Carolyn Elliott: Awaken Your Genius Part One


I am honored to be a pioneer reader and traveler through Carolyn Elliott’s Awaken Your Genius: A Seven Step Path to Freeing Your Creativity and Manifesting Your Dreams Book. (available for pre-order through Amazon).

Thank you for receiving my reflection from the Introduction section:

Although from the earliest age I can remember, I have been the light in the room, I was raised in chaos and abuse; it was my norm for those around me to ask me to dim my light, to not tap into elements and share them and, when I couldn’t dim or not tap (because I didn’t know how) I would be criticized, disciplined, shunned, and physically hurt.

Fast forward many years, and I chose to become a mother.

The one thing I knew with my entire being was to step out of that cycle of chaos and abuse into presence. My desire was to raise my children to listen to their heart whispers, explore world with joy and curiosity and gratitude, and to live their dreams.

I didn’t wish to be a single mother, but I didn’t know how to be magical in an non-supportive environment, so I stepped out. I have been living on prayers and heart whispers ever since – and yes, my children know infinite possibility and unfolding into flow well (they often remind me when I forget).

I have raised children who don’t know fear – the energy perplexes them. But, I didn’t turn all that I shared with them inward and apply it to me, until a few years ago. So, I am a “baby magician” then.

When Caroline offered this opportunity, my heart said “yes, please” – I want to live what I know is possible. I want to grow my skills which, in essence, is opening my heart ever further to tap into the energy of love, with gratitude. Carolyn’s energy and message resonates with my own, so I trust her as a guide.

“Dreamers are people who are particularly awake and sensitive to the power within them, and this awareness makes their genius active and potent – so much so that their ability to vividly and powerfully create from their own original essence is their distinguishing feature.” – Caroline Elliott

I am a dreamer. There, I said it *grin*.

After my son’s first day of high school, he returned home and said “Mom, what you taught us doesn’t seem to work in the real world”. Ah, yes…the ‘real world’.

The technique my little family uses to “dance at this edge” is to center into presence with love and gratitude, first…spend lots of time in nature and the “bubble” we call home…and then move in the real world, with open hearts, celebrating this gift of life. It “works” because we don’t often use words like manifesting and infinite possibility while out and around, we simply manifest and smile as we spin magic.

But, this creates a soft barrier – those in our space consistently comment on how it feels refreshing and enlivening to be there – yet, they don’t wish to speak of “how” or compare practices, they just wish to absorb the feeling. Pretty one-way. And can be draining if we allow it to be.

I want to experience this magic with joy, with full ecstasy….I want to live an ecstatic life. I am wonderful at ethereal, energetic movement and connection, I want to embody the energy of joy, here on Earth…and yes, Rumi’s work delights me – I want to live Rumi’s work.

This Rumi quote is what I am learning to live:


“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky,

to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.  

First to let go of life.

Finally, to take a step without feet.” 

So, I read this: this book presents insights and experiments designed to help dreamers become free from suffering and rich with joy. It invites them to become fully awake and lucid in their dream of life by leading them to live their deep story, the story that the author Paulo Coehlo in his beloved book “The Alchemist” called “your personal legend”. – Caroline Elliott …and my heart leaps…yes, please!

(The Alchemist is my all-time favorite book so I love that synchronicity!).

And this is quite an invitation: Living your personal legend makes you a genuine individual because the journey to your distinctive genius daimon demands that you break with the social conditioning that creates your reactive ego and learn to live instead from your own original enlightened essence and inner authority. -Caroline Elliott

My purpose in life is to be love and I become love, naturally, as I learn to embody joy. This purpose, this essence is not “mainstream” so it is essential for me to surround myself with affirmation that enriches and enlivens and to learn to share from the abundance that overflows within, instead of the core essentials that draw abundance to me.

Carolyn speaks about a poetry class she taught – the theme surprised the students : “it was a course in becoming one who makes the soul in himself, in others, and in the world manifest – a course in becoming a person fully alive in the expression of her genius, fully joyful and illuminated with strength.”

And, I know this book was placed into my space for a reason. Yes, please…may my heart open to this experience, fully, joyfully!

Two more quotes from Carolyn:

“It helps me and the magic people I work with to imagine that the point of doing soulmaking creative work is to realize the gift world, or heaven on earth, for ourselves and for everyone else. What is the gift world? It’s a subjective experience of life in which your genius is fully supported and welcomed in its expression, and in which your needs and authentic preferences are joyously met by a provident universe.”

…and the awesoming up breakthrough usually occurs in a fashion that’s totally ridiculous and utterly magical.”


So, my questions are then:

  1. What stops us from accessing and sharing the magic within – whatever that creative expression is for you / us – from living fully in the gift world? (Do you live fully in the gift world – I would love to hear about it!)
  2. What is the most “magical” experience you have had so far?

When you share, you affirm and inspire.. Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. jean sampson said:

    You know, Joy, I guess I do live in the gift world much more than I realize because everything in my life that has been really important has been a gift that took incredible timing to pull off and was something I had no idea that I wanted or needed but that appeared in my life when I needed it. The biggest gift to me was my mentor/art teacher, Morton P. Traylor, an excellent artist and teacher who opened an art school in town just when I needed one :) I would not have known about him if I had not “run into” someone I barely knew who asked me what I was doing and I said I was going to go to another art school ( the one that Mr T had just left because it was not being run right). My acquaintance gave me Mr Traylor’s school’s number because his girlfriend was going there, so I called and got in and it has made all the difference in who I am and how I live. I would not have been an artist had it not been for this chance encounter—–and my life has been so full of these moments—–little miracles I call them. They are certainly gifts that I did not even know how to ask for and did not even know I would need! These things happen to me all of the time and I am extremely grateful for all of them!

    • I am savoring this reflection, Jean – thank you! So perfectly timed, as well!

      This “they are certainly gifts that I did not even know how to ask for and did not even know I would need!” is so potent and powerful.

      I am so glad external aligned to guide you to the art school and your marvelous teacher…I love the synchronicity and magic involved…which you also continue to share as you continue to honor your creative expression and teach others! The gifts you received then, allow you to gift others now!

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