Clearly Ask For What Your Heart Wishes and Your Being Needs


There is a moment when you breathe in

and you realize with certainty that 

everything truly is as it is meant to be.

I wish for each one of us to experience that moment of clarity, peace and trust, consistently as we move through World.

As I continue to vest presence to unfolding within organic growth, I watch as external shifts quite dramatically and unexpectedly at times, quite gently and beautifully at times.

My intention is to continue to center into love with gratitude, allowing that external to shift…keeping my hands and heart open to embrace and release as I tap into flow.

It sounds “easy” to type, can be a bit more challenging to live.

There are moments when I feel the joy of infinite possibility, the truth of divine essence being housed in this human body connecting me to All in world and also the smallness and fragility that mind associates with being a single mom attempting to live concepts of presence as I re-train my mind and re-condition my being from years of abuse.

So, I find myself able to manifest and be the conduit of huge ‘move mountain’ kind of miracles, perfectly placed with ease (I share many of these examples in the article on my site and within my classes) and I sometimes find myself struggling with practical, daily logistics of raising children solo, children who live their dreams and heart whispers while managing a household and building a business.

I need another pair of hands, so I look to God/ess (source, angels, guides, universe). I don’t yet know to offer my hand to another – I am working on that (after years of abuse, ethereal hands are more familiar to me), so I learn to bring these energies to Earth, to move with ease Here, Now.

I share this with you, because I am gathering courage to ask you for support. 

The children and I are in need of a bit of financial assistance and the way I know to receive a miracle is to ask.

If you wish to donate (each and every amount is much appreciative and very helpful!), you may do so here through my paypal account.  

We are also accepting prayers, good energy, and words of inspiration/encouragement. 

I wish for your “takeaway” to be this: please ask for what your heart wishes, your being needs clearly, with utter trust that which resonates with your wish and needs will be perfectly placed.

The process of asking opens energetic doors, which then allows you to receive into your life what you have asked for. 

Much peace and abundant love,

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  1. jean sampson said:

    Hey, Joy, I am amazed at all of the things that are happening to me that are not planned and that affirm that I do not need to worry about anything. For example, yesterday my chiropractor/soul brother, ran out of a nutritional product that I supply him with and that gives him energy and immune support. That afternoon, I saw the bottle on the counter and grabbed it up to take to him (the bottle had been on my counter for several weeks). When I walked in and gave it to him he said “Wow! How did you know I ran out this morning?” I said I just had an impulse to bring this today and we both agreed that the timing was extraordinary and not a coincidence. Other things are happening that are on par with that instance almost every day. I do think it is to help me see that I am wasting my time and energy worrying about things! I am finally really getting it! Could NOT be cleared! And I have asked to be relieved of worry! Ask and you shall receive!
    Love to you!

    • I love this example, Jean! You listened to your intuition about something that many might have passed over and were the conduit of a well-placed miracle for another. Then, sharing this example allows us each to feel into that affirmation of trust!

      So, I read your words and I ask remind myself to be most open to listening (which requires adequate space, awareness and time) and to be most open to receiving with joy. Wow!

      I am so glad you feel less worry! I am excited to see how you continue to manifest as this process unfolds for you and your trust deepens!

      Love to you!

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