am learning that when I see a penny, or any denomination of money, to say thank you for the money and more please to the feel of unexpected delight in receiving it.

      Thank *you* for the wonderful reflection, overflowing with affirmation!

  4. “On the cross, deceit is no longer possible; we are forced to “recognize as real what we would not even have believed possible,” and having yielded ourselves in love to spiritual poverty, spiritual nudity, to death itself, even to the point of provisionally renouncing the hope of immortality, we are ready for the final gesture of obedience: the surrender of the last vestiges of self hood. In the ultimate “natural yes,” we must de-create our ego, offer up everything we have ever meant by “I,” so that the Divine Love may pass unimpeded through the space we once occupied, close again on Itself. “We are created for the consent, and for this alone.”

    ~ From ‘Waiting for God’

    …what is poignant about this passage for me is that during the attendance of my eldest sister’s funeral about 14 years ago the large crowd watched a balloon from near a mile away slowly float and descend (gravity’s mechanical function of the universe) onto the ground right in the middle of her service.

    …but the ‘Truth’ I have now come to realize is that of my sister’s purity and wondrous beauty of her being departing and the tremendous void left for God to fill as I held her hand to the last breath.

    …now I realize that if our intent is honest goodness, and that without knowing so we are compelled by God’s will, that ‘signs’ are secondary at best…it’s the greatness and the smallest of what we are not looking for that is true revelation.

    “In the beauty of the world brute necessity becomes an object of love.
    What is more beautiful than the action of gravity on the fugitive folds of the sea waves, or on the almost eternal folds of the mountains?”

    ~ Simone Weil

    Thank you Joy for showing the alignment of objects in foreground and background…what path to follow?

    • Rand,

      I have re-read this a few times to feel into the inner core meaning. One might say the funeral itself is a sign – a symbol of closure and the balloon was there to remind people of ascension from the earthly realm…to keep their faith and allow their heart whispers to continue to soar, even with the physical loss of your sisters presence – she is ever-present as an angelic guide.

      Signs remind us to open our heart to possibility, even in the gap space of the void you speak about. The sign of the most magnificent sunset, possible because storm clouds are present physically reminds me of the energetic presence and power of Love – a powerful, potent invitation.

      As I read your words — reminding me that life is precious — I realize again, I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way; there is simply resonant with Love, and external signs affirm that for us. It is when we cling to them, or choose not to move without them, that we become stuck. Thank you for the reminder!

      How do you feel about signs?

      • …how do I feel about signs?

        sorry for the delay Joy…was busy working the Taylor Swift concert…lots of picture ‘signs’ of her on the 28 big rig tractor trailers that carry all the gear on the tour.

        also we set up tons of computers, printers, projectors, monitors, etc for a large convention.

        seems the ‘sign of the times’ happens to be ‘digital’ and the universe for this is the ‘chip’.

        But lets not dwell on this…

        The Powers:


        West East
        Introspection Illumination
        Bear Eagle
        Black Yellow


        I also have great reverence for the sign of the cross.

        Did you know that there are about 61 trees per one human here on earth?

        Did you know that there are about 875 cars per 1000 people just in The United States alone?

        I can appreciate the symbolism of the owl and the symbolism of the animals that dwell in the Medicine Wheel…makes me wonder if the creatures of this world have a better sense to the flow of the universe than we humans. Makes me wonder if the other creatures of this world have a better idea of the Divine than we humans who have multiplied in proportion to that of our inventions, imagination, conceit; and in doing so perhaps have distanced ourselves from the supernatural that may be common to other creatures of this earth?

        Have you ever been out far to sea…sailing close to the water’s edge lost in the flow of photo phosphorescent plankton, while above in the dark clear night the constellations blend you and the universe in a Divine mechanical flow? I think that this must be true light source. Man can create led lights and digitally project them on a massive module connecting screen, but our social ego values at times can make this moat…hence…materialism over nature and the Divine.

        Happy to hear about Owl sightings…remember as a boy watching burrow owls on the mesa.

        Happy that mankind does collect data on our wildlife so to give us a ‘sign’ as to our killing off endangered species…example: saving the Brown Pelican and the California Condor.

        Well you asked “How do you feel about signs”

        We could go on and on about ‘signs’, but I will finish saying that I have only experienced the supernatural in a few very brief moments so far in my life…can’t say that any ‘sign’ was involved…more of an event!

        Thanks Joy…

        • Thank you for sharing, Rand…I do believe that signs are sprinkled throughout every day life, and I like the few that you have shared.

          When you say “I have only experienced the supernatural in a few very brief moments of life”…I absolutely understand. I believe that “supernatural” can be experienced in each breath; something so extraordinary but sometimes so consistent that the miracle becomes part of our essence and feels almost “ordinary” and the signs all around us remind us to stop and appreciate the connection.

  5. I’ve been seeing the Hawai’in owl (pueo) lately. They live in our area and they are active sometimes during the daytime. I haven’t seen so many, but they seem to appear at special times. Wishing you a good transition.

    • I bet the owl is beautiful, Sandra! They are guides, very spiritual, and often symbolize a time of transition. I love that you brought their symbolism to this article…thank you for that!

      The transition is an interesting time for us. We truly don’t know what to expect, so each step requires that we have individual faith and combined trust in the process of presence to unfolding. Thank you for the lovely wishes!

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