Stoking The Soul Fire of Love


What is possible when you allow the Soul Fire of Love to infuse your creations, connections, movements and expressions? 

Everything.  Everything is truly possible.

And, what might one Feel…as they tap into the Soul Fire of Love?

Ecstasy, bliss, peace, joy, delight, passion, purpose, gratitude, wonder, awe….

The energy of Love is absolutely that first feeling of: giddiness, breathlessness, desire that turns mind to mush and opens heart space beyond what you knew to be possible.

The practice of being Love is learning to celebrate that energy, to then cultivate and amplify that energy and to bring it into each moment of every day life.

The practice of being Love is choosing to center into Love with Gratitude – a potent, powerful elixir – regardless of external.  To stoke that initial fire and integrate that Spirit into Daily Life.

When speaking of Romantic Love, let’s linger at the fire, savor the experience, relish the feeling and then bring all of That into our practical, daily connection and creation and keep stoking that fire together, over a span of different life chapters, savoring and relishing each and every moment.

As we do, heart space continues to remain open and ready for anything (*magic* to the nth degree) and mind is no longer “afraid” because it is busy exploring and experimenting with the depth and range of the energy.

Let’s enjoy the ‘daily stuff’, infusing it with Love and Gratitude so life feels *so freakin’ good* we cannot believe it!!!  (You may want to read my article “My Deepest Wish: Orgasmic Amplitude“.)

Let’s believe in *that magic* of synchronicity and serendipity and shooting stars and kisses that awaken one from deep sleep…

Let’s allow Love to delight us and move us and celebrate it each moment…

Let’s say *I love you* because you feel it from the tip of your toes to the heavens above and let that tone be evident in those words, in your eyes as you speak these precious words. 

And, let’s allow it to be *magical*..

I feel the tragedy is buying into the belief that Love is work and connection is obligation and Magic only happens on a movie set. Because it’s super easy to not allow magic into heart space (thus, the divorce/cheating/pain that seems prevalent in relationships) *but* when you believe magic is real…*everything* is possible and *that* is the space of every day miracles, in Love. 

(However, these words are simply my own opinion based upon the way I choose to live and practice with the energies of love and gratitude.)

A few of my recent Twitter #sixwords phrases:

sunset kisses set heart whispers free

twilight’s golden glow amplifies natural beauty

footprints full of stardust and feathers 

love and desire – potent manifesting energy

Your turn:to share your own #sixword phrase and your thoughts about this reflection…tell us about your experience with the soul fire of love and magic….

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


You may enjoy Presence to Musings at Sunset  – a 21-day self-study immersion into the energies of love and gratitude at sunset.

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Comments on: "Stoking The Soul Fire of Love" (14)

  1. Love bliss burning brighter than each pain
    Bringing healing peace – not in vain
    But resolves what hinders you
    To be yourself and nothing else
    A sound, a kiss, a divine bell

    • Oh Ephrem, I am so glad you shared!!!! I love when you share…and how beautiful your words are! Thank you for the heart-smile!

      This “love bliss burning brighter than each pain” – yes, powerful, potent, healing, enriching…thank you!

  2. Standing in the moonlight, dreams beckon

    • Well, you *know* as a child of Moon I *love* love love this one! Thank you for the prompt to run out and stand in Moon’s light…(since it is currently night).

  3. Lead with heart – speak only love

  4. Be the radiance you are, shine

  5. Hurry my way with all lust..

    Bind my seeded garden golden flurry…

    Stardust my home gentle and kind…

    Blurry my fruit eat to trust…

  6. jean sampson said:

    Love—–the planet holding you tightly as it dances in the light-studded darkness.

  7. Joy, visiting your blog always sets heart whispers free. I use your guided meditations so often. Light radiates from my computer when I’m on your site!

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